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#421 : Fin de carrière?

Titre original : "Jump Push Fall"

Vingt ans après une affaire impliquant un important homme politique, un témoin se présente à la police. Macy, présumé coupable d'avoir couvert le politicien, est suspendu.


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Jordan & Woody

Jordan & Woody


Plus de détails

[Scene: Boardwalk. Jordan and Woody are jogging.]

JORDAN: Next week, six miles.

WOODY: Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. (They slow down to a walk.) Friday night, McGans Club. Patty Griffin's doing an acoustic show. You interested?

JORDAN: Already going.

WOODY: Really?

JORDAN: Yeah. Lily set me up on a blind date.


JORDAN: It's no big deal.

WOODY: I hope the two of you are very happy together. Remember to name your first born after me.

JORDAN: Look, it's a blind date, not an arranged marriage.

WOODY: Jordan, you wanna move on, great, go for it. Believe me, so am I.

JORDAN: You know what? Let's set the record straight here, okay. First of all, you have moved on. More than a few times with people that I even know, huh. And second of all, you made it very clear that you think we're better off as friends. I am just trying to respect that.

WOODY: Jordan, I only said that because I knew you wouldn't be able to say what I wanted to hear. It just never occurred to me that you'd meet some other guy and say it to him.

JORDAN: It never occurred to you?

(Woody's phone rings. He answers it.)

WOODY: This is Hoyt. I'm on my way.

(He hangs up.)

JORDAN: Who is it?

WOODY: Two officers down at Dorchester.

[Scene: Street. Two police officers are laying in the middle of the street. Jordan and Woody arrive. An officer walks up to them.]

OFFICER: We were responding to a 1062 armed robbery. Collins and Buck were first on the scene. When we arrived they'd already exited their vehicle, guns drawn. As they approached the store front, the subject fired two shots. Moments later he surrendered his weapon, turned himself in.

WOODY: Where is he?

(He points to a man near by.)

JORDAN: And the gun? (He shows her the bagged gun.) 38 special fired from that distance? The guy's a lucky shot.

WOODY: It only takes one.

JORDAN: Or in this case two.

(They kneel beside one of the officers.)

WOODY: I knew Collins. He just celebrated his fifth year on the force. He wanted to make detective. (He goes over to the man and grabs him.) You're either real cocky or real stupid. My guess is both.

MAN: I didn't shoot nobody.

WOODY: You see all these cops? You see them all? Not one of them will blink an eye...

JORDAN: Woody. Collins is wearing his vest. No way a 38 could've penetrated it.

WOODY: Well, if not this guy, who?

OFFICER: When we arrived the area was clear.

JORDAN: Those gun shots. Did they echo?

OFFICER: Now that I think of it, yeah.

WOODY: Means he was shot from a long distance.

JORDAN: Only something high powered could pierce Kevlar. Like a rifle.

WOODY: A sniper.

JORDAN: And didn't give a damn about killing cops.

[Scene: ME's Office. Corridor. Garret is walking down the corridor holding a t-shirt with "Told you I was dying" printed on it. Nigel walks out of a room.]

GARRET: Nigel. Can you believe they had this hanging from a skeleton at a gift shop window?

NIGEL: It does make one chuckle.

GARRET: Makes us a joke.

(Nigel walks away.)

JACK SLOKUM: Well, that's a snappy shirt.

GARRET: What are you doing here, Slokum?

SLOKUM: Sylvia Moreau.

GARRET: Since when does the governor's special commissioner on crime in the 21st century, interested in a suicide two decades old?

SLOKUM: You remember the case? That's very impressive. Especially since you didn't even do an autopsy.

GARRET: No defensive wounds, suicide note, injuries consistent with the jump. Autopsy wasn't warranted.

SLOKUM: Except that her body landed twenty feet from the window. That's a distance that is patently indicative of a push.

GARRET: Are you this desperate for my job?

SLOKUM: A suspect came forward. Saw Terry Duvall leave Sylvia's house that night.

GARRET: Witness comes forward nineteen years after the fact, just when Terry Duvall's running for senate. Sounds like politics of personal destruction.

SLOKUM: You, you do earnest so well, I'll give you that. This is a murder investigation. If I find that you have buried any evidence whatsoever, we're talking tampering, perjury, maybe a little jail time. Come on, do you wanna come clean? Okay. (He hands Garret a letter.) From the governor. You are now officially suspended. You got an hour. Take what you need, then get out.


[Scene: ME's Office. Conference Room. Everyone has gathered. Slokum stands at the doorway.]

LILY: You know him?

JORDAN: When I got called before the review panel, he's the ass who opposed my decertification.


(Slokum walks in.)

SLOKUM: I am Dr. Jack Slokum. Effective immediately. (He sees Sidney eating a donut.) Put your food down. (Sidney stares at him.) Do you think, do you think I'm kidding? Put the food down. (He does so.) Okay, effective immediately. The governor's asked me to assume the duties of the acting chief medical examiner. Garret Macy has been suspended pending an internal investigation.

JORDAN: Where is he?

SLOKUM: If you have any questions about appointment, call the governor. Let me save you some time. This was Bob's decision. This afternoon, a memo will circulate detailing my administrative changes. So until then, why don't we al go back to work, folks. A little enthusiasm.

LILY: I have a friend in the governor's office. I'll figure out what this is about.

SLOKUM: Dr. Cavanaugh, I'd like to see you for a moment.

JORDAN: Actually, I've got a cop shooting in Trace.

SLOKUM: Actually, Dr. Vijay? (Bug turns around.) Will take Dr. Cavanaugh's case. Now.

(Bug walks away.)

JORDAN: If you think you can just trump up charges to push Garret out.

SLOKUM: Let me give you some advice, and it's free. Don't argue until you have the facts.

JORDAN: I don't need facts. I know Garret Macy.

SLOKUM: You know what I learned from your certification hearing?

JORDAN: That I'm laggard and my autopsy rate is shamefully slow.

SLOKUM: Yes, it is, but you are so thorough. And that is why you're going to assist me in my inquest.

JORDAN: Inquest or inquisition?

SLOKUM: I have an exhumed body coming in. I'll see you in Trace.

[Cut to Garret's Office. Garret is watching the TV.]

TERRY DUVALL: (on TV) There are allegations out there that I was somehow involved in a death of a young reporter some nineteen years ago.

(Jordan knocks on the door and walks in.)

JORDAN: I'm not letting this pompous little weasel push you out.

GARRET: It's not your battle, Jordan.

JORDAN: What'd you do? Kick his dog?

(Garret turns off the TV.)

GARRET: Twenty years ago, Duvall was Joe Lancaster's campaign manager. Reporter covering the election died. Now someone's trying to link Duvall to her death. It's my case. I ruled her to suicide.

JORDAN: What does Slokum think he's gonna get from all this?

GARRET: He's still pissed I got this job instead of him. He's out for blood. He's bringing down a senate candidate the governor doesn't like.

JORDAN: He's having your suicide exhumed, and he wants me to assist on the autopsy.

GARRET: That's smart. That way he can't be accused of railroading me.

JORDAN: No, he's stupid. 'Cause I'm gonna make sure he can't touch you.

GARRET: You want to help me? Do your job and find the truth.

JORDAN: Garret, you gotta fight this.

GARRET: Please, just do your job, Jordan.

(Garret leaves the room. Lily rushes up to him.)

LILY: Garret, are you okay?


LILY: I can not believe they're doing this. Is there anything I can do? Anything that you need?

GARRET: No, I'm fine, Lily. It's gonna be okay. (They walk towards the elevator. Lily hugs him.) It's gonna be all right.

(Garret walks into the elevator.)

LILY: You'll be back in a day.


[Cut to Trace Evidence. Officers Buck and Collins are laying on gurneys. Bug, Sidney and Woody are there. Woody is on the phone.]

SIDNEY: You know, pillow talk with that lady DA could've come back to bite Macy in the ass.

BUG: Dr. Macy is the most trust worthy human being I know. Second only to my father. If anyone's playing dirty here, it's Slokum.

WOODY: (on phone) Okay, thank you. (He hangs up.) Officers Collins and Buck busted some gang banger last year who swore he'd seek revenge when he got out of jail, which was three days ago. I just put out an APB on him.

BUG: Well, whoever did this was a crack shot. 30 ought 6 rifle bullets, straight through the heart.

SIDNEY: Straight through his Kevlar too. Your job has got a whole lot more dangers.

BUG: How about you make yourself useful, huh?

WOODY: He wanted the vest to protect him. We all do.

BUG: We will get this guy, Woody.

SIDNEY: Survey says... Pistolpetronon. Classified as an armor piercing projectile which means that the bullet has a steel core. It's illegal except for its use by law enforcement or the military, or in this case...

(He points to the word "Bundeswehr" on the screen.)

WOODY: German armed forces.

BUG: Which means our shooter snuck the bullet into the country or...

WOODY: Got it on the black market. And I think I know just the weiner schnitzel who might be selling them.

[Cut to Trace Evidence. Sylvia Moreau's body is laying on a gurney. Jordan and Nigel are there. Slokum walks in.]

SLOKUM: I don't remember saying start without me.

JORDAN: You wanted me in Trace, I'm in Trace. The sooner we're done, the sooner you're outta here. Fractured depression on the base of the skull consistent with the jump.

SLOKUM: Maybe.

JORDAN: You do realise she left a suicide note.

SLOKUM: Type written, unsigned. Convenient.

JORDAN: Sylvia Moreau was a journalist. It was 1986. She typed.

NIGEL: Speaking of which. You know the journal that we found in her casket? It's an account of Joe Lancaster's '86 senate campaign. That's why she met Duvall. It's pretty heavy stuff. "Just as Kennedy looked into his soul, and met the challenges of courage, so Joe Lancaster looks into his heart."

SLOKUM: Do all tox results come with a dramatic reading? You know what I would do if I were you? I'd introduce myself to a barber.

NIGEL: She had diazepam in her system. 2mg.

SLOKUM: Thank you.

JORDAN: Used to beat depression. Diagnosed in more two-thirds of all suicides.

SLOKUM: Some people use them for pain, relaxant. 1980's, people popped them like Tic Tacs.

JORDAN: How about this? Multiple scarring. This wasn't her first attempt at suicide. Not by a long shot. Hate to break it to you, but you may have to look for someone else's job to bulge.

[Scene: Police Station. Interview Room. A man with a German accent is sitting there. Woody walks in.]

WOODY: Hansie! Looks like prison food did a number on you. You look like a Volkswagon.

HANS: Why am I here?

WOODY: Pistolpetronon ought 6's. German made. They turn bullet proof vests into Swiss cheese.

HANS: Tilsit.

WOODY: Excuse me?

HANS: Tilsit. Like Swiss cheese, only German.

WOODY: Funny. Funny guy. You wanna know something even funnier? When my guys picked you up, they said they found all kinds of Nazi paraphernalia in your apartment. Including some antique pistols. Now considering you're on parole for arms dealing, I'd say that's a big nein-nein, wouldn't you, Hansie? Spill it. Who'd you sell the bullets too?

HANS: I'm legit now. I sell on eBay.

WOODY: Ehh. Wrong answer. Try again.

HANS: I do not sell these bullets.

WOODY: You know, Hans, there are ways of making you talk. (Woody's phone rings.) Wait here. (He answers it.) This is Hoyt. What? Where? Okay, I'm on my way. (He hangs up and grabs Hans.) The stakes just went up, Hans. They went way up. Now if you did not sell those bullets, you're gonna find out who did and you're gonna tell me. Do you understand? Do you understand, mein herr?

HANS: Yeah.

[Scene: ME's Office. Lily walks down the corridor holding a stack of files. She sighs. Nigel walks out of Forensic Laboratory and bumps into her. She drops the files.]

NIGEL: Sorry. (He helps her pick them up.) You still here?

LILY: Slokum seems to think a grief counselor is a glorified file clerk. Thank you. He has been pulling every autopsy that Garret has ever done.

NIGEL: Every? That's gotta be...

LILY: Yeah. 5112. I'm not even half done.

(They walk past Garret's office and see people moving around his stuff.)

NIGEL: I thought this was temporary. (They see a typed up sign on the door reading "Dr. Jack Slokum M.D., Ph.D., J.D.") Oh, it's just pretentious.

LILY: It's terrifying.

[Scene: Street. Police are there. Another dead police officer is laying on some stairs outside and apartment building. Woody, Bug and Sidney walk over to the officer.]

WOODY: The officers responded to a domestic disturbance. Husband was drunk, waving a gun, turns out it was not loaded. Officer Paddock talked him down and was taken out as he left the scene.

BUG: One bullet to the chest. Pierced his vest, just like Collins and Buck.

SIDNEY: This isn't just any sniper, Woody. He's after cops.

[Scene: ME's Office. Trace Evidence. Jordan, Nigel and Slokum are there.]

JORDAN: Depressed fractures. Uh, to the skull, the first vertebrae where her head struck the ground. I'd say cause of death is consistent with the jump.

SLOKUM: Sure, lots of fractures, but none in the arms and wrists you'll notice.

NIGEL: None?

SLOKUM: Have you ever seen a jumper who didn't instinctively break their fall?

JORDAN: Linear fractures.

SLOKUM: So she fell on her head and feet at the same time. That's a very interesting bit of physics.

JORDAN: She was already dead when she was thrown out the window.

SLOKUM: There we are, doctor.

JORDAN: Blood along the vertebrae and back of the brain. She was hit on the head. At least two blows.

SLOKUM: Now in my limitive forensics, we don't call that suicide, we call that murder. Do you still think Garret Macy is a saint?

[Scene: Garret's Apartment. Garret is staring out the window, smoking a cigar. The phone rings and the machine picks up.]

JORDAN'S VOICE: Garret, I hope you're doing okay. Slokum's got us all homicidal down here. Except for the guy in the gift shop. Not your biggest fan. Look, we got the body in of Sylvia Moreau. She was murdered, Garret. The physical condition of the body, the evidence at the scene all support the conclusions. But Slokum doesn't buy it was just a mistake. He's stepping up his witch hunt. Listen, I'm doing all I can but I... Call me, okay?

(She hangs up. Garret picks up the phone.)

[Scene: Boat Dock. Garret and Terry Duvall are there.]

MAN: Mr. Duvall, it's time to go.

TERRY: Give me a few more minutes. Chris'll wait. (to Garret) Someone saw a red car. I drove a red Camero. Run for office people will dig up dirt whether it's there or not.

GARRET: It is. You were having an affair with Sylvia Moreau. You were at her summer house with her that night.

(He offers Garret a donut.)

TERRY: Sure you don't want one?

GARRET: I'm not hungry.

TERRY: Wife says comfort food's gonna kill me. Have you ever seen a man die from eating a donut?

GARRET: Yeah, I have.

TERRY: You saying you know I was there, you're implying you found evidence. Why don't you bring them forward?

GARRET: You work for Joe Lancaster, the most powerful man in Massachusetts.  He got to my boss, my boss got to me. Said you were about to get married and exposing your infidelity wouldn't serve anyone. And my investigation said it was suicide.

TERRY: Look, I was young. I was from working class nowhere and I got a job working for Joe Lancaster. A man that I had admired my entire life. I was in way over my head with Sylvia and when I got home that night and I had found out she had killed herself, I made a choice.

GARRET: What, to keep quiet?

TERRY: To keep what I had. You and I both made choices. And you and I both know my being there doesn't say I killed her. It can't. Because I didn't. You go forward with your evidence, I go down. But I'm guessing you do as well.

[Scene: Paddock Crime Scene. Bug is standing on the apartment stairs. Woody and Sidney are on the street.]

SIDNEY: The bullet hit Paddock at a ninety-five degree angle. Now take into account these steps, this is consistent with the first two victims.

BUG: That tells us the sniper shot from street level, as opposed to a roof top.

SIDNEY: Now since none of the bullets went through and through, we know he was at least a hundred and fifty feet away. Using a drag code friction, we figured out the average decrease of velocity which tells us the shooter was standing about here. (He walks across the street.) It's not exactly the grassy knoll.

WOODY: So what happens? Our sniper saunters down in open street carrying a rifle, happens to see a cop and boom?

SIDNEY: It doesn't make sense. I mean, a shooter would have to shoot from somewhere where he can't be seen. I mean, this clearly isn't it.

WOODY: What if he was in a car?

[Scene: ME's Office. Garret's Office. Slokum is sitting at the desk. Lily stands at the doorway holding a pile of files.]

SLOKUM: Put them on the coffee table. Flip flopped, tab to tab.

LILY: You asked me to speak to Sylvia Moreau's parents. They gave me the keys to their summer house where Sylvia died. They don't know what condition it's in, they haven't been back since.

SLOKUM: Their grief works for us, doesn't it? A preserved crime scene.

(She walks over to the desk and puts the files down.)

LILY: You are wrong about Garret. He is an honourable man. He does everything with dignity. He forces all of us to follow the rules, even if he knows they're unpopular or it's just bureaucracy. He pushes us to find the truth. Always without fail. What you're accusing him of, he's just not capable of that.

SLOKUM: Garret. You called your boss by his first name? That's interesting.

LILY: We're family here. We were.

(She pushes the pile of files and they fall over. She walks out.)

SLOKUM: I said put them on the coffee table.

[Scene: Outside Moreau's Summer House. Jordan and Slokum are at the bottom of a cliff. Slokum is laying on the ground where Sylvia Moreau was found.]

JORDAN: Now there's a picture that I know would make a few people happy.

SLOKUM: Well, it seems she fell more than twenty-three feet out from the house. Your favourite Dr. Macy either measured wrong or fudged it.

(He gets up.)

JORDAN: Why can't you just admit that you're in for Garret's job.

SLOKUM: Oh, I'm three times more qualified for it, but that's not the point. Look, no one wants to believe that she was julled through the series or that Pete Rose bet on baseball. But someone has to come in here and find the truth.

JORDAN: You think that's why people don't like you?

SLOKUM: If you think that I don't know what they're saying about me. But Dr. Cavanaugh, there was a murder. And I bet it happened in there.

(He points to the house.)

[Time lapse. Inside House. Sylvia's Room. Jordan points to a poster on the wall which reads "Lancaster for Senator".]

JORDAN: She really believed in him.

SLOKUM: Yeah, well, too bad she didn't get her --- tomorrow.

JORDAN: Well, you sure love those toys.

SLOKUM: That's because the truth is in the details. And this panascan allows me to create a duct. A virtual crime scene.

JORDAN: If this is the crime scene.

SLOKUM: This is the crime scene.

JORDAN: Could you close that window?


(He does so. Jordan finds blood spatter on the carpet.)

JORDAN: Medium velocity spatter pattern here.

SLOKUM: Uh-huh. There you have it. Crime scene. If you want to get out of the way, please.

(Jordan moves away.)

JORDAN: So what do you think he hit her with?

SLOKUM: Well, the spatter is proximate to the bed post. I think we can assume that Mr. Duvall... the assailant, introduced her head to this.

(He takes a photo of the bed post. Jordan picks up a statue.)

JORDAN: Or he kissed her.

SLOKUM: What do you mean?

JORDAN: Rodin's "The Kiss". I'm guessing that Duvall or whomever it was had a sense of irony.

SLOKUM: Well, that's a good catch, doctor. Too bad you weren't on the case back then. Maybe Sylvia would've gotten some justice. Here.

[Scene: ME's Office. Forensic Laboratory. Bug and Sidney are there. Woody walks in.]

WOODY: Good news. Bruener saw the light. Says he found out about some ought 6's that were sold last week to a white male in his early 20s. Goes by the street name of Danger.

SIDNEY: Oh, yeah, that's subtle.

WOODY: Also, a neighbour at crime scene number two says he remembers seeing a blue mini van just before the shooting.

BUG: We haven't found anything that screams blue or mini van. But we'll keep looking.

WOODY: She's decided he's not going to sit on this. He's authorised the state to flush this guy out.

SIDNEY: What, like a fake radio call?

WOODY: Send in decoy cops wearing level 4 Kevlar, so we'll be in position to take out this sniper before he takes out anymore of us.

(Lily walks in.)

LILY: (to Woody) You. (She slaps a "Visitor" sticker onto his shirt.) When that comes off, you die.

(Lily walks out.)

BUG: Welcome to our hell.

[Cut to Autopsy. Jordan is staring at Sylvia's body, deep in thought. Nigel walks in.]

NIGEL: Sylvia's college transcripts, work records, list of friends. And I digitised all the original crime scene photos from the negatives to improve clarity.

JORDAN: The statue's a match. It's the murder weapon.

NIGEL: I pulled the prints off it. It's a two point ridge match with Duvall.

JORDAN: So it could be Duvall or 50,000 other guys.

NIGEL: Yeah, but if it is Duvall, that's not good for Dr. M., is it? He call you back?

JORDAN: I left a half a dozen messages.

NIGEL: I just can't imagine this place without him.

[Scene: Outside a Store. Woody is parked across the street. A SWAT team are in position on rooftops near by,]

SWAT #1: Position 4, check.

SWAT #2: Position 5, check.

WOODY: Position 6, check.

VOICE: SWAT's in place. Let's roll.

(Two police cars pull up. Woody's phone rings. He answers it.) Not a good time, Bug.

BUG: Listen, Woody. We found glass from a broken reverse light and some microscopic gold paint chip at both crime scenes.

(Woody looks in his rear view mirror and sees a gold car parked behind him.)

WOODY: You said gold, not blue?

BUG: Yeah, affirmative. I ran it through the mass spectrometer. They come from a Buick Lesabre. Woody?

(Woody hangs up.)

WOODY: (on radio) The suspect is on Taff Street. I repeat, suspect is on Taff Street in a gold Lesabre. License plate 4149... (He sees the barrel of a rifle poke out from a missing reverse light.) Son of a bitch. (He starts the car and reverses back into the Lesabre. Woody gets out of the car. A young man gets out of the Lesabre and runs off.) Freeze! Police! (A police car pulls up.) Go get him! Get him! (Police officers chase after him. Woody goes to the trunk of the Lesabre and calls over SWAT. He opens the trunk to find a wounded kid pointing a rifle at them.) Easy. Easy. All right, come on. (He grabs the rifle off the kid.) Better call an ambulance.

[Scene: ME's Office. Trace Evidence. Jordan is there looking at photos of Sylvia Moreau. She sees a piece of sash in the photo and then looks for it in the negatives. Some of the negatives are missing.]

[Cut to Garret's Apartment. Hallway. Jordan bangs on the door. Garret opens it.]

GARRET: Jordan, it's the middle of the night.

JORDAN: You buried evidence. The piece of sash from her night gown, the negatives. You son of a bitch. You told me to find the truth. You knew the truth and you covered it up.

[Scene: Garret's Apartment. Garret and Jordan are there.]

JORDAN: All these years listening to your lectures, play by the rules, tow the line, don't rock the boat.

GARRET: Are you done?

JORDAN: What was on that missing piece of evidence?

GARRET: Terry Duvall's fingerprint. It put him at the house but everything else, all the external injuries, everything at the scene said it was suicide. The Chief ME told me it wasn't our job to dredge up every private detail of her life.

JORDAN: I was your case.

GARRET: I was a year on the job. Abby was just born.

JORDAN: The Garret Macy I know would've said to hell with that.

GARRET: Not everyone can be you, Jordan. We gotta fight the system from the womb.

JORDAN: You kept it buried, even now. You didn't trust me enough to help you? I mean, come on, what are we to each other?

GARRET: I would've put you in the same position he put me in.

JORDAN: Oh, that's crap.

GARRET: You would've protected me. That's not what I wanted.

JORDAN: Oh, yeah, that's right, you wanted the truth. That's why you pulled photos of negatives, destroyed evidence.

GARRET: I never destroyed evidence. (He picks up a file.) It's the first draft of the autopsy report before I removed anything. Everything's logged and listed. You'll find the missing negatives and the piece of sash with Duvall's print in storage.

JORDAN: You're giving this to me now? Great. Now I can bury Duvall and you.

[Scene: ME's Office. Autopsy. Bug, Woody and Sidney are there. Bug's on the phone.]

WOODY: Our shooter, Tommy Riggs, 13 years old. Known to the local arcades as Trigger Happy.

SIDNEY: You're telling me with a handle like that, no one saw him coming?

WOODY: All right, we've got one half-brother, Wayne Riggs, 21, his street name is Danger. Unfortunately he's still at large. They lived with their father until two months ago, when he was killed by a police officer during a botched robbery.

BUG: Is that what this has been about? Pay back?

WOODY: When your dad's been killed, it's a strong motive.

BUG: (on phone) Yes, still holding.

SIDNEY: How about cherry blossoms?

WOODY: How about them?

SIDNEY: Well, I found hundreds of them inside the grill, underneath the hood. I mean, he probably parks the car outside near a bunch of cherry trees.

BUG: (on phone) Thank you. (He hangs up.) And how about pink chalk? They found trace amounts in the tread of the car's left rear tire.

WOODY: Left rear. That's where meter maids leave their mark.

BUG: Exactly. And I just found out who the office of parking service is. Now, to make their lives easier they use different colour chalk in different neighbourhoods. (He goes to the computer.) In district 11, pink, is for Savin Hill.

WOODY: Now we're talking.

BUG: McConnell Park. Loaded with cherry trees.

SIDNEY: Also lots of abandoned buildings around the area. It'll take forever just to search every nook and cranny.

WOODY: Forever doesn't work for me. I'm gonna go see our boy Tommy. See what he can tell us.

[Scene: Hospital. Room. Tommy is in bed. Woody is there.]

WOODY: We know he's somewhere in Savin Hill, maybe near McConnell Park. Why are you protecting him? Huh? Do you see your brother here looking out for you?

TOMMY: He takes care of me.

WOODY: How? By making you the trigger man to three murders and letting you take the fall. With a brother like that, who needs enemies.

TOMMY: Shut up.

WOODY: It's not a game, Tommy. Killing cops does not get you the high score, it gets you life in prison.

TOMMY: He's my brother. I can't rat him out.

WOODY: Every cop in this city right now wants him in a body bag. I'll make you a deal. You tell me where your brother is and I swear I won't let anything happen to him. You've already lost a father, Tommy. You want to lose your brother too?

[Scene: ME's Office. Jordan's Office. Jordan is on the computer. She has matched the fingerprint on the sash with Terry Duvall. Lily walks in.]

LILY: Okay, will do let the orient express. Each of us takes a turn with a knife and plunges it in...


LILY: I'm sorry. Slokum has me quantifying my job. You know what that means... (Jordan closes the door.) What's wrong? Jordan?

JORDAN: He did it.

LILY: Duvall?

JORDAN: Garret. One person I thought I knew. He's been sitting on evidence that would help nail Duvall.

LILY: He must have had a reason.

JORDAN: He gave me the evidence. I bring this stuff forward, Slokum has everything he needs to take his license. At best.

LILY: Whatever he did we're talking 20 years ago. It doesn't change who he is.

JORDAN: He walked out of here yesterday and kept this stuff buried. (Nigel walks in.) You found something?

NIGEL: I'm running Slokum's virtual crime scene. It's amazing. You can look at it in many angles...

LILY: Nigel.

NIGEL: Sorry. So I'm scanning the typewriter to see what kind of trace Slokum found, then I realised the typewriter ribbon is made of nylon. The finger print that we found on Sylvia's torn sash had traces of ink in it. I thought that was just from the process Dr. M. used back then to lift the print, but it also has nylon fibres.

JORDAN: You're saying that Duvall touched the ribbon.

NIGEL Exactly. And if he had ink on his fingers...

JORDAN: Chances are he got it on something else.

NIGEL: Yeah. Calibrated and ready to use.

[Cut to Autopsy. Slokum is there looking at the negatives. Jordan walks in.]

JORDAN: Oh, hi, how's it going?

SLOKUM: Do you know that it still jars me when things are out of place. Negative 24. It's not the original file. And this piece of torn sash is missing. Are you still gonna try and tell me this wasn't a cover up? Macy's on his way in. Then he's on his way out.

[Scene: Abandoned Building. Police run in and search each room. Woody walks in behind them. He hears a door squeak and walks into a room, gun pointed. Wayne Riggs comes out behind him and points a rifle at him.]

WAYNE: Don't turn around.

WOODY: Don't be stupid, this place is surrounded.

(Wayne shuts the door and locks it.)

WAYNE: Drop the gun now.

POLICE VOICE: Detective Hoyt.

WOODY: Stand down. Everybody just stand down! (Woody puts his gun on the floor.) Your brother wants you to survive this. (Wayne kicks the gun away.) So do I.

WAYNE: Right. Like anybody's gonna let me walk outta here.

WOODY: I promised Tommy that I'd keep you safe. Okay? You put down that rifle, you and I, we'll walk out of here together. You can end this. Right now.

WAYNE: You're right.

(Wayne shoots Woody in the stomach. Woody falls back onto the ground. The police try to get in from outside. Woody falls unconscious.)

[Scene: ME's Office. Autopsy. Garret and Slokum are there.]

SLOKUM: I was just doing my job. I called it the way I saw it. What a great performance, Garret.

GARRET: It wasn't a performance.

SLOKUM: Yeah, you know, I could tear this entire place and everyone in it apart, just trying to figure out what you buried. On the other hand, I'm gonna offer you...

(Jordan walks in.)

JORDAN: Found Duvall. His fingerprint on Sylvia Moreau's campaign journal.

GARRET: Campaign journal?

SLOKUM: This is a private meeting.

JORDAN: The print was laced with nylon from the typewriter ribbon. Duvall changed it before he typed her suicide note.

SLOKUM: He took the time to change the ribbon during a murder? Why?

JORDAN: Because there was something on the old ribbon he didn't want anyone to find.

SLOKUM: That's speculation.

JORDAN: Look, you want Duvall. This print places him at the murder scene. What's on the ribbon gives you motive.

SLOKUM: Yeah, well, the ribbon is gone.

GARRET: Forget the ribbon. You've got the typewriter roller.

[Time lapse. Jordan, Garret and Slokum are scanning the typewriter roller. The letters on the roller show up on the computer.]

JORDAN: Okay, here's the suicide note. And before that...

SLOKUM: That looks like a letter to Duvall's fiance exposing their relationship.

GARRET: And his relationship with three other women.

SLOKUM: Duvall was a bad boy.

JORDAN: Wait a minute.

GARRET: "Joe Lancaster is not the man voters think he is."

JORDAN: It's not Duvall she was sleeping with, it was Joe Lancaster.

GARRET: This is a letter to the Boston Globe. There's our motive. Duvall killed her to keep her from destroying his mentor.

JORDAN: Unless, that statue, The Kiss. Bit ironic as a murder weapon. Maybe someone was trying to make a point.

SLOKUM: Okay, I took a partial print here. And now I'm searching for Lancaster's to match.

JORDAN: Lancaster killed her.

SLOKUM: Yeah, but Duvall was the one who changed the ribbon. He cleaned up the murder scene.

GARRET: That was Duvall's choice. To protect his boss.

(Jordan's cell rings. She answers it.)

JORDAN: Cavanaugh. Where? What hospital?

[Scene: Hospital. Jordan walks up to reception.]

JORDAN: Detective Woody Hoyt. He was shot.

NURSE: He's right there.

(A doctor wheels Woody through the corridor. Jordan rushes to his side.)

JORDAN: Woody. Oh, god. Tell me he's gonna be okay.

DOCTOR: The bullet nicked him in the spine and he's bleeding internally. We won't know more until we open him up.

JORDAN: Listen to me, Woody. You're not going anywhere, you understand? If you want out of my life, you find some other way. But I'm not letting you... You need to fight this. I can say what you want me to say. (Woody slowly wakes up.) Woody? (She leans close to his ear and whispers.) Please don't leave me. Please.

DOCTOR: We've gotta go.


(The doctor pushes Woody down the corridor. Jordan stands there and cries, then walks off.)

[Time lapse. Jordan is sitting in the waiting room. Garret and Lily walk in. Jordan stands up and they all hug. They watch Wayne Riggs get wheeled past them.]

[Cut to the Crypt. Nigel and Bug are there. Sidney walks in with Woody's vest. It has a bloody bullet hole in it. They look at each other.]

[Cut to the Waiting Room. Jordan is pacing up and down. Lily brings in three coffees and the paper. She hands Garret the paper. The front page reads "Terrance Duvall Arrested. Candidate Accused: Accessory To Murder".]

[Time lapse. Jordan is speaking to the doctor. She then walks into a room where Woody is.]

JORDAN: Hey. So if you had to lose an organ, spleen's a good choice. Pretty useless anyhow.

WOODY: Yeah, I guess.

JORDAN: Dr. Turner said they're gonna wait until the morning to take you back into surgery.

WOODY: Good. Give me a few more hours to lie here and think about how much my life is gonna suck when I can't walk anymore.

JORDAN: You don't know that, Woody. There's a good chance there's no nerve damage.

WOODY: 50/50. You making that bet?

JORDAN: They're flying in a neurologist from New York. He's supposed to be the best. Right now you just need to relax, you need to rest.

(She holds his hand.)

WOODY: What you whispered to me when they were bringing me in.

JORDAN: You heard that?

WOODY: Yeah. Yeah, I heard that. You said it 'cause you felt sorry for me.

JORDAN: What? No.

WOODY: You think I'm crippled, so...

JORDAN: Woody, no, I meant every word.

(He pulls his hand away.)

WOODY: Get outta here.

JORDAN: Woody...

WOODY: Screw your pity and get outta here. Now.

(Upset and hurt, Jordan walks out of the room.)

[Scene: ME's Office. Jordan's Office. Garret is there rummaging through the stuff on her desk. Jordan walks in.]

JORDAN: Garret, what are you doing?

GARRET: The evidence I covered up. I need it back. I can't bury it, not again.

JORDAN: I can't do this. Not now.

GARRET: Sylvia Moreau should've had justice 20 years ago.

JORDAN: You do this, it'll be your job. Your career, maybe prison. Without that sash, Slokum has nothing. You don't have to do this.

GARRET: If I can't do what's right, if I can't set an example, what good am I to anyone?

[Cut to Garret's Office. Slokum is sitting at the desk. Garret walks in with the evidence.]

SLOKUM: Well, it looks like you've won. Duvall is innocent.

GARRET: It was never about winning.

SLOKUM: You always take the high road.

(Garret places the evidence on the desk.)

GARRET: These people, they will go to the law for you if you let them.

(Garret walks out and meets Jordan in the corridor. They walk towards the lobby. Nigel, Bug, Lily and Sidney come out and watch him leave. He walks into the elevator and the doors close.)


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