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#511 : Etat d'ivresse

Titre original : "The Elephant in the Room"

Garret Macy, qui s'est mis à boire plus que de raison
lorsqu'il a été évincé de son poste, n'a toujours pas réussi à renoncer au whisky, bien qu'il ait réintégré la morgue. La veille d'une déposition qu'il doit faire à un important procès, il est arrêté en état d'ivresse : sa carrière est désormais en jeu. Réussira-t-il à s'en sortir ? De leur côté, Jordan et Woody s'interrogent sur leur relation : sont-ils amoureux l'un de l'autre ? Ont-ils une chance de pouvoir former un couple comme les autres ?...


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Jordan & Woody

Jordan & Woody


Plus de détails

[Scene: The next morning. Lucy Carver Inn. Bedroom. Jordan and Woody are asleep in bed. Jordan wakes up and carefully tries to remove Woody's arm from around her. Woody wakes up.]



WOODY: Think the roads are open yet? I gotta testify in the Grant Meyers trial tomorrow so I gotta get back.

JORDAN: I hope they fry that bastard.

WOODY: Should we really be talking about this, right now? I mean, this is kind of big. Maybe we should take like 5 minutes to...

JORDAN: Talk about what we did last night?

WOODY: Well, yeah. What it meant, what it means... for us. If anything.

JORDAN: I've got a problem that I should deal with.

WOODY: What are you gonna tell him? You wanna know how I feel?

JORDAN: Yeah. No. I just wanna know how I feel.

[Scene: Rene's Office. Garret, Woody, and Rene are there.]

WOODY: Well, it wasn't planned. The murder wasn't, not according to my investigation. Although, Grant Meyers was working on the date for months. Anne Rappaport's favourite band at the Orp Eum, then to a room at the Medici Hotel.

RENE: When you responded to the call at the hotel, what did you find?

WOODY: Anne Rappaport, dead. Sprawled out on a comforter, blood, booze, cocaine, and Grant Meyers in custody. Look, I think we all know that I'm fine with direct examination. Shouldn't we be talking about what to expect from the defence on cross?

RENE: We know they're going for the third party defence. You heard the defendant's story. Went out for a pack of cigarettes, during that ten minutes, someone else killed Anne Rappaport.

WOODY: The balls on this kid. He washes the blood off his hands and then leaves to hide a murder weapon, and we're supposed to blame a third party? Maybe a ghost killed Anne Rappaport? Maybe Casper stabbed her. I'll see you people in the morning.

(Woody leaves the room.)

RENE: I wish we'd found the murder weapon.

GARRET: Well, the kid hid it good when he left to create the alibi. But even without it, it's still a slam dunk case, Rene.

(Rene pours two glasses of wine.)

RENE: No such thing. My case is you. (She sits down beside Garret and hands him a glass of wine.) We're as solid as your judgment.

GARRET: Well, then we're good.

[Scene: ME's Office. Jordan and Nigel are walking down the corridor.]

JORDAN: Garret will be here at 7am. I'll be in at 10:00 to cover for him while he testifies. But now I have a long overdue date with my bed.

NIGEL: And your Aussie beau? You two getting pretty serious, no?

JORDAN: I don't ask you about your sex life.

NIGEL: I wouldn't mind.

JORDAN: Yeah, I would.

(They walk towards the elevator. The elevator doors open and Woody walks out. Woody and Jordan smile at each other.)



WOODY: Uh, dumpster driver just found this at municipal refuse. It's a towel from the Medici hotel.

JORDAN: Two days into the trial?

WOODY: The guy saw the hotel logo on the news last night and thought there was a reward.

JORDAN: Okay, what can you get me in 13 hours, Nige?

NIGEL: Well, I can match the blood against the Anne Rappaport samples. Prints are gone, though. If I can find viable sweat or skin cells, I can maybe get sex and blood type. If and maybe.

JORDAN: Get 'em. Uh, Woody, give Walcott's office the heads up on this. And Nige, everything you've got in real time.

(Nigel walks away. Woody heads for the elevator. Jordan dials her cell phone.)

WOODY: Hey, you coming?

JORDAN: Uh, you go ahead.

[Cut to Garret in his car. His cell phone rings. He answers it.]

GARRET: Jordan, I can't talk right now.

JORDAN: Well, you need to know. We've got new evidence.

GARRET: Whatever it is, I'll handle it in the morning. I really can't talk. (He hangs up on her. A police officer walks up to his window and hands him back his license.) Thanks.

(The officer shines a flashlight in his eyes.)

OFFICER: Have you been drinking tonight, Dr. Macy?


[Scene: ME's Office. Lobby. Jordan and Emmy are there.]

JORDAN: Have you tried all his numbers?

EMMY: Over and over again. No answer. Dr. Macy has never missed a shift.

JORDAN: So what's on the agenda, anyway?

EMMY: Lily needs signatures on a stack of death certificates, the intake is backed up, and the freight elevator is sticky. (Jordan walks away.) Dr. Cavanaugh, what point do you...

JORDAN: Give him a bit, I'm sure he's fine.

[Scene: Jail. Garret is sitting in a cell. Rene walks up to him and holds out a plastic bag.]

RENE: Your personal effects are ringing. (He takes the bag.) I don't know which is worse, Garret. The stupidity or the timing.

GARRET: I took a right on a red. That's it. 

RENE: And yet the police report showed a blood alcohol count of .12.

GARRET: Defective breathalyser. I'll fight the charges.

RENE: There will be no charges. Thank you very much for putting me in that position.

GARRET: You were there, Rene. I had half a bottle of wine. You had the other half.

RENE: Half a bottle? .12? My office prosecuted over 200 DUI cases last year, Garret.

GARRET: If you got something to say, why don't you just go ahead and say it.

(His phone rings.)

RENE: You have two hours to get cleaned up and get to court.

[Scene: ME's Office. Trace Evidence. Nigel and Woody are there.]

NIGEL: More the same. The blood is Anne Rappaport's, patches of sweat left behind by a secreter who is male A+.

WOODY: The defendant's A+. Any chance he used it to wrap up the knife?

NIGEL: No. I checked for indicative cuts and stains. There's nothing.

WOODY: Walcott's gonna want DNA tests.

NIGEL: DNA? It's gonna take a lot to undo six months at the municipal dump. It's a waste of time and resources, really.

WOODY: This rich kid murdered his date because she stopped him at second base. He was out on bail nine hours later. Do you wanna know what he did next? He made a 20K dent on daddy's platinum card buying up liquor and bling like nothing ever happened. (They hear a groan and see Matt trying to open the freight elevator doors.) Find time, Nigel. Find the resources. (Woody takes photos of Matt with his cell phone.) I'll be right there.

MATT: That's funny. Will you help me out? It stinks in here.

WOODY: It's a little sticky. Come on, we've gotta grab hold of them at the same time and... (The doors open. Woody looks inside.) Holy Mary.

(He takes another picture.)

[Cut to Lily's Office. Lily is sitting at her desk. Bug stands outside her office and puts a file in a holder.]

LILY: Morning, Bug.

BUG: Oh, hey. Just dropping off the final report on the Kennerman mini-van thing.

(Jeffrey appears behind Bug with two coffees.)

LILY: Wow, that was quick.

BUG: Yeah, well, I don't like backlogs.

JEFFREY: They were out of blueberry, so I got you chocolate explosion. (Lily stands up.) Come on in. (Jeffrey walks in.) Thank you. (They kiss. They see a dead shark being pushed down the corridor.) I thought the DA's office was weird.

[Cut to the Corridor. Woody and Matt are there with the shark.]

MATT: Aft. I said aft. It means back.

WOODY: I thought you said ass. Why didn't you just say back? Or tail fins.

(Bug, Lily and Jeffrey follow them down the corridor.)

MATT: It seemed appropriate. Ooh, Bug, this has you written all over it.

BUG: I don't think we need an autopsy. It was the Gorton's fisherman in the Atlantic ocean with the big hook.

MATT: Oh, no, this gets way better. I got a call from Lincoln Wharf fishery. I expect a robbery, they show me this.

(He shines a flashlight in the shark's mouth. A hand is stuck in its neck.)

[Scene: Court Room. Garret is on the stand.]

GARRET: Nine stab wounds in total.

RENE: What kind of knife was used?

GARRET: Steak knife from the Medici.

RENE: Since the murder weapon has not been found, how can you be sure?

GARRET: We matched the wounds on the body to a duplicate knife from the same hotel.

RENE: Were you able to connect the defendant forensically with this type of knife?

GARRET: We found traces of oak on his hands. Bruising and abrasions were consistent with the handle of the duplicate knife.

RENE: DNA evidence, fingerprints, blood spatter, trace and abrasions. Did you form an opinion based on all this evidence, Dr. Macy?

GARRET: It all suggests that Grant Meyers murdered Anne Rappaport.

RENE: Suggest strongly or weakly?

GARRET: In my professional opinion, conclusively.

[Scene: ME's Office. Jordan and Lily are walking down the corridor.]

LILY: Mortuaries can't work without death certificates. Just sign on the X.

JORDAN: Yeah, but it's not quite as simple as that, Lily. Plus, you know, Garret's gonna be back soon, anyway.

LILY: Jordan, just sign on the X.

(JD walks in.)

JD: Hi, gorgeous.

JORDAN: Oh, JD, hi. Uh, you know what? I have zero time to talk right now.

JD: Oh, I don't want to talk. I want to eat. Hotdogs, the State Street guy. I'm buying.

JORDAN: Guys, honestly, I...

(Nigel walks in and pulls Lily aside. Jordan and JD continue walking down the corridor.)

LILY: (to Nigel) What are we doing?

JORDAN: I'm kind of off red meat right now.

JD: Oh, hush. That's not what I've heard.

NIGEL: (to Lily) Pollack's got a ring in his pocket. I wanna see if he pops any questions.

[Cut to Jordan and JD.]

JD: Who's gonna miss you for an hour?

JORDAN: You. Sorry, crazy day.

JD: But you can sneak out for lunch. It's always crazy around here. (They walk into Autopsy. Bug is there looking in the shark's mouth.) Uh, we'll catch up later then.

(JD walks off.)

[Time lapse. Bug has cut open the shark. He pulls out an aluminium can, half a fishing rod, a whole fish, and the arm. He puts it on the table and takes off a charm bracelet. Jeffrey walks in.]

JEFFREY: Oh! (He covers his nose.) I'm guessing she's a Jane Doe, huh?

BUG: She's not a Jane Doe until we fail to identify her.

JEFFREY: So what can you get from just an arm?

BUG: Fingerprint, if she's on record.

JEFFREY: She's on record. I tried her 50 times. Look for larceny and prosecution.

BUG: What, are you psychic?

JEFFREY: Look at her. Tattoo of a devil. And then those are probably track marks.

(Matt walks in.)

MATT: Hey.

BUG: Yeah, or bloating or predation. Right now she's just a victim, a person.

JEFFREY: If it quacks like a duck.

BUG: She's not a duck! Go away!

(Jeffrey leaves the room.)

MATT: What's the word, Bug?

BUG: No tissue haemorrhaging. She died before the shark got her. I'm gonna run trace, tox, radioisotope tests.

MATT: Radioisotope tests?

BUG: Carbon deposits in the bone. Lets us know where she grew up.

MATT: Lily and Brandau, huh? I figured if she was gonna go for a dork, it'd be you. No offence. (The computer finds a fingerprint match.) Hey. Any way to tell if she fired a gun?

BUG: I suppose I can test for trace gun metal. Why?

MATT: No ID, but she matched a phantom print from a day time burglary. One home owner of Mike Daley was shot and killed.

(Bug spreads a liquid over the hand and holds it under a light.)

BUG: Positive for steel alloy. She did fire a gun.

MATT: Beginning to look like the dork was right.

[Scene: Court Room. Garret is on the stand.]

MCBRIDE: I believe you used the word "conclusively" in damning my client. Did your investigation conclusively eliminate the possibility that there was somebody else in that hotel room?

GARRET: We ran every fingerprint in the suite. Sixty-eight total. Fifty-seven were hotel employees, nine previous guests. The other two belonged to your client and the victim.

MCBRIDE: This is a receipt which the police found on Mr. Meyers. It's from a corner store two blocks from the hotel. It's stamped 1:20am. That's about the time Miss Rappaport was killed, correct?

GARRET: Yes, roughly.

MCBRIDE: So it is possible that someone else entered the room in his absence and killed Miss Rappaport.

GARRET: There is no evidence of a third party, Mr. McBride. The only evidence on Miss Rappaport's body came from your client. One plus one equals two, not three.

(Someone hands McBride a piece of paper.)

MCBRIDE: Where were you at 10:55 last night?

RENE: Sidebar, your Honour? (The judge waves them up.) I know where Mr. McBride is going with this, Judge Marshall. It is beyond the scope and has no relevance to this case.

MCBRIDE: Dr. Macy was arrested last night. DUI, .12.

JUDGE: How is it relevant, Mr. McBride?

MCBRIDE: I'd say it calls his judgment into question, wouldn't you?

RENE: That is a giant leap, your Honour.

MCBRIDE: Then why did you have the charges quashed?

JUDGE: Unless Dr. Macy was three sheets to the wind while he was investigating the case, it is irrelevant. Let it go, Mr. McBride.

MCBRIDE: Yes, your Honour. (Rene sits back down.) Dr. Macy, it's your opinion based on your reading of the evidence that Grant Meyers killed Anne Rappaport, is that correct?

GARRET: Yes, it is.

MCBRIDE: Thank you, no further questions.

JUDGE: That's it, Mr. McBride?

MCBRIDE: Dr. Macy's opinions appear to be set in stone, your Honour.

JUDGE: Ms. Walcott.

RENE: Your Honour, the prosecution rests.

[Scene: ME's Office. Lobby. Garret walks out of the elevator. Lily walks up to him.]

LILY: Garret. Oh, thank god, are you okay?

GARRET: Of course I'm okay. I've been in court.

LILY: Yeah, but this morning, I...

(Nigel walks up to him.)

NIGEL; Dr. M, great, I've been meaning to...

GARRET: No, Nigel, please, not now. (They follow him into his office and talk over the top of each other. Jordan walks in.) Everybody stop! Just shut up! The next person who talks gets fired!

(Nigel and Lily walk out. Jordan closes the door.)

JORDAN: That was uncalled for, don't you think? You missed a shift, not them.

GARRET: Can I just have two seconds to myself, please?

JORDAN: What happened last night when I called you? Where were you this morning?

GARRET: If you can't cover a shift by yourself, you have no business calling yourself a doctor.

JORDAN: Garret, we were worried about you!

(A man knocks on the door. Jordan opens it.)

MAN: Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh?


(He gives her a letter and leaves.)

GARRET: Is that what I think it is?

JORDAN: (reading from the letter) The matter of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Grant Meyers.

GARRET: You weren't even apart of this investigation. Why would Rene subpoena you?

JORDAN: Uh, she didn't. I've been called as a witness for the defence.


[Scene: Rene's Office. Jordan and Rene are there. Jordan throws the letter on the desk.]

JORDAN: Why am I being called as a witness for the defence?

RENE: My case relies on Garret's testimony. They can't count on the evidence, so they're smearing him. Do I have any reason to be concerned?

JORDAN: I'm not sure what you're asking.

RENE: Does Garret have a drinking problem?

JORDAN: You know Garret. He's got a bottle in his desk for when he's had a tough day. You've had a drink from it, so have I. In fact, let's talk about it over by that nice wet bar you've got over there.

RENE: That is not an answer.

JORDAN: My answer is no, of course not.

RENE: Good. You two feed that back to McBride, we should be able to ride out the smear campaign.

JORDAN: Two? Who else?

(There's a knock at the door and Nigel walks in.)

RENE: Nigel, good.

NIGEL: Ms. Walcott.

RENE: We need to prep. That means focus. No tangents, no cockney slang, no rambling metaphors. Keep your answers short and on point.

[Scene: ME's Office. Autopsy. Garret is there autopsying a body. Jordan walks in.]

JORDAN: Why is your drinking suddenly an issue?

GARRET: You'd have to ask the defence attorney.

JORDAN: Walcott asked me about it, Garret. And I lied to her. It's not just a glass at the end of your shift anymore.

GARRET: Go home, Jordan.

JORDAN: I can't protect you if I don't know what's going on.

GARRET: There's nothing to protect. Just tell the truth.

[Cut to Forensic Laboratory. Bug and Matt are at the computer.]

BUG: GPS on the left, 3D fishing radar on the right. They caught our shark here. It could have eaten the arm anywhere in this area.

MATT: Wow. How many hours have you been working on this?

BUG: Now, our shark can't stop swimming, his intestine is a timeline. The sea life and the diatoms I found in him can only live in certain conditions, so a full mile stretch of Broad Sound by Revere Beach. Still too large to search.

MATT: Mm. Maybe not. Get some sleep, you look like crap. I've got this.

BUG: What are you gonna do?

(Matt leaves the room.)

[Scene: Jordan's Apartment. Hallway. Jordan opens her door and walks in. JD is waiting there on the couch.]

JORDAN: Uh, you know I love your little surprise planned rendezvous' but today is so not the day.

JD: I'm not here for romance. I just found out some disturbing information. I know this PI. Ex-cop. He sold some intel to Grant Meyers' attorney. Now the PI's slimy, he wanted two fees for the price of one, so he came to me with the two.

JORDAN: What is it?

JD: Dr. Macy was arrested last night. DUI. He spent the night in the clink and the DA made the charges disappear.

JORDAN: You're not printing this, right?

JD: I'll hold off until it breaks in court. Which it's bound to do.

JORDAN: Oh, god.

JD: You wanna talk?

JORDAN: Not about this.

JD: About something else then?

JORDAN: Later, okay?

(He kisses her and leaves.)

[Scene: Court Room. Nigel is on the stand.]

NIGEL: The killer grabs the handle, trace stays on the hand. We found oak on Grant Meyers.

MCBRIDE: Wouldn't traces of the handle come off just eating his steak?

NIGEL: Yes, some, but that's where the degree of transfer comes in. Abrasions, tears in the skin, bruise patterns indicate force way over that of cutting a steak.

MCBRIDE: Is there a working scale for that sort of thing? Under X amount of bruising means dinner, over X amount means murder?

NIGEL: There's no official scale.

MCBRIDE: So it's a matter of judgment then.

NIGEL: Assessment of evidence is judgment. Sometimes we have to extravagate.

MCBRIDE: Who conducted the tests on Mr. Meyers hand?

NIGEL: Dr. Macy.

MCBRIDE: And who assessed the abrasions?

NIGEL: Uh, Dr. Macy.

MCBRIDE: Did Dr. Macy assess the DNA evidence?


MCBRIDE: Who assessed the finger print evidence?

NIGEL: Dr. Macy.

MCBRIDE: So, is it fair to say that all the forensic evidence in this case was interpreted by Dr. Macy?

NIGEL: Yes, I suppose so.

MCBRIDE: Thank you, no further questions.

[Scene: Crypt. Bug and Lily are there. Bug is bagging the arm.]

LILY: You putting her away?

BUG: Yeah. Jane Doe #1, 2006.

LILY: A lot of people hand me their Jane Doe reports, they use it as a clinical term, like, cadaver. You say it like a proper name.

BUG: Everybody deserves a name.

(The freight elevator doors open. Matt is there with a trunk.)

LILY: Matt, what is this?

(He wheels it in.)

MATT: Talked to a few harbour patrol buddies into hitting Broad Sound with their shiny new radar. We were looking for scattered body parts and found this.

(He opens the trunk. Inside it is a girl's body with missing arms.)

BUG: Livor must have set in before she was folded in. Her arm was sawed off to close the trunk. Both were thrown in the drink.

[Scene: Court Room. Jordan is on the stand.]

MCBRIDE: Dr. Cavanaugh, at 10:55 two nights ago, did you have a phone conversation with Dr. Macy?

RENE: Your Honour, counsel is trying to sneak in the back door.

JUDGE: Is it relevant, Mr. McBride?

MCBRIDE: Phone records indicate Dr. Cavanaugh called Dr. Macy at that time, sir.

JORDAN: Was it case related, Dr. Cavanaugh?

JORDAN: There was no conversation, Judge Marshall. He said that he couldn't talk.

MCBRIDE: Did he say why?

JUDGE: Wait your turn, sir.

JUDGE: So nothing transpired that has any bearing on this matter?

JORDAN: Yes, your Honour, nothing.

JUDGE: Keep it on point, counsellor.

MCBRIDE: Yes, sir. Dr. Cavanaugh, does Dr. Macy have a drinking problem?

RENE: Your Honour!

JUDGE: I gave a ruling on this matter.

MCBRIDE: You ruled his DUI arrest inadmissible.

JUDGE: The jury will disregard counsel's remark. You are flirting with contempt, Mr. McBride.

MCBRIDE: I'm sorry, Judge, but an impaired ME is not irrelevant. And if you won't let me explore the degree of his impairment, you're simply handing me a reversible error.

JUDGE: Ms. Walcott.

RENE: A clear case of killing the messenger, your Honour. The evidence is overwhelming, so Mr. McBride is trying to tarnish Dr. Macy.

MCBRIDE: Either Dr. Macy is a drunk or he isn't. Shouldn't we know which it is?

JUDGE: Watch your language, Mr. McBride. Confine yourself to that point.

MCBRIDE: Dr. Cavanaugh... In your professional opinion as a physician, does Dr. Macy have a drinking problem?

JORDAN: I'm a medical examiner. When he dies, bring me his liver, we'll talk.

MCBRIDE: Let me rephrase. Have you ever seen Dr. Macy take a drink while on duty?


MCBRIDE: Could you speak up, doctor, the jury can't hear you.

JORDAN: Yes. But that doesn't mean...

MCBRIDE: I have no further questions for this witness, your Honour.


[Scene: Court Building. Garret heads for the elevator. Jordan catches up to him.]

JORDAN: Garret.

GARRET: Just don't.

JORDAN: Will you look at me? (He does.) So can we talk about this now?

(Rene walks up to them.)

RENE: That's great work, you two. If McBride makes this stick, every conviction on every case you've ever investigated will be open to challenge.

(The elevator doors open and Garret gets in.)

JORDAN: We've got tonight. I'll go over everything myself. Present it all over again. We'll take character assassination out of the loop.

RENE: It'll just look like you're covering.

JORDAN: Got a better idea?

[Scene: Trace Evidence. Jordan and Nigel are there. Nigel is examining a blood stained sheet.]

NIGEL: Spatter corresponds to the wound in jibes with Dr. Macy's observations. Nine of nine, perfect.

JORDAN: Yeah, great.

NIGEL: What are you so upset about? You and Dr. M. were in lock step.

JORDAN: Walcott's right. The jury will smell it even if I just skew the party line.

NIGEL: So you were hoping he screwed up?

JORDAN: I was hoping he missed something. But he covered everything.

NIGEL: Well, not everything. We still have that towel that Woody brought in.

JORDAN: Which he never saw. Do we have DNA yet?

NIGEL: Still processing. I told you...

JORDAN: It's all we've got. Let's check it out.

[Cut to Autopsy. Bug and Matt are there with Jane Doe's body. Bug pulls a bullet out of her chest.]

BUG: This is the only bullet that's still in her. The other two went through and through.

(Garret walks in.)

GARRET: Give me a status of your case, Bug. What did you find in trace?

BUG: Crack, heroin, a who's who of narcotics.

MATT: Hey, the striations match. Jane Doe was shot with the same gun she used to kill Mike Daley.

GARRET: Excuse me. (He looks at the computer.) These bullets are different. The ones that came from Daley are more worn, mushroomed. What would account for that, Bug?

BUG: I don't know.

GARRET: Did you run computer simulations?

BUG: No...

GARRET: Did you test for DNA?

BUG: I'll do that.

GARRET: Why don't you do that now?

(Bug leaves the room.)

MATT: Hey. That guy's been busting his hump on this case.

GARRET: Excuse me, detective?

MATT: You don't need to be such a hard ass.

GARRET: Don't tell me how to run my morgue, Seely.

MATT: It may not be yours long. There's a lot of talk around the precinct, you know.

[Cut to the Break Room. Woody gets a bottle of juice out of the fridge. Nigel walks in.]

WOODY: Hey, Nigel, you're a scientist. Maybe you can figure out this new fangled coffee machine.

NIGEL: What are you doing here?

WOODY: I didn't feel like hanging out at the station and I didn't feel like going home. Nige, ever waited for a woman to make up her mind? It's like watching paint dry... on your eyeballs. You know what? God bless the Aussie, he can have her.

NIGEL: She making up her mind, hey? Well, my money was on her giving him a flat out no. I didn't think she'd even consider marriage.

WOODY: What? (Nigel heads for the door. Woody grabs him.) He's gonna propose.

[Cut to Forensic Laboratory. Bug is there writing on a clear board. He has photos of the charm bracelet pinned to it. Lily walks in.]

LILY: Hey.

BUG: Hey.

LILY: I used to have one of these.

BUG: No kidding?

LILY: When I was little. I'd get so excited when my mum would buy me a new charm. I'd stay up all night trying to reshuffle them into the exact chronological order.

BUG: Yeah, well, I don't think that was her system. The devil came before the graduation cap.

LILY: That's where I kept my chesty lion.

BUG: What?

LILY: Chesty lion. Be nice. You can't pick your high school mascot.

(Bug goes to the computer.)

BUG: There's a list of towns on that desk with the radioisotope test. Could you...

(Lily picks up a sheet of paper.)

[Time lapse. Outside the Crypt. Matt is talking to Jane Doe's mother.]

MOTHER: Lizzie was a varsity cheerleader, honour roll, student council.

MATT: Kind of girl who could do it all, huh?


[Cut to inside the Crypt. Bug shows the body to the father. He nods.]

FATHER: I've waited six years for this phone call.

BUG: What happened six years ago?

FATHER: Lizzie went to college. Found her way into drugs. Then she found a boyfriend from hell. She disappeared. She stole our cash, my wife's jewellery...

(They walk out to Matt and the mother.)

MOTHER: Was it? Was it Lizzie?

(He nods. She walks away.)

BUG: Mr. Cartland. Can you tell us about the boyfriend?

[Cut to Trace Evidence. Jordan and Nigel are there bored out of their brains.]

JORDAN: Hey, Nige, did I happen to see Woody here earlier?

NIGEL: Jordan, I am never again going to stick my nose in other people's business.

JORDAN: Where did that come from? (The computer beeps.) Oh my god.

NIGEL: The sweat on the towel negative. So it doesn't match Grant Meyers.

JORDAN: There was a third party.


[Scene: Boston PD. Interrogation Room. A man is sitting at the table. Bug and Matt are behind the mirror.]

MATT: If he did it, he's one smart junkie. No saw, no blood, no stolen goods. Nothing to peg him to Lizzie's or Mike Daley's murder.

BUG: So let's force a confession. Let's go.

MATT: Hey, you're an ME. You don't do interrogation.

BUG: Woody lets Jordan do it all the time. Come on, Seely, look at this guy, he's scum. If we let him walk, we do a disservice to her.

MATT: What "her" are we talking about here? Jane Doe, Liz Cartland, or Lily Lebowski?

[Time lapse. Interrogation Room. Bug and Matt are there with the man.]

MAN: I don't own a 38, I don't rob houses and I haven't seen Lizzie in months. How many ways can I answer the same questions? (He looks at Bug.) Doesn't he talk?

MATT: Murder one carries a life sentence. You work with us, maybe we can get a knock down to murder two. That's fifteen years.

MAN: I guess my lawyer will revise me of all that. I get one for free, right?

BUG: This is ridiculous.

MATT: We're not having this conversation again.

BUG: Let's just put him in the line up.

MATT: Can I see you outside for a second? (Bug and Matt go outside and stand just outside the door.) The witness doesn't want to be involved.

BUG: The witness is sitting in observation.

MATT: He doesn't want to go on record.

BUG: She grabbed the gun. Got three bullets with his name on it. By the time they hit Mike Daley...

MATT: She was a junkie, all right? The lifesavers were the paramedics who kept Daley from bleeding out, got him to Boston General.

BUG: Which they wouldn't have been able to do if Lizzie hadn't have been so brave. She saved his life, damn it! He has to help bring her killer to justice.

MATT: We're done talking about this.

BUG: No, you're done. I'm calling the DA.

(Matt walks back into the room.)

MATT: So... Where were we?

MAN: You said fifteen years, right?

[Scene: ME's Office. Conference Room. Jordan and Woody are there. They shift some furniture.]

JORDAN: Thanks for helping, Woody. Listen, I haven't really been able to talk to Pollack yet. But if you wanna fire any questions...

WOODY: No way. You gotta talk to Pollack first.

JORDAN: Uh, what does that mean?

WOODY: Nothing. Okay. (They stand in the centre of the room.) So I'm Grant Meyers. I've been planning this date for months. The best concert, the most drugs, the swankiest hotel.

JORDAN: And I'm Anne Rappaport. I've got this cute, rich boy treating me like a queen.

(Jordan takes off her jacket. They lean in for a kiss but Woody pulls back.)

WOODY: This is just a little weird.

JORDAN: Do you want me to play the boy?

(They kiss.)

[Grant and Anne fall onto the bed, kissing.]

[Jordan and Woody are on the bed.]

WOODY: I'm Grant Meyers...

[Grant and Anne continue kissing.]

[Jordan and Woody.]

WOODY: And this evening's finally starting to pay off.

(Woody reaches for her belt.)

[Grant and Anne. Anne tries to stop Grant.]

[Jordan and Woody. Woody grabs Jordan's arm.]

WOODY: But maybe I get a little too aggressive.

[Grant and Anne. Anne pushes Grant off.]

[Jordan and Woody stand up.]

JORDAN: But all I wanna do is get out of here.

(Woody pushes Jordan.)

WOODY: But I'm not gonna let that happen.

JORDAN: So I scream.

WOODY: And I panic.

(Woody grabs a knife.)

[Grant and Anne. Grant pushes Anne on the bed and stabs her in the chest several times.]

[Jordan and Woody on the bed.]

WOODY: Okay, so now you're dead and I need to wrap your body up in something. Excuse me.

(He gets up and pulls the blanket off the bed. He picks Jordan up and carries her. She pretends to be dead.)

JD'S VOICE: Am I interrupting anything?

(They see JD standing at the door. Woody puts Jordan down.)

JORDAN: When did you get here?

(She goes over to him and kisses him on the cheek.)

JD: So, uh, what is this? Some kind of crime recreation theatre?

JORDAN: Yeah, kind of. Something the Cavanaugh family players used to perform back in the days of a... well, the Cavanaugh family.

WOODY: The timing's actually perfect. We're just in need of a third party.

JD: So this, uh, third party. What's he all about?

JORDAN: Dr. Macy's observations were correct. This murder was a one-man job.

WOODY: Meyers' phone records showed that he did not call anyone.

JORDAN: So the third party was a stranger who came in after the fact.

JD: The only strangers who have access to a hotel room are hotel employees. The maid wouldn't come in at night.

WOODY: Security came in later and busted him.

JORDAN: Yeah, but room service. Okay, uh, steak first and dessert came in separately.

WOODY: I ordered it earlier but right now all I could think about was getting the blood off my hands.

(Woody walks into the bathroom.)

JD: So I knock. Room service. No answer. I come in.

JORDAN: And then you see me. You lean in to see if I'm dead. Then you get blood on your hands.

(Woody walks out of the bathroom.)

WOODY: A witness. I'm screwed.

JD: I should run and call security.

JORDAN: But you don't. Why not?

WOODY: Cash? My credit card, I bribe you.

JD: With plastic? What do you take me for? You can just cancel the card, or trace it back to me.

WOODY: And you can just call the cops. It's a win-win for you. Drop 25 grand on me, if it doesn't work, drop a dime.

[Cut to Trace Evidence. Jordan, Nigel and Woody are there. Nigel is at a computer.]

NIGEL: Five male Medici employees from room service 222 that night.

WOODY: Even if we find them, we've got no proof that they were there.

JORDAN: Woody, wrangle these guys up ASAP. Nigel, set up a blood type test and match the sweat. I've gotta get to court, try to figure out a way to nail this kid and save Macy's ass.

WOODY: What are you gonna do?

JORDAN: I have no idea.


[Scene: Court Room. Jordan walks up to Rene.]

JORDAN: (whispers) Stall.

(She walks up to the stand and sits down.)

JUDGE: You're still under oath, Dr. Cavanaugh.

JORDAN: Yes, your Honour.

RENE: Dr. Cavanaugh, where were you educated?

JORDAN: U-Mass undergrad, pre-med. Tufts University Medical. Go Jumbos.

RENE: How long have you worked as a medical examiner?

MCBRIDE: The defence stipulates Dr. Cavanaugh's qualifications, your Honour.

JUDGE: Move on then, Ms. Walcott.

RENE: Yes, sir. Did you work on this case?

JORDAN: Not until last night. Because of Mr. McBride's tactics, I wanted to make sure the jury understands the evidence in this case. I went over every piece of evidence to make sure Dr. Macy's interpretations were indeed correct. Wound #1 is a defensive wound.

[Scene: Medici Hotel. Room 222. Nigel, Woody and five hotel employees are there.]

WOODY: Right here, fellas. Right here on that spot. You saw that girl. How old was she? 19? Come on, Nigel, my grandmother prepares blood-type analysis faster.

NIGEL: All set. Hold out your hands, laddies.

(They do so.)

WOODY: That's a nice watch for a hotel employee.

(The man pushes Woody and runs out the door. Woody chases after him.

[Scene: Court Room. Everybody looks bored.]

JORDAN: Wound #6 punctured a lung. Blood then flooded her respiratory system thus suffocating her.

MCBRIDE: Your Honour, it has become obvious that Dr. Cavanaugh is just parroting her bosses version of events.

JUDGE: It does seem to be a waste of time. Do you have anything new, doctor?

JORDAN: Yes, your Honour, I do. We found a towel from the Medici Hotel. It provides evidence that there was indeed a third party in that hotel room when Anne Rappaport died.

RENE: Recess, your Honour?

JUDGE: Chambers, I think. All three of you.

(Suddenly, the door flies open and Woody walks in with the hotel employee in his grip.)

[Scene: ME's Office. Conference Room. Bug, Matt, and Lizzie's parents are there.]

BUG: Are you sure you want to see this?

MOTHER: Yes, please.

(He turns on a TV.)

BUG: Your daughter had a drug problem, a boyfriend problem, and she was a thief. But her life ended because she took three bullets for an innocent stranger.


MATT: She and Trent were robbing a home when the owners surprised them. Trent didn't want to leave a witness.

BUG: But Lizzie wouldn't have it. She grabbed the gun and she got in the way.

MOTHER: Things fell apart.

BUG: You should know, in the moment of truth, your daughter did the bravest thing possible. And you should know, she never took this off.

(He hands the mother a small box. She opens it and inside is the charm bracelet. The mother cries.)

[Cut to Garret's Office. Garret walks in and Abby is waiting there.]

ABBY: Hi, dad.

GARRET: Abby, what are you doing here, sweetie?

ABBY: I'm on break. Thought I'd surprise you. (She hugs him.) Maybe, uh, come crash here for a little while?

GARRET: Absolutely, that sounds great. So what have you been up to, anyways?

(Jordan walks in.)

JORDAN: Garret? You have a drinking problem. You gotta get some help. (She sees Abby there.) Find AA, find triple A, find Jesus, find jigsaw puzzles, I don't care, but... I will not enable you anymore. You have to own this, and you have to beat it. And if you don't, I'm going to ask that you be removed from your post. Sorry you had to hear that, Abby. It's good to see you.

(Jordan walks away.)

GARRET: Let's go home, Abigail.

[Cut to Lily's Office. Lily is on the phone.]

LILY: Well, maybe if you'd gotten there in time for the blueberry muffin, then your reward would... (She laughs. Bug walks in.) Oh, hold on a second. (Bug hangs up the phone.) Uh, excuse me. What the hell was that?

BUG: Do you remember three years ago when I declared my feelings for you? And you let me down easy, said I was your only friend, I understood, said it was okay.

LILY: Of course I do.

BUG: I lied. It's not okay. I loved you then and I haven't stopped.

(He goes to leave.)

LILY: Wait. Why are you telling me this now?

(The phone rings again and Bug picks up the phone and hangs it up.)

BUG: I am sick of regretting a moment of fear. And I've learnt it's never too late to do the brave thing.

(Bug leaves.)

[Scene: Outside Jordan's Apartment. JD is sitting there. Jordan walks down the hallway.]

JORDAN: What are you doing out here?

JD: I'm not really feeling the open door policy.

JORDAN: Okay. Why don't you come in. (Jordan opens the door and walks in. JD stands at the doorway.) Uh, there's something we need to talk about. I, uh...

JD: Slept with Woody.

JORDAN: You know?

JD: I watched the, uh, body language at the make-believe hotel. I'm not an idiot.

JORDAN: Sorry.

JD: At the inn last week?

JORDAN: Yeah. It was a weird situation...

JD: I don't want the play-by-play. (He walks in.) I think we can slide past it. I'd like to try. As long as it didn't mean anything.

(Jordan doesn't say anything.)



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