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#402 : Privé de sortie


Titre original : "Out of Sight

David Perry, un milliardaire a été assassiné. Jordan, chargée de l'autopsie du malheureux, apprend que son meurtrier serait son voisin, un certain Louis Jeffries. Seul problème : Louis Jeffries, un artiste, n'a pas quitté son domicile depuis deux années. Jordan cherche à comprendre. Elle se demande par quel miracle Louis Jeffries a bien pu vaincre son agoraphobie pour commettre ce meurtre. Les choses se compliquent lorsque Woody et Jordan mettent la main sur un nouvel indice : ils découvrent les empreintes de Louis Jeffries sur un vase en cristal appartenant à David Perry...


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***Scene where body was found***

Female Newscaster: The body of millionaire Davis Perry was found early this morning in Boston Common, the apparent victim of a mugging gone awry. Dr. Cavanaugh, from the medical examiner's office, what can you tell us?

Jordan: Weather report calls for rain, but hey, don't believe everything you hear.

Woody: How many of you guys were on duty at the time-- actually, hold that thought. I'll be right back. Jordan! Top o' the mornin' to ya.

Jordan: Yeah. These people need to get a life.

Woody: Yeah, well, they're all wishing they had his. Davis Perry, 42 years old, lived yonder in the Chadwick Towers. His wallet was missing, but we did ID him off of this.

Jordan: (reading): "World United Charities."

Woody: Seems Mr. Perry was quite the do-gooder.

Jordan: Anybody worth a gazillion dollars oughta be spreading the wealth. Lividity's set. He's been dead at least eight hours. Two gunshot wounds to the chest. Only one stayed at the party.

Woody: I'll have my boys look for the other bullet.

Jordan: There's no soil on his shoes. But these scratch marks here, they're drag marks. Perry wasn't killed here.

Woody: It seems that death is not a bed of roses. What do you make of these, Jordan? Track marks from a golf cart?

Jordan: Or a car.

Woody: Mr. Gerloff. Jake Gerloff, head of security here at Chadwick Towers, this is Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh of the medical examiner's office. Those cars, who do they belong to?

Gerloff: The towers maintain a fleet of 30.

Woody: Who has access to them?

Gerloff: Every resident and all the staff.

Jordan: Well, that narrows things down. (cell phone ringing) Excuse me. Cavanaugh.

Male voice: Don't take things at face value.

Jordan: I never do. Who is this? (silence) Look, pal, tying up an ME's phone line while you do the one-hand salute is kinda like a felony, so please--

Male voice: That's not where he died.

Jordan: How do you figure that?

Male voice: Do your job, you'll see.

Jordan: Oh, but you're doing it so well for me. Unless you're just a reporter fishing around for information.

Male voice: There's a pair of cufflinks in his left pants pocket. (Jordan goes for the right pocket) I said left. Now do you believe me?

{Crossing Jordan Intro}

***Scene where body was found***

Jordan: This guy was no crank, Woody. He knew too much--about the body, the cufflinks.

Woody: Why you?

Jordan: That news reporter, uh, she said my name. They must have been reporting live.

Woody: Ten seconds on the internet, he could have gotten your phone number. You sure he was watching you?

Jordan: Could still be, for all I know. Some sick cat-and-mouse game.

Woody: All right, well, I'll put a trace on your phone. But if he calls again--

Jordan: I know, I know. Keep him on the line as long as possible.

Woody: No, I wasn't going to say that. Don't piss him off. If he is our killer, it could make things worse.

Jordan: Don't worry, I know how to play nice. I do, really.

***Morse Federal Prison***

(Bell ringing)

(Cell door slams shut)

Detective: I thought you had the thankless job of grim reaper.

Lily: It's grief counselor, Detective, and it's far from thankless.

Garret: The department requires Ms. Lebowski to do 80 hours of field work.

Detective: Ah. Watch and learn, sweetheart.

Garret: (muffled) Sweetheart?

(Walk into cell with body hanging in a noose)

Benz: This is how I found him.

Garret: What time was that?

Benz: 0600--we do a cell check every two hours.

Lily: Who is he?

Benz: Not sure. Picked him up at Logan nine months ago using a fake passport. He'd flown in from Sudan, didn't speak English.

Lily: So you don't even know his name?

Benz: Couldn't pronounce the one on his passport, so we called him Kenny.

Detective: How'd he land in solitary?

Benz:  Prisoner refused to eat. Disobeyed orders.

Garret: You mean orders in English?

Detective: Any other prisoners have access to him?

Benz: No, not in here.

Detective:  Well, this was a wasted trip. You find anything funky, Dr. Macy, give me a call. His personal effects. (Hands manila envelope to Lily) My gift to you, grief counselor.

Garret: Let's get him down.

(Lily pulls a medal from the envelope)

***Trace Evidence Davis Perry***

Garret: Nice sound bite this morning, Jordan.

Jordan: "No comment" just seemed too easy.

Garret: You oughta give easy a try sometime. How's it going?

Jordan: I'm placing time of death somewhere between 10 pm and 1:00 this morning.

Garret: The fundraiser ended at 10:30.

Jordan: Oh, you were there?

Garret: Yeah, I get invited to these things all the time. And I go when it's a good cause.

Jordan: Oh, life as a big mucky-muck. You see Perry there?

Garret: From afar. We didn't exactly run in the same circles.

Jordan: Guy really had the life. Most eligible bachelor in Boston, worth zillions of dollars.

Garret: That's right, so there'll be lots of eyes on this. Keep it by-the-book.

Jordan: Sure, take all the fun out of it. Hey, pass me one of those scrapers, please?

Garret: What'd ya find?

Jordan: Looks like... blood and tissue, indicative of a struggle.

Garret: I'll have Sidney run it.

Jordan: All right, thanks.

Nigel: Hi Jordan, some cheeky bastard left you a message. But he didn't leave his name.

Jordan: (reading message) "Check the far left dumpster behind the west tower." Go find Woody, let him know about this. Let the games begin.

***Chadwick Towers- West***

(In elevator)

Woody: Did you see Mr. Perry come back from the fundraiser?

Gerloff: No, no, but he, uh, he always used the private resident entrance rather than the main lobby.

Woody: I'd like to see the surveillance tapes for that entrance, please.

Gerloff: So would I, but, unfortunately, the cameras were disabled while we overhaul the security system. The design of this place is a little bit more form than function.

Woody: Sounds safer in my $700-a-month apartment.

Gerloff: Yeah, well, now, the new system can withstand a terrorist attack: Full security lock-down, scrambled phone frequency-- (elevator bell        chimes) It's basically one giant safe house. This is Mr. Perry's right here.

Woody: (cell phone ringing) This is Hoyt. Hey, What's up, Nigel? I'm on it. (To Gerloff) Before we go inside, could you take me to the garbage        dumpsters behind the west tower?

***ME's Office***

Lily: Nigel, you were in the military, right?

Nigel: Counterintelligence for the royal navy. I'd tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you.

Lily: What do you make of this? (Hands the medal to Nigel)

Nigel: Oh, cool. Queen Victoria Medal of Honor. It's a 1898, that's during the Sudan war, led by the great Kitchener of Khartoum, or K of K, as he was more commonly known.

Lily: How you know this stuff is beyond me.

Nigel: It's all part of the Townsend mystique, luv. Hey, look, there's some initials here: AS.

Lily: Can you find out who it belonged to?

Nigel: I could do some research, come up with a list of honorees.

Lily: You're a dream.

Nigel: (laughing) Yeah, a regular genie in a bottle.

***Trace Evidence: Kenny***

Bug: Infected ulcers on both legs, inflammation around the ankles and knees.

Garret: There's also swelling on the wrists and severe abdominal bruising.

Bug: None of this is indicative of a hanging.

Garret: No, but it's all consistent with physical abuse.

Lily: What about this?

Garret: That's older than nine months.

Bug: Facial scarification is common amongst African tribes. It's usually part of an initiation rite, like a boy's journey into manhood.

Garret: This is weird. Ligature abrasions are bland.

Lily: Why's that weird?

Bug: Blood flowing to the brain usually causes a pinkish discoloration.

Garret: But if the blood had already stopped flowing...

Lily: You mean like, if he was already dead?

Bug: Kenny didn't hang himself. Someone else did.

***Chadwick Towers West Garbage Dumpster***

~Woody is in dumpster looking through the trash~

Gerloff: What is it you're looking for?

Woody: I'm hoping I'll know that when I see it. Huh. All right. Oh, yeah. Got somethin' here. If I could just hook it with my foot. Come on. Come to papa. Come on. I almost got it--ah, man. (Squishing noises: Woody disappears into dumpster. A gun reaches over the top of the dumpster and then Woody appears) That's why I get paid the big bucks.

***Boston Precinct: Interrogation***

Detective: We have the same job, you and I. We're trying to keep the peace. But sometimes the stress can make you overreact, am I right?

Benz:  I used necessary and appropriate force.

Garret: And that excuses Kenny's bruises, bleeding, lesions, and swollen joints?

Benz: Well, some days I watch 50, 60 inmates. I got a right to protect myself.

Detective: What about Kenny's rights?

Benz: He was an illegal, he didn't have any.

Garret: I think you wanted to teach him a lesson, but things got out of hand. You went beyond necessary and appropriate, and you killed him.

Detective: But hey you were just doing your job, you shouldn't have to take the fall. So you rigged the fake suicide to get yourself off the hook.

Benz: It's a nice fairy tale.

Garret: Stick to your story as long as you want, but eventually, the dead always talk.

***ME's Office***

Lily: Two names on the list matched the initials on the medal.

Nigel: Aman Sidra, Abraham Sawa.

Lily: But facial scarification is most common among the Dinka tribe of southern Sudan. And that was Abraham Sawa's tribe.

Nigel: Right, so now all you gotta do is to track his lineage.

Lily: To find his 22-year-old great great great great grandson.

Nigel: Great work, Nancy Drew.

Lily: Whatever family Kenny has, they deserve to know what happened to him. (Door closes) Oh! How did it go with the prison guard?

Garret: He's playing hard to get, but that just makes me want him all the more.

Bug: Lily, Dr. Macy, you need to see this. (Hangs x-ray up) I was looking for broken bones, healed fractures, anything signaling abuse. You see that?

Garret: More like what don't I see. There are no ossification centers at either end of the clavicle. Lily, how old did you say Kenny was?

Lily: Twenty-two, according to his file. Why?

Bug: When we're born, our clavicle is pure cartilage. As we get older, we grow ossification centers that fuse into bones. This generally happens at age 17.

Garret: Which means Kenny couldn't have been 22. He probably wasn't even 17 yet.

Lily: He was just a kid.

Bug: Yeah, stuck in an adult prison.

Lily: How in the world did this happen?

Garret: Let's open him up and find out.

***Chadwick Towers West***

(Elevator bell chimes)

Jordan: Caliber seems to match the bullet holes in Perry's chest. I'll know for sure after an autopsy.

(Entering Perry's apartment)

Nigel: If someone offered me free rent, I wouldn't say no.

Jordan: Before you move in, let's see if it's our crime scene. Guy was quite the art collector.

Nigel: Lucky bastard even had TiVo.

Woody: Cleaning lady coulda been doing a better job.

Jordan: What, did you find something, Woody?

Woody: Broken piece of DVD. Musta gotten two thumbs down.

Nigel: Hm, I'll see if I can reconstruct some frames.

Jordan:  Hey, Woody, these look like drag marks to you?

Woody: Can't really tell in this light.

(Blinds start to go up)

Jordan:  Hey! There could be arterial spatter on those.

Gerloff: Oh, I'm sorry. I just thought--

Woody: Thank you, Mr. Gerloff, thank you. We got it from here, thanks.

Jordan: (Cell phone ringing) Cavanaugh.

Male voice: The snake is gone.

Jordan: Oh, I bet you're really getting off on this, aren't you? Leading us around by our noses.

Woody: Jordan, Jordan, is that our guy? Don't piss him off. Don't piss him off.

Male voice: You see the aboriginal painting, the alligator? A snake used to hang there.

Jordan: Oh, is, uh, is that why you killed Perry, for a lousy painting?

(Jordan signals to Woody to take the painting down. There is a bullet in the wall.)

Male voice: You find something?

Jordan: Yeah, you know we did. Since you're the one who put it there. (Jordan sees a guy who's looking right at her and talking on a cell phone in the adjacent tower who runs when he sees Jordan looking at him) Oh, you son of a bitch. (Jordan runs out)

Woody: Jordan!

***Chadwick Towers: East***

(Elevator bell chimes)

Jordan: It's got to be this one. Open up! I know you're in there!

Woody: Open up, Boston PD! Watch out, he could be armed.

Jordan: I'm with this crazy cop who you do not want to piss off, so if you know what's good for you, open the door.

(Door unlocks)

Woody: Hands, let me see your hands.

Jordan: (Phone beeping) Gotta love redial. (Cell phone ringing) Game over, pal.

Woody: I'm Detective Woody Hoyt, Boston PD. You already spoke with Jordan Cavanaugh. Now who the hell are you?

Louis: Louis Jeffries.

Jordan: Louis Jeffries, the artist?

Louis: You can put the gun away. I'm no killer.

Woody: You're about to get your 15 minutes down at the station, Andy Warhol.

Louis: I can't go.

Woody: I don't think it's really your call.

Louis: No--no, I can't! Look, I've killed no one.

Jordan: Then explain the cryptic phone calls.

Woody: You a peeping tom? Is that what's going on around here?

Louis: I'm an artist. I observe.

Woody: Observe. Peep. Same difference. You're still going in.

Jordan: Hey, you all right?

Louis: I'm having some trouble breathing.

Woody: Come on, Jordan, I've seen better acting in reality television.

Jordan: Woody, stop, he's hyperventilating.

Louis: I can't leave!

Jordan: Louis, Louis, you look at me. Look at me. Take deep breaths. Slow, nice and slow. Slow it down. It's okay. Nice and easy, slow and deep.

***Walking Outside***

Lily: Once I knew his real name, took me all of ten minutes to learn the rest. Kenier Sawa of Darfur, Sudan. His father died a political prisoner, his mother was raped and murdered in a military coup. And get this, Garret, he was only 15.

Garret: Well, who decided he was 22?

Lily: Immigrations and customs enforcement, a.k.a. Homeland Security. They used a dental exam with a three-year margin of error, or, in this case, seven years. You are the meatball grinder. I am the tofurkey burger.

Garret: Tofurkey?

Lily: Fake turkey. You want to try?

Garret: I'd rather eat sand. I'm halfway through Kenny's autopsy--

Lily: Kenier.

Garret: His liver was ruptured, most likely from a sharp blow to the abdomen. Another strike against our corrections officer.

Lily: You know what gets me? If Homeland Security had just placed Kenier in a juvenile facility, he'd probably still be alive. 

Garret: You're right, but there's nothing we can do about it now.

Lily: Oh, yeah? Watch me.

***Chadwick Towers: East***

Woody: Agoraphobia, what is that, like a fear of heights?

Jordan: It's a fear of going outside.

Woody: You freaked out because you didn't wanna leave your apartment?

Louis:  I haven't been outside in over two years.

Jordan: You still have a lot of explaining to do.

Louis: I saw something strange in Perry's apartment last night. I-it wasn't until I saw the news this morning that I realized that he'd been  murdered. I had to tell someone, but I didn't want to get involved.

Woody: You actually saw Perry murdered?

Louis: No, but I saw him arguing with this guy. And he was wearing a tuxedo also. Pretty soon after that, I saw Perry come out with what looked like, uh,  blood on his chest. And before I could tell for sure, h-he disappeared behind the blinds.

Woody: What time was this?

Louis: Uh, 11:30.

Jordan: How did you know about the gun in the dumpster?

Louis: You found the gun?

Woody: We found a gun.

Louis: I saw somebody messing around the dumpster about half an hour later. Looked like they were trying to bury something. It was weird.

Woody: Did you see who it was?

Louis: It was too dark.

Jordan: Would you be able to describe this tuxedo guy?

Louis: I can do you one better. (Hands sketch to Jordan)

Jordan: Wow, an original Louis Jeffries.

Louis: I hope it helps.

***ME's Office***

Lily: The first panic attack is usually triggered by some stressful event. Agoraphobes live in constant fear of that panic returning, of losing control.  It's a lot more common than people think, but since agoraphobes never leave the house...

Jordan: Out of sight, out of mind. Thanks, Lily.

Woody: Don't tell me you're buying into this whole Macaulay Culkin, "Home Alone" routine. Jeffries knows way too much about the victim, he's got some crock-pot alibi--

Jordan: I don't know if he killed Perry or not, but I saw the fear in his eyes during that attack, Woody. It was real.

Woody: Jordan, the guy is a freak show!

Jordan: Spoken like a man without any problems.

Woody: What are you talking about? I got problems.

Jordan: I didn't mean deciding what tie to wear this morning.

Woody: What's the matter with this tie?

Jordan: I'm just saying that maybe the rest of the world isn't quite as, uh, well-adjusted as you are.

Woody: All I'm saying is that all we have is Jeffries' word for it. And this drawing? I mean, come on, for all we know, tuxedo guy is just another figment of this guy's overactive imagination.

(Jordan pulls the newspaper off of a sleeping Nigel's face)

Nigel: I'm working, really. The DVD re-image is calibrating.

Jordan: Chill, Nige. (Looking in the paper, seeing a picture of a person resembling the sketch.) Still think he's a freak show?

***Mr. Saunders' Office***

Saunders: Who drew this?

Woody: You denying that it's you?

Saunders: No, it's a fine likeness. My compliments to the artist.

Woody: You're not denying that you were at Perry's apartment last night?

Saunders: Davis forgot his humanitarian award. I went by to drop it off.

Woody: Heard things got a little...heated?

Saunders: The award was a surprise, and Davis got upset that the evening became about him.

Woody: What time did you leave his apartment?

Saunders: Maybe 11:00? I remember talking to the security guard, saying good-bye as I left.

Nigel: Do you save the whales?

Woody: (under his breath) Nigel. (Cell phone ringing) Excuse me.

Nigel:  With your permission, Mr. Saunders, I'd like to get a DNA sample.

Saunders: If you must.

Nigel: Open sesame. Cheers.

Woody: Sorry about that. What can you tell us about this girl, right there?

Saunders: Nicole Wheeler, she was Davis' girlfriend. Beautiful, but a handful.

Woody: You know where we could find her?

Saunders: No. She was heading to Davis' last night as I was leaving.

Woody: Mr. Saunders, thank you very much for your time.

Saunders: Certainly.

Woody: That was Jordan on the phone. The blood found under Perry's fingernails was female.

Nigel: Beautiful but a handful, indeed.

***ME's Office***

Garret: I'll take care of it.

Hartwig: Thank you. (to Lily) Ms. Lebowski.

Garret: My office. Now. That's just the way I like to end my day, with a visit from Homeland Security telling me to leash my employee.

Lily: I had to do something, Garret.

Garret: What, by going over my head? The last thing I need in this morgue is another loose cannon.

Lily: Kenier shouldn't have been in that prison. He was a kid. Someone had to stand up for him, Garret, someone has to make sure that his life meant something.

Garret: Yeah, and we do that by doing our jobs. The police do their part, we do ours. We're gonna get the son of a bitch who killed this boy. But emotions creep in, and mistakes get made.

Lily: So I'm supposed to care, but not too much?

Garret: There's a way to do things. There are systems in place--

Lily: The system let Kenier down!

Garret: Every system has cracks, Lily. The sooner you accept that--

Lily: No, I can't. I won't.

Garret: Just do your job, Lily. Nothing more, nothing less.

Lily: Just like you, Dr. Macy?

***Chadwick Tower East: Apt. 901E***

(Knock on door)

Louis: (Beeping) Come in.

Jordan: You can't exactly pretend you're not home.

Louis: I've been expecting you.

Jordan: You have?

Louis: Yeah. We both have something in common. An inquisitive nature.

Jordan: Did you know you have the same floor plan as Perry? (Jordan goes over and looks through a telescope)

Louis: See, you are inquisitive.

Jordan: I have one of your prints in my apartment. They're a lot more colorful in person.

Louis: Like most things. Can I get you a drink?

Jordan: Oh, water's fine. I'm still on the clock.

Louis: Something tells me you're never off.

Jordan: You sure you didn't see anyone else in the apartment that night? A woman maybe?

Louis: No. Why? [Pouring drinks]

Jordan: We found female blood under Perry's fingernails.

Louis: That doesn't surprise me. Perry's bedroom should've had a revolving door on it. Don't worry, I'm no pervert. I never watched.

Jordan: Oh, I don't know, I might've. Look, I have to ask. What happened? I mean, you were the "it" guy of the new York art scene. Any artist would have cut off his left ear to have your life.

Louis: One minute I'm the cliched struggling artist, the next, somebody dubbed me the new basquiat. Cut to opening in Soho three years later... I'm watching these chardonnay-swilling experts rejecting me based on their own dislike of the color green, and I snapped. Couldn't breathe, my chest got tight, I felt dizzy.

Jordan: That must've been scary.

Louis: I thought I was dying. The next day, I moved back to Boston.

Jordan: Relocating to avoid your problems. I've been there.

Louis: Pretty soon, I just stopped going out, period. Now, somehow, this...fear has become my muse. While out there...

Jordan: At least out there, you don't have to face life alone.

Louis: That would require trust. Which leads me to ask... what are you really doing here?

Jordan: I need to know that you had nothing to do with Perry's murder

Louis: Well, trust me, Dr. Cavanaugh... I didn't.

Jordan: It's Jordan. And if I find out that you did...


Bug: I checked Kenier's eyes under the stereo microscope. His retinas were seriously deteriorated.

Garret: He was almost blind. There's no way that could have been caused by physical abuse.

Bug: No, but it does explain his bad attitude. I mean, poor kid not only couldn't communicate, he could barely see a foot in front of him.

Garret: He wasn't the only one not seeing clearly. It's a cross-section of Kenier's liver. Check it out.

Bug: Crescent-shaped blood cells? He had sickle-cell anemia. I mean, that explains everything: the leg ulcers, the swelling.

Garret: Benz didn't kill him, sickle cell did.

***ME's Office***

Woody: [Elevator bell chimes] I tried calling you last night.

Jordan: I went to see Louis Jeffries.

Woody: Without me?

Jordan: He's an eyewitness, Woody. He's not the bad guy. So why'd you call?

Woody: Perry's girlfriend's conveniently disappeared. I got an APB out on her. I presume Jeffries, being one of them there good-looking artsy-fartsy types, had nothing to do with your little house call last night.

Jordan: By the way, how is Devan?

Woody: Dr. Maguire? How should I know?

Nigel:  Woody! I finally finished those prints. Took me bloody forever, but you were spot on.

Woody: I knew it! I knew it!

Jordan: What?

Nigel: Guess whose fingerprints I found on a crystal vase in Perry's apartment?

Jordan: Jimmy Hoffa?

Nigel: Even better. Louis Jeffries, your alleged agoraphobe.

***Chadwick Tower East: Apt. 901E***

Louis: It's a mistake.

Woody: Forensics don't lie, right, Jordan?

Jordan: Louis, we matched prints from the drawing you gave us to ones found on a vase found in Perry's apartment.

Louis: A crystal vase?

Jordan: Yeah.

Louis: A couple of weeks ago, an airmail package got delivered here by accident. They got 901 west mixed up with 901 east. I opened it up and I saw the vase, then I knew it wasn't mine, so I called the courier to come pick it up.

Woody: And they'll have records showing this, right?

Louis: How should I know?

Woody: Now, what about this little qwinky-dink? A photo with you with Perry's missing girlfriend?

Jordan: You know Nicole Wheeler?

Louis: We dated, sort of. I broke it off months ago.

Jordan: Wow, you really had me going, Louis. Just a good samaritan tryin' to help out. Turns out you were covering for your ex.

Louis: Okay, yes, I did see Nicole there, at Perry's that night.

Jordan: You lied.

Louis: Only because I knew that she had nothing to do with this.

Woody: So you still have feelings for her.

Louis: No, I-- she was a groupie. When I stopped going out, she kept me company, ran errands. We hooked up for a little while, but... she became fixated on Perry. She'd watch him for hours. That's when I kicked her out.

Woody: Right, she's the crazy one.

Louis: I am not crazy! (breaks something)

Woody: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I think we just touched a nerve, Jordan.

Jordan: Yeah, must've been hard watching your ex get it on with another guy. If you were the jealous type, it might've pushed you right over the edge.

Woody: Or right out the front door, which is exactly where you're going.

Louis: No, no, I can't! You know I can't go!

Woody: Actually, the law says I can make you go.

Louis: No. You've got nothing on me! You arrest me, and I'll be back here in an hour.

Woody: Well, Jordan, I don't think he's a flight risk. But I'm still putting a uniform in the lobby. Let me tell you something. Perry's girlfriend shows up, you're gonna be trading this prison for a cold, damp one.

***ME's Office: Conference Room***

Detective: I leaned on Benz till he came clean. He said Kenny threw a fit, crying, screaming.

Bug: Sickle cell blocks the flow of blood through narrow vessels. It can be quite painful.

Detective: Benz roughed him up to quiet him down. Next thing he knew, Kenny went limp and stopped breathing. Benz panicked, faked the hanging.

Garret:  Okay, he didn't kill Kenny, but don't tell me you're letting him off the hook?

Detective: No, he's being charged with criminal misconduct for faking the suicide.

Bug: Kenier was really sick. How could nobody have noticed?

Lily: Nobody cared. Everybody was just doing their jobs, nothing more, nothing less.

Detective: Except for me. You're gonna love me for this.

Lily: Can't wait.

Detective: I found a note in Kenny's immigration file. It mentions a possible relative living here in Boston.

Lily: Is there a name, anything to go on?

Detective: No, nothing you could make heads nor tails of. Me, on the other hand... it's Asmina Chol. She lives over in Randolph. She's the kid's aunt.

Lily: Detective. You have restored my faith in humanity.

***Asmina Chol's Apartment***

Asmina: My people were a proud tribe. But after years of war, no more cattle, no more land, no more dignity. All Sudan offered kenier was death. In America, there was such hope.

Lily: Ms. Chol, Kenier didn't belong in that prison. I've contacted a lawyer who said that you have grounds for a negligence lawsuit against the prison and Homeland Security--

Asmina: But I'm not legal. I do that, they will send me back to Sudan. That's why I didn't come forward when he was arrested.

Bug: You knew Kenier was in Boston?

Asmina: I arranged for his trip. I live here with my cousin's family, and they said that Kenier and Malik could live with us.

Lily: Who's Malik?

Asmina: Kenier's younger brother.

Bug: Sickle cell anemia is genetic. It's very likely his brother has it too.

Lily: Is Malik here, can we talk to him?

Asmina: No. Your authorities have him as well.

***Autopsy: Davis Perry***

Garret: Heard the Perry case took a turn.

Jordan: Yeah, right off a cliff. We have Louis Jeffries' prints on the scene. His ex-girlfriend was Perry's current girlfriend, and his only alibi is that he was psychologically incapable of leaving his own apartment.

Garret: So what's the problem?

Jordan: My own bruised ego. I really bought this guy's act.

Garret: Well, swallowing pride never choked anyone, Jordan.

Jordan: Yeah, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I came back to the body hoping it would prove me right, but the trajectory of Perry's wounds only confirms that the shooter was Jeffries' height.

Nigel: Woody traced Nicole Wheeler to her mum's place in Vermont. They've extradited her to Boston. She's down at the station.

Jordan: It's about time.

Nigel: Um, Jordan... you know that DVD that we found down at Perry's place?

Jordan: Yeah.

Nigel: I was able to digitize a single frame. And, um... I think woody needs to see this. (He hands printout of picture to Jordan)

***ME's Office***

Garret: Hey.

Lily: Hey yourself.

Garret: Look, Lily--

Lily: If you're going to apologize, Garret, don't bother. You're right. I'm Don Quixote, chaser of windmills.

Garret: Don Quixote tried to bring order to a chaotic world. I consider that heroic.

Lily: Sure, except he failed and died a miserable death.

Garret: You want to tell me what's going on?

Lily: Kenier's 14-year-old brother is in prison too, but those androids at Homeland Security said that unless I have his original birth certificate or medical records proving that he has sickle cell, they can't do anything. He's stuck in the same screwed-up system that killed his brother and will probably kill him too. How's that for justice?

***Boston Precinct***

Jordan: Woody. Check out those scratches. Looks like we won't need a DNA test. So what's her story?

Woody: She broke up with Perry at the fundraiser after he admitted that he was cheating on her. When she went back to his place to gather some of her stuff, he was in the mood for one final hurrah. She was not, hence the scratches.

Jordan: He thought "no" meant "yes."

Woody: She got away. Claims that he was still alive when she left.

Jordan: Did you ask her about Jeffries?

Woody: Confirmed that they broke up three months ago. Actually, she dumped him. She got tired of his whole homebody routine, decided she was gonna trade up for somebody a little more extroverted.

Jordan: You mean, perverted. This is an image we've pulled off the DVD we found in Perry's apartment. Ask me, bastard got what he deserved.

Woody: You know, Jordan, you tell me I don't have any problems, but this... I've got a big problem with.

Nicole: What's that?

Woody: Kiddie porn, Nicole. I can't think of anything more depraved, can you?

Nicole: Why are you showing me this?

Woody: Because we found it in your boyfriend's apartment! You want to tell us what kind of sick and twisted world you two were playing in?

Nicole: No, I've never-- I'm gonna be sick!

Jordan: Get her to the bathroom. Just--just get her to the bath-- Woody, Woody, she didn't kill Perry.

Woody: How do you know?

Jordan: She can't be more than 5'5". The shooter was at least six feet tall.

Woody: Which brings us right back to the artist formerly known as freak show.

***Chadwick Tower West: Apt. 901W***

Gerloff: So are you, uh, any closer to finding the killer?

Jordan: Hard to tell. (Dialing. Phone ringing)

Louis: Hello?

Jordan: How does it feel being watched?

Louis: Look, I'm sorry that I lied to you about Nicole.

Jordan:  I'm over it.

Louis: Now who's lying?

Gerloff: Um, I'm gonna let you, uh...

Jordan: Okay. Why don't you, uh, walk me through what you saw that night?

Louis: Where do I start?

Jordan: Set the scene. Were the shades up or down?

Louis: Up.

Jordan: Now tell me about Randall Saunders.

Louis: I didn't see him arrive. He and Perry seemed deep into an argument. Perry looked drunk. I remember he bumped into the coffee table while trying to take off his cufflinks. Saunders seemed pissed. He made some final comment to Perry and then he left.

Jordan: When did Nicole arrive?

Louis: About ten minutes later. She let herself in with a keycard. She carried a duffel bag. She wasn't too happy to find Perry there. They argued. And it carried over into the library. That's when Perry snapped. He grabbed Nicole and started kissing her. Then the shades in the library closed.

Jordan: And you saw her leave?

Louis: A few minutes later. Perry followed her out, probably to make sure she was gone.

Jordan:  He looked okay, no blood?

Louis: Just a smug smile. He, uh, disappeared back into the library for about 20 minutes. That's when I saw the blood.

Jordan: And that's everything you saw.

Louis: Yes.

Jordan: We know that Perry was shot in the library, so how'd the killer get in here?

Louis: Maybe he was hiding in the closet.

Jordan: Not unless he was a French Bordeaux. We've got drag marks telling us that Perry was standing about here when he was shot. It also matches the bullet trajectory. There was no stippling around the wound. So we know that he wasn't shot at point blank range. There's also no gunpowder residue, so the shooter had to be standing at least, uh... (Bump) In the bookcase.

Louis: I have about four feet of clearance in my unit.

Jordan: But aren't the floor plans identical?

Louis: Maybe Perry had some custom bookcases put in.

Jordan: Louis, do you have air vents above yours?

Louis: Vents? No.

Jordan: I don't know what this is, uh... whoa. (Jordan opens up a hidden door in bookcase, revealing a room with a large number of videotapes.)

Louis: What?

Jordan: I found our snake. Along with Perry 's kiddie porn collection. (Static on phone) Louis? Louis, are you there? Louis, behind you! Louis!

(Gerloff enters Louis's apartment with a gun. Louis and Gerloff struggle. Gerloff shoots Louis. Gerloff then looks at Jordan and shows her a security card. Jordan goes to apartment door and tries to open it but it is locked. She hits the keypad and it says "System Locked: Code Required")

Gerloff: (Whistling as he enters Perry's apartment. Tries light switch, but lights don't come on.) You can make this easy or hard. It's gonna end the same either way.

(Jordan is hiding behind some furniture. She throws a CD away from her and Gerloff shoots at it. Once Gerloff has his back to Jordan, she comes up with a laser pointer, says "Gerloff", he turns around and she points the laser into his eyes. She then hits him on his chest, he fall over and they struggle. Gerloff gets up with the gun, but then Woody barges in , yells "Freeze!" Gerloff turns towards Woody and Woody shoots Gerloff down.)

Jordan: Woody!

Woody: Jordan, you okay?

Jordan: We gotta get to Louis. (Elevator bell chimes. They enter Louis's apartment.) Louis! Louis!

(Dialing phone number)

Woody: This is Detective Hoyt. I'm gonna need an ambulance at the Chadwick towers, unit 901 east.

Louis: No, I can't leave!

Jordan: No,  Louis, you need to go to a hospital..

Louis: No, I can't.

Jordan: Louis, look at me. Louis, look at me! You can. You can.

***Department of Homeland Security***

Garret:  Mr. Hartwig.

Hartwig: You people don't take "no" for an answer.

Garret: I know your job requires you to err on the side of caution, and I respect that. But if Malik Sawa has sickle cell anemia and doesn't receive the  proper medical treatment, you're gonna have another dead teenager on your hands. Dead bodies may be acceptable in my line of work, but I suspect they're a source of unwanted press in yours.

Hartwig: Is that a threat, doctor?

Garret: Only if you decide to take it that way. Look, here's the number of the judge handling Malik's immigration hearing. In the interest of national security, I suggest you have that kid released into his aunt's custody. Have a nice evening.

***Chadwick Tower West: Apt. 901W***

Jordan: Gerloff must've been standing in here when he shot Perry. That explains the discrepancy in distance.

Woody: We'll ask him when he gets out of surgery.

Jordan: Yeah, and when Louis does, we can both apologize.

Woody: I don't get it, Jordan. Gerloff was in the lobby when both Saunders and Nicole left. So how'd he get in here without being seen?

Jordan: Looks like this leads to another apartment. Perry wasn't just into child pornography.

Woody: He was making it. Jordan. Check out the return address.

***World United Charities***

Woody: Randall Saunders, I'm placing you under arrest as an accessory to the murder of Davis Perry as well as the manufacture and distribution of child pornography.

Saunders: I'd like to call my lawyer.

Woody: The department of justice is gonna be all over your ass. But you should feel very fortunate it's not going to be me.

***Walking in a park***

Jordan: So Perry, Gerloff, and Saunders were partners, but when Perry got too involved in the merchandise, he became a liability. How you doing?

Louis: Keep talking. It helps.

Jordan: Wow, people usually want me to shut up. Would you take it the wrong way if I told you I was actually glad you got shot?

Louis: Coming from you, somehow, no.

Jordan:  It's just that it, you know, got you out of your apartment, and you lived to tell about it.

Louis: Barely.

Jordan: Look, the first step's always the hardest. And you're already way past that. Next thing you know, you'll be traveling the world, painting exotic landscapes in faraway places.

Louis: Whoa. I, uh... I think the park will do just fine for right now.

Jordan: For now.

***Asmina Chol's Apartment***

(Looks as thought there's a celebration: lots of food and people)

Garret: Can't feel my legs.

Lily: (laughs) You did a great thing, Garret. Now that Malik's been classified a juvenile, he'll qualify for asylum status.

Garret: I was just following your lead, Donna Quixote.

Bug: Ya know, when it works... this is what coming to America is all about.

Asmina: I am so honored to have you here. Thank you for bringing Malik home to us.

Garret: We're sorry Kenier couldn't join him.

Asmina: Yes, but I know he is here, in spirit.

(Lily hands the medal to Malik)

Lily: I'm sure your brother would want you to have this.


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