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#403 : Retour vers le passé


Titre original : "Intruded

Un cadavre est retrouvé, qui relance une affaire datant de dix ans. Les autorités mettent un point d'honneur à résoudre cette enquête au plus vite. De son côté, Jordan est victime d'une agression à son domicile. Elle décide pourtant de ne pas parler de cet événement à ses collègues...


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Jordan & Woody

Jordan & Woody


Plus de détails


(Jordan and Woody are dancing)

Jordan: I gotta get home. I'm on call.

Woody: Yeah? So am I. Jordan, Jordan, you gotta relax, okay? You never go out. You're, like, one of the biggest losers I know. So just loosen up a little bit.

Jordan: You're right. I should.

***Jordan's Apartment***

(Standing outside Jordan's apartment)

(Woody goes to kiss Jordan)

Jordan: I'm sorry, Woody. You know, we tried this once before.

Woody: We have?

Jordan: Yeah, you know, that time in California.

Woody: Jordan, that was like a kiss I'd give my aunt.

Jordan: You French kiss your aunt?

Woody: It shouldn't take a man this long to get to first base, Jordan.

Jordan: I don't know, Woody. I'm really not into baseball analogies. They remind me of my dad, you know. And then I got him in my head. And that gets even really warped for me. So I—

Woody: You know what, I'm--I'm sorry. My bad.

Jordan: No. No. That's not—

Woody: No, really, I, uh, I did have a very good time. Thank you.

Jordan: Yeah, so did I.

Woody: See ya later.

Jordan: Goodnight, Woody.

(Woody leaves, Jordan enters apartment. She throws her keys on the desk, takes jacket off and throws down. She looks over at a tile wall, and then a hand appears holding a knife upright. Jordan looks terrified. Next shot, Jordan is sitting on the edge of the bed holding her left hand up and staring at it. Next scene shows intruder banging around and a knife in the air in a downward position. Next shot close-up of Jordan staring at her hand. There is blood running down her hand between thumb and index finger. Pan over to nightstand. The alarm clock reads 11:13 and the cordless phone is laying next to its base. Jordan places it back in the cradle and immediately it rings, which makes her jump a little. She is not wearing the same clothes she had on when she came home. Nightgown(?))

Jordan: (in a quiet voice) Hello.

Garret: Jordan, I got a fatality at a fire on the 600 block of Beachum. It's a storage facility. I need you to get down there.

Jordan: Now?

Garret: Yeah, now. You're on call, remember? (Jordan has a blank look on her face.)

Jordan: I'm sorry. Wh-wh-Who is this again?

Garret: It's Garret. Do I have to call somebody else? (Long pause) Jordan, is somethin' wrong?

Jordan: Yeah, I'll be there in 20 minutes. (She goes back to staring at her hand)

***Pokaski Storage***

(As Jordan is walking towards the body, she is having flashbacks of the intruder.)

Woody: Bet you wish you'd let me stay.

Jordan: What?

Woody: We could've driven over together.

Jordan: Oh, yeah.

Woody: The fire was contained in this unit right over here. Looks like arson. One body right near the entrance. No ID. The unit's used for overflow and evicted clients. Stuff from hundreds of people in there.

Jordan: (Looking at the body) He's so...

Bug: Burnt?

Jordan: Dead.

Bug: Yeah, Jordan, he's dead all right. But before you go feeling too sorry for him, check this out. Flip that switch for me. (Green light shines on dead person's hand.) Accelerants.

Woody: First rule of arson, plan your escape route.

Bug: Problem is, if he used accelerants, where's the gas can?

Woody: Let's go look for it. What happened to your hand?

Jordan: This? (Jordan holds up a bandaged hand.)

Woody: Yeah, that.

Jordan: I cut it.

Woody: Must've hurt pretty bad.

Jordan: Yeah, I'm sure it did.

Woody: Let me move some of this stuff. (As he goes to move a large drum, the lid comes off)

Jordan: Woody. Woody. (Close-up of arm and hand, which is some flesh but mostly bone, sticking out of the drum.)

Woody: Isn't that getting weird enough for you yet?

{Crossing Jordan Intro}

***Trace: Warehouse Drum Remains***

(Jordan is running her fingers along the edge of the scissors and staring at them. She is having flashbacks of a struggle with the intruder.)

(There is a skeleton laying on the table.)

Garret: Someone had a busy night.

Jordan: I'm sorry, did you say something?

Garret: Bug told me you did the initial autopsy on the arson and now this. What, it must've taken you three hours to assemble him like that.

Jordan: Her. And it took me four. It's a woman. Not just any woman, Julie Harrison.

Garret: You're kidding.

Jordan: No, I matched the dental records.

Woody: I'm sorry. Who?

Garret: Julie Harrison went missing back in '94. It was a big story here in Boston. Jordan found hair and fiber samples on her husband. They convicted him on circumstantial evidence. The body was never found. I, on the other hand, never thought they had much of a case.

Jordan: Well, you may think so now. I found dried semen on what's left of her underpants.

Garret: Hey, Jordan. Listen, are you gonna be okay with all this?

Jordan: With what?

Garret: You and I nearly came to blows on this case first time around.

Jordan: Come on, Garret, I'm fine. Are you?

Garret: I'm fine.

Jordan: Really?

***Hallway of ME Office***

Woody: Jordan, you mad at me?

Jordan: Me? No. No, of course not.

Woody: How come you're not lookin' at me? Listen, Jordan. I think you're being pretty tenth grade about this. I made a move on you last night and I'm really sorry about that, so you can stop acting weird now.

Jordan: I'm not acting weird. I've got a lot of things on my mind, that's all.

Woody: Like what?

Jordan: Did you happen to notice if I used my key to get into my apartment last night?

Woody: I don't know. How else would you get in?

Jordan: Never mind. Hey, let's go out again tonight, okay? I mean, I had such a great time last night. What do you say?

Woody: I'm sorry, Jordan. I got all these reports. And I gotta-

Jordan: Okay. Your loss. But if you change your mind...

***Autopsy: John Doe***

Bug: When I retracted the tissue here from the trachea, I noticed it was completely clear. And so were the bronchi.

Woody: Meaning what?

Garret: Meaning he wasn't breathing during the fire. There would've been soot, evidence of smoke and heat in the tissue.

Woody: So you're saying he was dead before the fire started?

Bug: That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Garret: Then how did he die?

Bug: Take a look at this.

Garret: Hemorrhaging in the left ventricle.

Bug: Atherosclerosis of the coronaries. He had a massive M.I.

Garret: Dropped dead of a heart attack while he was setting the fire.

Woody: We don't know if he started the fire. We never found a gas can.

Bug: The accelerants on his hands wasn't gas. It was gelled ethanol. The stuff that comes in the little cans for cooking. I mean, not that you can't start a fire with it, but plain old gasoline is easier, cheaper...

(Cell phone rings) And it leaves fewer traces.

Garret: So if he wasn't the arsonist, what was he doing there?

Bug: I don't know. He might've been cooking something.

Woody: This is Hoyt. Yeah. Okay. We'll be right there. That was the D.A.'S office. Renee Walcott wants to see us.

***City Hall***

Walcott: Her husband must've set the fire.

Garret: What are you talking about? Daniel Harrison's in prison. He got 30 years to life for the murder.

Walcott: Just got out.

Woody: Already? How?

Walcott: Remember the daughter? Sweet little 16-year-old kid? Well, now she's 26 years old and put herself through law school with the sole purpose of appealing her father's conviction.

Garret: She succeeded.

Walcott: Two weeks ago on a technicality. Now, suddenly, his wife's body, missing for ten years, just happens to turn up in a mysterious fire.

Woody: Maybe Daniel Harrison was the crispy critter we found at the scene.

Walcott: No such luck. I had a unit check his place. He had breakfast with his daughter at 8:15. You're gonna have to pin this murder on him forensically, Garret.

***ME Office***

(Jordan is using a Xerox machine. She is again having flashbacks of a struggle with the intruder and him holding the knife to her throat.)

Lily: Jordan. (Jordan turns around hold holds a pencil up near her head as if she is going to stab Lily.) Was it something I said?

Jordan: I'm sorry. I-- you just startled me.

Lily: Yeah, I guess I did.

Jordan: Wow, that would've hurt, huh?

Lily: Mm. Little jumpy today?

Jordan: Yeah, I was up all night on this case.

Lily: Uh, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. There's a Clarissa Harrison in the conference room. She's Julie Harrison's—

Jordan: Daughter. Yeah, I know. I met her a while ago.

Lily: Well, Dr. Macy suggested that you might like to join us.

Jordan: Sure. Just let me get this report together.

Garret: Miss Harrison, this is Dr. Cavanaugh. She's been assigned to the case.

Clarissa: Yes, I remember you.

Jordan: I remember you as well.

Clarissa: Your testimony put my father away.

Lily: Uh, maybe we should stick to the issue of your mother's remains.

Jordan: Yeah, that's okay, Lily. I'm very sorry. That must've been devastating for you.

Clarissa: The D.A. intends to press charges against my father again. Now that my mother's body's been found, I was hoping this office might find some evidence to prove who actually committed the murder.

Jordan: I can assure you we'll do everything we can to get to the truth.

Clarissa: Thank you. My father spent ten years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. I spent ten years without a father.

Jordan: (Choked up) Ten years without a father... or a mother. I'm sorry, I think I have something in my contact right now. Yeah. There, that's better. I'm sorry, where were we?

Garret: Maybe we should all sit down.

***Lab: Julie Harrison Case***

Sidney: I am sooo good. Damn! I'm good. Are you really gonna make me beg for it?

Bug: All right, now look. You may like this little game that we play every day. But make no mistake. There's a pecking order here. And a limit to my patience.

Sidney: Come on, man. Give the brother some love.

Bug: Okay, fine. What scientific brilliance have you wrought today?

Sidney: Reconstituted a ten year old semen sample from the Harrison case. Ought to be worth two days paid leave on the witness stand.

Bug: (sarcastically) Oh, damn, you are so good.

Lily: Is it me or is something seriously wrong with Jordan?

Bug: Well, now there's a loaded question.

Lily: She almost stabbed me with a pen. I'm worried. Prolonged exposure to death and violence has got to have a cumulative effect.

Bug: Look. Like the changing seasons, so is Jordan's moods. I mean, she'll snap out of it. She always does.

Lily: Yeah. Maybe.

***Jordan's Office***

(Jordan is staring at her house key.)

Garret: It's thorough. I'll give you that.

Jordan: Hey, Garret. I was thinking about just going out for a little nightcap. Care to join me?

Garret: No thanks.

Jordan: Too bad. I have got so much energy.

Garret: Yeah, I can tell. Read your autopsy report. 12 pages to tell us she was hit in the back of the head with an unidentifiable object.

Jordan: Yeah, I guess I decided to take a little more time with some of the details.

Garret: Tends to happen when you don't sleep.

Jordan: You know, that shirt is the perfect color for you. A nice dark blue—

Garret: This case is still too close for you, Jordan. I'm pulling you off of it.

Jordan: What are you talking about? I'm fine.

Garret: Are you?

Jordan: Yes. It was ten years ago. And if I recall correctly, I wasn't the one who lost my cool on the witness stand.

Garret: I felt he was being railroaded. I have a right to get emotional sometimes. Okay, so it pushed both our buttons. I'm still taking you off the case. I'll take it from here.

Jordan: Right, because you can be so objective.

Garret: Go home, Jordan, get some sleep.

Jordan: I don't want to go home.

Garret: It's not a suggestion.

***Jordan's Car***

(Jordan is sleeping, having dreams about the struggle with the intruder. Her cell phone rings)

Jordan: Hey, Woody. No, uh, I've been home all night. Mm-hmm. (Car horn in background.) Yeah, uh-huh, I'm off the case. (Knock on her car window.)

Stiles: Jordan.

Jordan: Yeah, someone's at my front door. M-kay. Bye.

Stiles: Jordan.

Jordan: Jeez, Howard, what the hell are you doing here?

Stiles: I was just about to ask you the same thing.

Jordan: I fell asleep. It's a long story.

Stiles: Well, my breakfast got canceled. And after all, you are overdue for your annual psych evaluation.

Jordan: Not that several hours of tortured self-examination doesn't sound invigorating, but I really have someplace else I gotta be.

Stiles: I can be persistent, you know, in a bureaucratic kinda way.

Jordan: Yeah, and I can be impossible to find.

***Pokaski Storage***

Woody: I feel like I'm tracking her comings and goings, but I mean, come on, Dr. Macy, she's on the case, she's off the case. I'm just saying.

Garret: It's complicated. You know, truth is we disagreed about the case ten years ago. Mother's killed. Father's a suspect. There's a daughter involved. You do the math. Woody. What do you make of this? (Shines flashlight on a photograph of two people standing together at the beach.)

Woody: Why is it taped to the wall?

Garret: And why is it so close to the floor? (Slides panel back)

Woody: This thing could be the last thing he looked at before he went to sleep at night. Gelled ethanol. It was just some homeless guy.

Garret: No. This was his home.

Woody: I got the stove.

Garret: So he lit the can of ethanol, had a heart attack, and dropped it.

Woody: Rolled under some furniture. The fire started. He tried to drag himself to the entrance and died.

(Objects falling, person is running away. Garret and Woody follow him.)

Woody: Hey! Freeze! Police! I said freeze! Come here! Come here! Where do you think you're going? Hands behind your head.

Daniel: Don't shoot.

Woody: Hey, man, why do you look familiar?

Garret: That's Daniel Harrison.

***Boston Police Precinct***

Daniel: I know how it looks, but I didn't do anything. I swear.

Woody: How come you ran?

Daniel: Look, I did time for this crime. The D.A.'s got a vendetta against me. I know I shouldn't have been snooping around. But I'd sat in that prison for ten years. I loved my wife! I had to find out for myself. Tell him, Dr. Macy. You know I was innocent.

Garret: We found traces of semen on your wife's clothing. Why don't you do us a favor? There's a bathroom down at the end of the hall.

Woody: You go down there, think some happy thoughts, give us a sample, and we'll see if you match.

Daniel: That's easier said then done. I had prostate surgery in 1991. It was removed. I don't produce semen.

***ME's Office***

Clarissa: Dr. Macy.

Garret: Miss Harrison.

Clarissa: I spent years fighting to get my father out of prison. I put myself through law school just to help him. And I thought it was finally over when they let him out of that cell. But it's not. The D.A.'s not going to leave him alone. I always felt you were a fair man. I remember thinking that ten years ago. I can't do this anymore. I'd like you to have these. It's all the research on the case. Everything there is. I know you believe my father was innocent. If you're really interested in proving it... look inside the boxes.

***Jordan's Apartment***

Woody: (Knock at door) Come on, Jordan. Open up. It's me.

Jordan: I can’t. I'm busy.

Woody: Jordan, come on. I heard you're off the Harrison case and nobody will tell me why, so please just let me in.

Jordan: Go away.

Woody: Listen, if this is about the other night, I already-- (Jordan opens the door.) They had a clearance sale at your local spy shop?

Jordan: Hand me one of those j-lifts, please.

Woody: What the hell happened here, Jordan?

Jordan: Isn't it obvious? I was robbed.

Woody: You all right? When?

Jordan: I'm fine. It was, uh, I was at work. I don't know what happened.

Woody: What'd they get?

Jordan: I don't know. I can't find anything missing. But I'm telling you, I am gonna get this sucker. He picked the wrong girl to mess with. I mean, come on. You got to admit it. Of all the apartments in Boston to break into. Oh, baby, this guy is dead meat.

Woody: Well, at least you're having fun with it.

Jordan: This place is a treasure trove of forensic evidence. He left a whole bunch of prints. I just need you to run these for me. I can't really do this at work.

Woody: Why not? You know, Jordan, maybe I should call CSU unit over here. They could probably pick up a few things—

Jordan: Take a look around this place, man. I got about a gazillion dollars worth of gadgets here. Some of them, I don't even know what they do. Does it look like I need a CSU unit? I just need you to run those prints, that's all. Please?

***Garret's Office***

(He is looking over the Harrison Case File. He finds some surveillance photographs, one of which has a man's picture on it.)

***City Hall***

(Walcott is looking at the picture.)

Garret: Daniel Harrison wasn't the semen donor.

Walcott: So? It just gives him a motive. He killed his wife in a jealous rage because he found her with another man.

Garret: Or the other man is the killer. See, forensically, we can prove she was with somebody else that night. I think it might've been him.

Walcott: This guy's got nothing to do with it.

Garret: You knew about this picture?

Walcott: An eyewitness saw a man in a Ford Tempo enter the Harrison's brownstone that night. Daniel Harrison drove a Mercedes.

Garret: Then who's this guy?

Walcott: Just some schmuck getting money out of an ATM machine. It's got nothing to do with it. The picture is of the car behind him taken by a security camera at an ATM machine across the street.

Garret: Well, if you knew about this ten years ago, where did it lead you?

Walcott: Nowhere. We couldn't get a license plate off the photo. Besides, we had a forensic case against Daniel Harrison.

Garret: You kept this from the jury?

Walcott: It was a dead end. I mean, why muddy the waters with all—

Garret: The truth?

Walcott: Oh, don't get self-righteous, Garret. It's your least attractive quality. You've never really gotten over this, have you? You were wrong then, you're wrong now. Daniel Harrison killed his wife. End of story.

Garret: Maybe. Maybe not.

***Jordan's Apartment***

Jordan: (Knocks at door. Jordan grabs her gun that was sitting on the counter as she goes to answer it.) What, are you stalking me?

Stiles: Well, not that I'm above that sort of thing. (He sees the gun.) Must make a note to wear my flak jacket next time I visit you.

Jordan: Macy sicced you on me, didn't he? I was obsessing about an old case, that's all.

Stiles: Well, for the sake of argument, let's say he did. I think he might've been wrong about what's bothering you. Do you want to talk about it?

Jordan: No, I'd rather use my time doing what I do best.

Stiles: What is that?

Jordan: Relying on good old-fashioned forensic science to catch the creep who broke into my apartment.

Stiles: Taking back your power. That's a step in the right direction.

Jordan: Well, you know me. I'm all about the mental health.

Stiles: Mmm. (Laughs) So... how did he get in here? (No response from Jordan.) Jordan. How did he get in here?

Jordan: I think I left the door unlocked.

Stiles: Did you? Did he take anything?

Jordan: That's just it. I can't find anything missing. That's exactly what I'm-- (She finds a small jewelry case.)

Stiles: What? What is it? What was in that?

Jordan: It was a locket. It belonged to my mother.

Stiles: Your mother.

Jordan: It's the only thing he took. (Jordan goes to door.)

Stiles: Jordan!

Jordan: Lock the door on your way out.

***Boston Police Precinct***

Jordan: Well?

Woody: Well what?

Jordan: The print. Did you find anything?

Woody: Nothing.

Jordan: What do you mean nothing? Did you run it through NCIC, military—

Woody: Yes, yes, and yes. No matches on the print. But we did get a match on the M.O. 17 other burglaries within two miles of your apartment.

Jordan: No, that's impossible.

Woody: Jordan, it was a random event, okay? The guy never strikes twice. He's not coming back. I promise.

Jordan: It wasn't random, Woody. It was about my mother.

Woody: Your mother?

Jordan: He stole a gold locket that belonged to her.

Woody: Coincidence, Jordan. Just a coincidence.

Jordan: No, it isn’t. Guy breaks into my place. He takes one thing and it just happens to be something of my mother's? And it wasn't just any locket. She was wearing it when she died. I took it from the funeral home two days later when no one was looking. Put it in a box. I haven't touched it since.

Woody: What was in the locket?

Jordan: I don't know. I never opened it.

Woody: No, no, Jordan. You're making way too big a deal out of this, okay? We'll catch this guy when he breaks into another apartment.

Jordan: (shouting) He's not going to break into somebody else's place! That is the point!

Woody: Jordan. You have to calm down, okay? Try some chamomile. Switch to decaf. In the meantime, I'm heading back to the morgue. So if you need a lift... Thanks for stopping by.

***Forensic Evidence Lab***

Bug: I created an algorithm to recover the missing pixels within a blur width of 20.

Garret: Of course you did.

Bug: You mock me. But deep down, I know that you love me. In a platonic kind of way. I mean, it's all right. I'm a self-actualized man.

Garret: You're about to become an unemployed man.

Bug: Very well. Moving on. Zoom in. Quadrant four.

Woody: We traced every unit in the storage facility. Went back 15 years. One was rented to a dummy corporation and guess whose credit card number came up?

Garret: Daniel Harrison.

Woody: Not lookin' so innocent anymore is he, Dr. Macy?

Garret: See, the problem is, without hard proof that he actually stashed his dead wife there, it's just circumstantial. So we still have to find the other man.

Bug: You see, the problem was, when they tried this ten years ago, they were going for the license plate. From this angle, it's impossible. But this is a rental car. Rental cars used to have bumper stickers for identification. Zoom in, tile 14. Voila.

Woody: This photo was taken June 6, 1994. So-

Garret: So if the rental company can tell us who was driving this exact car, we've got our guy.

Woody: I'm gonna need a land line.

Garret: Use my office. Bug, genius is an over-used word. But in your case...

Bug: In my case what? What?

***Trace Evidence***

Garret: Hey. What are you looking for?

Jordan: Uh, fibers, hairs. Doesn't matter 'cause, uh, there's nothin' here.

Garret: Those are your clothes, aren't they? You didn't come back to me when I kicked you off the Harrison case-- not even in a passive-aggressive way. What's goin' on?

Jordan: I'd like to think I have the ability to take care of myself when things get confusing.

Garret: Not sure what you mean by that.

Jordan: My second year in med school, I did a rotation in pediatric oncology. And they warned us not to get too attached to the kids, but it was Christmas Eve. And there was this one five-year-old boy. And he still had this patch of red hair on his forehead. Well, around 10:00 P.M. he went code blue. I watched him die. And I just snapped. I left the hospital and just started walking. And I ended up at this Catholic Church just as midnight mass was starting. It was packed with people. I had this sudden urge to go inside and pray, which is really crazy because I'm a terrible Catholic. But I got inside this long line. And just as I was about to get in, they closed the doors. Said the church was full.

Garret: So that's the moral of the story? Locked out by God? Sort of a metaphor for your life?

Jordan: No. I stood there in the cold. And just as I was about to give up, the doors opened. They had found one more seat. So I went inside and I prayed and I cried and held hands with perfect strangers. I mean, I felt so cleansed. So healed. Then I went home and got drunk. And the next day, I dropped out of school. You did the right thing kicking me off the case. But you didn't have to call Stiles on me.

Garret: What are you talking about? I didn't call Stiles.

***Lily's Office***

Jordan: Where the hell do you get off calling the state shrink on me?

Lily: I'm sorry. I was worried about you.

Jordan: You think I'm crazy, don't you?

Lily: I think that there's something going on that you're not telling anyone about.

Jordan: Sure, 'cause you're just such a genius, you just figured it out, huh? You know what it's like having everyone stare at you? I come to work every day because I have to. Because if I didn't, I wouldn't know where else to go. And you think it doesn't hurt to know what you guys all say about me? Screw you all! You know, you can all just go to... I think I should, uh, I should stop now. (Lily gives Jordan a hug.)

Lily: You are surrounded by so many people who love you. All you have to do is ask. It's okay to ask.

***Monroe Residence***

Garret: Shouldn't we call for backup?

Woody: What for? The guy isn't dangerous.

Garret: He might be a killer.

Woody: Clifford Monroe owns a stationary store in Weston. Got no record. The guy's a model citizen.

Garret: He's still the other man.

Woody: All due respect, Dr. Macy, but for all we know, the only thing this guy's guilty of is screwing Julie Harrison.

Garret: A woman whose disappearance was all over the news for the next three months. Where was he then if he's so innocent?

Woody: You realize by doing this, we're probably ruining this poor bastard's life. Hi. Is Clifford Monroe home?

Young Girl: Just a second. Dad, someone's here to see you.

Clifford: Hello. Can I help you?

Woody: Clifford Monroe?

Clifford: Uh-huh.

Woody: Detective Woody Hoyt, Boston PD. This is Dr. Garret Macy, the medical examiner's office. You rented a Ford Tempo on June 4th, 1994 because your car was in the shop.

Clifford: Okay. If you say so. What's this about?

Woody: The murder of Julie Harrison.

Clifford: Please. Please, I have a family.

Wife: Honey, what is it?

***Stile's House***

(Knock at door)

Jordan: I'm-I'm ready to talk. He was just standing there staring at me.

Stiles: And what did he look like?

Jordan: I don't know. He, uh... he was wearing a ski mask. (Flashback) Then out of nowhere, he was on me.

Stiles: What happened then?

Jordan: He made me take off my clothes.

Stiles: And did he, um—

Jordan: Rape me? No. No, thank god. But I didn't fight back. (Flashback) I just stood there while he tore apart my place. Why didn't I fight back? I-I'll never forgive myself for that.

Stiles: But, uh, the cut on your hand. How did that happen?

Jordan: I just felt so... powerless. (choked up) I always promised myself I would never feel that way again.

Stiles: And when was the time you did feel that way?

Jordan: The day that I came home and found my mother dead on the dining room floor.

Stiles: So that's why you think you left the door open.

Jordan: I did leave the door open. I must've.

Stiles: Well...single girl living in a big city. You're smarter than that. I closed the door on my way out today like you asked. It locks automatically. You dusted for prints everywhere but on the door knob. Why?

Jordan: What, are you saying that I'm making this all up? That it's all in my head?

Stiles: Well, maybe you needed to think you left the door open to feel powerless again.

Jordan: Why the hell would I do that?

Stiles: To blame yourself for what actually was just a random event.

Jordan: It wasn't random.

Stiles: Really?

Jordan: (shouting) The guy took my mother's locket. It has to mean something.

Stiles: How old are you now?

Jordan: What the hell does that have to do with anything?

Stiles: Think about it. How old are you now?

Jordan: I'm the same age that my mother was when she died.

Stiles: Well, that's interesting, isn't it? I mean, Jordan, how is the dating coming? Are you planning to get into a relationship any time soon? Have children? Do you even think about that? So the cut on your hand... how did that happen?

Jordan: I, uh... (Flashback) I fought back. He ran away. I wasn't afraid to die.

Stiles: I mean, for the last 24 years, you've been hiding in a locked room. You wanna leave a door open? Leave it open to let yourself out. Well, you know, you are not your mother. Your fate is not her fate. It wasn't your fault. Things just happen.


Clifford: Oh, god. I am so dead. I am so dead.

Woody: Calm down, Mr. Monroe. Let's just take it slow.

Clifford: I never laid a finger on Julie Harrison.

Woody: My guess is you were laying a lot more than your finger on her.

Clifford: What do you want me to say? She-she was tired of her husband. She wanted out.

Woody: Okay. It's the night of June 6, 1994. Your car is parked outside of Harrison's brownstone. Why don't you tell us what happened?

Clifford: Okay, okay, I got, uh, I got there at around 7:00. And we were in her bedroom, you know.

Woody: No, I don't know.

Clifford: We were in her BEDroom.

Woody: And it got a little rough and you killed her.

Clifford: No! No. We-- we were just having sex.

Woody: Okay. Okay. That's when Daniel Harrison walked in.

Clifford: No!

Woody: But he walked in on you, didn't he?

Clifford: Her husband didn't walk in on us. It was the daughter.

***Outside Harrison's House***

Woody: Takin' a little family vacation?

Daniel: No charges have been brought against me. I'm free to go wherever I want.

Woody: We found your wife's boyfriend.

Garret: He told us everything... just like you wanted him to.

Daniel: What's he talking about?

Woody: He's talking about you coming home that night to discover your daughter had murdered your wife in a fit of anger. You said you were gonna take care of everything though, didn't you? You were gonna dump the body, cover everything up.

Garret: But there was circumstantial evidence enough to convict. So again you thought you'd take care of everything. Pay the price. Do the time, right?

Woody: You had already lost your wife. You were not about to lose your daughter.

Daniel: Clarissa.

Clarissa: For ten years I tried to keep my guilt away. Focused everything on getting you out of prison. Thought that would get rid of it. But it didn’t. It didn't go away. Then the fire out of nowhere like some kind of sign. I couldn't live with myself. I had to tell someone. I'm sorry, dad. I'm sorry.

***ME's Office***

Jordan: Hi.

Garret: Hi.

Jordan: I came back here to make some apologies, but I guess everyone's gone home for the night.

Garret: They'll be here tomorrow. They always are.

Jordan: Yeah, I know. I like that.

Garret: You know, this job, Jordan. This-this place. In the grand scheme of things, it's not everything. But we're the next best thing to a family. I hope you know that.

Jordan: I do. I do.

***Jordan's Apartment***

(Woody is holding a gold locket.)

Jordan: Oh my god. Where did you find it?

Woody: Pawnshop at Southie flagged it. It was fenced with 200 other items. Guy paid $32 for it. So it was a random burglary after all.

Jordan: I know.

Woody: Come on. Guy tried to jimmy it open. I'm sorry to tell you, I looked inside. I was curious. Go on. Open it.

Jordan: No, that's all right. I don't need to.

Woody: Come on, open it up. (She opens it.) You were cute.

Jordan: Yeah, I was, huh? Thank you, Woody. I know I've been, you know, a little cuckoo lately.

Woody: It's okay. I'm used to it. What?

Jordan: Nothing. I just thought maybe you'd like to come in.

Woody: I think I am in.

Jordan: I mean, you know, would you like to stay in for a while?

Woody: Jordan... I think we should take things slow.

Jordan: Fair enough.

Woody: It's not to say that we can't, as the kids say, hook up every now and then.

Jordan: In your dreams. (They hug.)


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