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#406 : Mauvaise lune


Titre original : "Blue Moon

Un serial killer terrorise Boston. Jordan apprend qu'en 1995, lorsqu'elle a quitté la ville pour aller vivre à Los Angeles, l'homme, qui sévissait déjà, avait recommencé à tuer après un temps d'interruption. Woody et Santana interrogent un premier suspect. Mais Jordan et Garret, qui ont autopsié la dernière victime du criminel, craignent qu'il n'ait changé de mode opératoire. La traque risque d'être longue. A la morgue et chez les policiers, la tension monte...


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***ME Office***

Garret: (Elevator bell dings) Well, that's it, heat's out in the entire building.

Lily: Oh, great. Coldest night of the year.

Jordan: I don't get it. Two days ago, it was sixty degrees. What's next, plagues?

Garret: Anyone know what time it is? Fifteen hundred bucks for this piece of--

Jordan: Six, same as the temperature.

Lily: I'm getting my coat.

Garret: What, are you leaving?

Lily: Leaving? When any normal human would be in bed under the covers? Perish the thought.

Garret: A simple "no" would have sufficed.

Lily: No!

Garret: What's she so cranky about?

Jordan: Can't imagine. Only took me a half an hour to thaw my car out to get to this iceberg.

Nigel: Just the tip of the iceberg, I'm afraid.

Garret: There any space heaters down in storage, Nigel?

Nigel: I'll have a look.

Jordan: Tip of what iceberg?

Nigel: It's the freakish weather, luv. It's in the stars. See, not only is Mercury in retrograde, but it's a blue moon out there. It's the second full moon in the same month. Happens about once every two to three years. And the chances of it happening while Mercury is in retrograde?

Garret: Heaters, Nigel.

Nigel: Let's just say we should all be prepared for a very interesting evening.

Garret: If only we could harness that hot air.

Jordan: Or we could just set his desk on fire.

Guy: (Door opens) Here.

Garret: Help Nigel with the heaters, will ya?

Guy: You got it, Dr. Macy.

Jordan: Who was that?

Garret: No idea.

Woody: Jordan, Dr. Macy, I need you guys!

Jordan: What is it, Woody?

Woody: I'm looking for a male, mid-fifties, head shaved nearly bald, deep cut in his upper arm. Landed here in the last 24 hours.

Garret: Head shaved, deep cut? Wait a minute, Leviathan, he started again?

Jordan: Who? What are you guys talking about?

Garret: Leviathan.

Woody: He's a serial killer.

Garret: He started killing after you left Boston back in '95.

Woody: The police would get a letter announcing his kill, then the next day, we'd find his victim. And why is it so freezing in here?

Garret: I thought he'd stopped.

Woody: Yeah, so did we, for nearly four years, then this morning that letter arrives.

Jordan: (reading letter) "Another wicked soul now cleansed of sin awaits your discovery."

Woody: But I really think we got our guy this time. The boss wants me to keep this on the super d-l until we can confirm it.

Garret: Who's your suspect?

Woody: His name is Kimball. Undercover in narcotics scooped him up out in Roxbury trying to score. Got a match on his prints to a partial lifted nine years ago off one of the first victims.

Garret: Is he talking?

Woody: No. He doesn't even know he's a suspect yet. He's got a super-clean record, totally below the radar. He's cooling his jets off back at the precinct.

Garret: So you can't hold him for very long.

Woody: No, not without new evidence. That's why I'm hoping if you guys have a body here, you can give me something forensically to help trip him up.

Jordan: Hey, guys.

Garret: Brady Fisher. He came in this morning.

Woody: Whatever clues he'll give us.

Jordan: Looks like he's full of them. You got it, Woody.

Garret: We'll call you. Go.

Jordan: What was it Nigel was saying about this being an interesting evening?

{Crossing Jordan Intro}

***Trace: Brady Fisher***

Jordan: Guy's built like a linebacker. Missing persons says he coached football. So how does one Leviathan take down a guy like this?

Garret: There's no defensive wounds, he wasn't knocked unconscious. Top of his head's been shaved, but no sign of bruising.

Jordan: You think the gift shop sells mittens?

Garret: Thought you were done complaining.

Jordan: Soon as I'm done freezing.

Garret: This pattern's been cut and re-cut into his skin. Not allowed to heal.

Jordan: There's nothing on his clothes. Leviathan knows what he's doing.

Garret: Petechial hemorrhaging in the eyes consistent with strangulation. Ligature marks on the wrists and ankles.

Jordan: This adhesive around the mouth. Some kind of tube was stuck down him and taped off. There's bruising and hemorrhaging in his esophagus.

Nigel: I feel like Santa’s helper. Here's the autopsy results from his last eight victims. And trust me, "cold storage" is not a misnomer.

Guy: Excuse me, Dr. Macy. Detective Seely's here to see you. Says it's urgent.

Garret: Get Bug to help him.

Guy: Thought this might help.

Jordan: I'm sure that'll warm the cockles of my heart.

Nigel: Who was that?

***Police Precinct: Leviathan Case***

Kimball: Look, I'm sorry that I was rude before.

Santana: You're about to learn the meaning of rude.

Woody: Excuse me. Are you Santana?

Santana: Detective Santana, narcotics.

Woody: Detective Woody Hoyt, homicide.

Kimball: Homicide? What's going on?

Woody: Uh, just one second, sir. Detective Santana, right? I'll be taking this case over from now on.

Santana: Excuse me? The case. It's mine. You are not taking my collar.

Kimball: Look, I was not buying drugs. It was an illegal u-turn. Just write me a ticket and I'll pay the fine. And these cuffs, are they really necessary?

Woody: No, not at all, sir. Let me get those for you, sir.

Santana: What are you doing?

Woody: As I said before, I'm taking over.

Santana: The hell you are. Sit down and don't touch anything. Alright, we seem to be having a little problem here.

Woody: Yeah, the problem here is, me homicide, you narcotics.

Santana: And he, my collar, Tarzan.

Woody: I don't think you have any idea who you have in there.

Santana: Actually, Detective, I know exactly who he is.

Woody: I see your game. You're trying to make a move.

Santana: Hey, it's the American way. Can't blame a girl for getting her slice of the pie. You don't have a problem with that, do you?

Woody: Actually, I do. 'Cause it's my case.

Santana: I have been chasing dope dealers down alleys for three and a half years now. This case is my ticket out. Homicide.

Woody: Highest profile case to come into this precinct in over a year? You think they're gonna let you take the lead?

Santana: For now, yeah. Hey, they wanted "below the radar" on this one?  Well, no one's more below the radar than me. But if you want to ask the Captain about this, we can let him decide.

***ME's Office***

Seely: Small-caliber gunshot wound to the chest. Your standard b&e gone south. Shooter confessed already. What?

Bug: Oh, I've never seen you not wearing a suit before.

Seely: And I never knew you paid attention.

Bug: So what is it that can't wait till the morning?

Seely: The bullet. There was no exit wound, so it should be still in him. Suspect produced a gun. Now all I need is a ballistics match.

Bug: I thought you said you had a confession.

Seely: I do. Captain says I still need a match. Alright, the truth is I'm in trouble. I kind of screwed up my last case, and I've got a review comin' up tomorrow.

Bug: (whispering) Oh.

Seely: Captain says he needs a bullet, I've gotta get him that bullet. End of story. Ah, Miss Lebowski. Looking good as usual.

Lily: Sure. In my parka.

Seely: I see you've met my Vic. A real pack rat this one. Newspapers stacked up, cats everywhere. One of those, you know.

Lily: Where's the suit?

Seely: Can't a guy evolve without commentary? (Scoffs) Oh, there he is. Nasty, huh?

(Cat snarls and jumps out of the body bag. The cat has blood on its mouth)

(Both screaming)


Seely: Well, there's something you don't see every day.

Bug: Well, now that the cat's out of the bag...


Lily: That is not funny! Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

Bug: So where, exactly, was he shot?

Seely: At home.

Bug: Where on the body?

Seely: Oh. In the belly. Oh! Hey, that hole was not there at the scene.

Bug: That bullet you were looking for?

Seely: Yeah, what about it?

Bug: Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Lily: Here, kitty, kitty.

***Boston Police Precinct***

Woody: Excuse me. Detective Santana?

Kimball: Please tell me I can go home.

Woody: Not just yet, sir. You, me, out there, now.

Santana: Again with the Tarzan talk. Sugar?

Kimball: You got any of that low-carb sweetener?

Santana: I'll have a look.

Kimball: And I'd kill for a cigarette.

Woody: Sorry, sir, this is a smoke-free building.

Kimball: Great.

Woody: Laws are laws.

Kimball: Not like in the movies, huh?

Santana: So, you talk to the captain yet?

Woody: Yes.

Santana: And?

Woody: It looks like we're a team.

Santana: Ouch. So I'm stuck with you?

Woody: (Laughs) I think you actually have that backwards.

Santana: So how you wanna play this?

Woody: Alright, first thing you're going to do is breathe. (Breathes out) You need to relax. You're acting way too eager-beaver in there, alright? Then we're going to establish a relationship. We're going to gain his trust. If he catches us in a lie, we lose any edge we have.

Santana: I know my way around.

Woody: Well, you sure know how to pour coffee.

Santana: Laugh now, but soon as this guy's gotta pee real bad, he'll start talking.

Woody: Oldest trick in the book.

***ME's Office***

Nigel: Look at this. Carvings on the previous victims.

Garret:  No one ever figured out what they signified.

Nigel: No, no, no, they're different. They're different than what's on our new guy.

Jordan: Oh, yeah. The cut lines in the photo are bland, less defined.

Garret: Like they're muted or washed out.

Nigel: Exactly. The old markings weren't clear because the blood had been leached out by water. And there was sloughing on the face and the appendages.

Jordan: The victims were drowned?

Nigel: Apparently over a period of days. Brought to the brink of drowning over and over again. Then asphyxiated.

Jordan: Lovely.

Garret: The skin here shows normal decomp and damage for cold exposure. No water damage.

Jordan: So either Leviathan changed his ritual or we're dealing with a copycat.

***Boston Police Precinct***

Woody: What were you doing in the neighborhood, Gordon? It's cool if I call you Gordon?

Kimball: Like I told this lady, I was coming from church. I made a u-turn across a double yellow to go buy some smokes. End of story.

Santana: It's a crack corner in a cesspool neighborhood. A preppy-looking guy like you makes a u-turn, I think we know what you're doing there.

Kimball: I told you, I was at church. Saint Luke’s. Georgia Avenue.

Woody: At an AA meeting? You've got one of these five-year coins in your personal effects.

Kimball: No. I mean, yes, I'm five years sober. But no, it wasn't a meeting. I was receiving communion if you must know.

Woody: That would explain the wafer. Or the, uh...Eucharist. We spelled that correctly, right?

Santana: I looked it up.

Kimball: So I had a Eucharist on me, so what?

Woody: Relax, Gordon, we're just talking. We're just talking. Alright, to be completely honest with you, we're pretty sure this is a mistake, but the reason we're keeping you here is that your fingerprint caused a slight hiccup in our database and--

Kimball: What kind of hiccup?

Woody: Like I said, we're pretty sure it's a mistake.

Kimball: You said you worked homicide. You don't think I, like, killed someone, do you?

Woody: The wafer... the, uh, Eucharist. Why do you still have it?

Santana: Right 'cause, see, in my church, we receive it right on our tongue from the priest.

Kimball: So do I. Then I take a second one for my upstairs neighbor. He's 96. Look, you have my address right there, go ask him.

Woody: Don't worry, we will.

Kimball: Well, while you're there, I've got a half a pack of butts on my dresser. Seriously, detectives, I need a cigarette over here. I'm sorry, I'm just--

Woody: It's alright. Don't be sorry. Totally understandable. I'd be freakin' out if I were you. I mean, come on, no priors.

Kimball: Never so much as a speeding ticket.

Woody: Oh, you're from around here.

Kimball: Pretty much. Medford. You know Medford?

Woody: Nah. I'm from Wisconsin.

Santana: I know Medford. Whereabouts?

Kimball: Wilson Drive.

Santana: Wilson, sure.

Kimball: I grew up across from Spyro's pizza.

Santana: You're kidding me. I love Spyro's.

Kimball: Well, yeah, who doesn't? It's the best Sicilian in town.

Santana: That crispy crust?

Kimball: Oh, my god, the crust, right?

Woody: Spyro's, huh? Sounds like I gotta try this place.

Kimball: Yeah, you could. If there was a Spyro's pizza. Or a Wilson Drive for that matter. And while I appreciate the refreshments... you should know I have an almost freakish capacity to hold my bladder. It's a gift, really. Fill 'em up.

***ME's Office***

(An x-ray of the cat is being held up)

Seely: Huh, I almost feel sorry for the little guy. But it's a sacrifice he'll be making in the name of justice.

Lily: Wait, are you talking about--

Seely: Yeah, well, how else are we gonna get it out?

Lily: Are you insane? You can't cut him open!

Seely: What, do you have a better idea?

Lily: Yes, I have a better idea! We wait for nature to take its course.

Seely: Oh, right. Sit around for hours, maybe days, so you can dig around in his litter box.

Lily: Who said anything about me?

Seely: Well, I'm sure as hell not gonna do it!

Lily: You are heartless, do you know that? (to the cat) He's heartless, don't listen to him.

Seely: Oh, it's just a cat!

Lily: Cats are beautiful, and affectionate.

Seely: When they want something. Otherwise they're like a bad roommate. They live in your house and eat your food, but try getting a ride to the airport out of them.

Lily: We're not having this conversation. We are waiting for you to pass this bullet, and that is all there is to it.

***Boston Police Precinct***

Woody: What's say we try this again? Listen, I know this has been hard. But we're still trying to sort out that whole fingerprint glitch.

Kimball: Mm-hmm. Well maybe we can sort it out without you lying to me this time.

Woody: Yeah, um, about that. I wanna apologize for Detective Santana. She's young and, if you ask me, a little pushy.

Kimball: A regular bad cop, huh?

Woody: Listen, Gordon. I'm not trying to play you here. Okay, I've got nothing against you.

Kimball: Apology accepted. I'm a good judge of character. You have an honest face.

Woody: A regular open book.

Kimball: Must be a liability in your line of work.

Woody: It is, yeah. Ya know... sometimes... even I wonder if I'm cut out for this job. Ya know... I'm just too knowable. I don't got one of those poker faces. What you see is what you get. You know what I mean?

Kimball: I do. Yeah.

Woody: It makes you wonder... a couple of normal guys like us. I just can't let this job get me too jaded. I see things that people just should not see.

Kimball: Yeah. I can imagine. So where is she?

Woody: Where's who?

Kimball: Your partner. She watching us?

Woody: Yeah, she's watching us. (Cell phone ringing) This is Hoyt. Hey, Tommy, what's going on-- hold on a second. I'm gonna take this outside. (Door opens, closes) Whatcha got?

***Kimball's Apartment***

Santana: Who's Tommy?

Woody: Never mind. You find anything?

Santana: It's clean. And I mean clean. His cigarettes are right where he said they'd be. Still can't believe that son of a bitch got me.

Woody: Yeah, he's smart. Scary smart.

Santana: I found a mass card. "Beloved father. Died in '95."

Woody:  '95... Nine years ago. The same year Leviathan started killing.

Santana: What do we know about Kimball's family?

Woody: Not nearly enough.

Santana: I think we should start with the father.

Woody: Why? What about him?

Santana: The only picture in the whole place is of him with his dad. And I think I recognize the church he's standing in front of. Saint Luke’s.

Woody: Same church our boy takes his communion. All right, see ya.

***Autopsy: Brady Fisher***

Garret: Alright, are we ready?

Bug: Let her rip.

(As Garret cuts open the body, a greenish/yellowish liquid spews out of the abdomen area)

Garret: Well, even for me, that was disgusting.

Bug: Yeah, and now my feet are cold and wet.

Garret: But now we know he was drowned, just from the inside out.

Bug: Which would explain the tube down his throat. Meaning it was no copycat.

Garret: No, it's Leviathan, alright. Question is, does Woody know it yet?

***Boston Police Precinct***

Woody: (Door slams) That's a pretty cool lighter. Let me check that out? Yeah, a classic. My old man had one of these.

Kimball: Did he now?

Woody: Yeah. What about your old man? What about him? I don't know, tell me something about him. Did he smoke?

Kimball: Until it killed him.

Woody: Mom?

Kimball: Her too.

Woody: Brothers, sisters?

Kimball: Nope. Just me. Alright. Now it's your turn. I mean, since we're getting to know one another here.

Woody: I got a younger brother back in Wisconsin. And, uh, like you, both my parents have passed away.

Kimball: How?

Woody: My mother died of cancer when I was four. Which left my father alone to raise my brother and me. He passed away when I was sixteen.

Kimball: Let me guess, he was a cop, too.

Woody: Sheriff. How'd you know that?

Kimball: Like you said, you're knowable. He was strict, wasn't he? Distant. Cold.

Woody: He could be distant.

Kimball: I mean, otherwise, why would you be trying so hard to follow in his footsteps?

Woody: I'm not following in anybody's footsteps.

Kimball: Trying to connect with a man you hardly remember? The father you never really knew? The man you'll never be. Tell me about how he was killed.

Woody: I'd rather not.

Kimball: Let's be honest here. The whole "I'm an open book" thing? You want to earn my trust, humor me. How did he die?

Woody: Shot in the back by an 18-year-old kid who was robbing a gas station.

Kimball: Did he suffer?

Woody: Yeah. He suffered. It took him two days to die.

Kimball: Suffering's good for the soul. Helps it release. What did he look like?

Woody: What difference does it make?

Kimball: I mean at that last moment. That desperate flicker before his last breath.

Woody: You really get off on suffering, don't you?

Kimball: I think you were right. You really aren't cut out for this line of work, are you? Guys like us need to be tougher than the others. My dad taught me patience, control. Most important, he taught me there's no pain I can't endure. See, that's where we're different, you and me. You sat at your father's side in that hospital room. Cried for him. He probably died right there in your arms, didn't he? Sixteen years old. Left you with a younger brother to take care of. And did you avenge his death? No. You did nothing because you're weak.

Woody: You son of a bitch! (Woody grabs Kimball and pins him against the table. Santana and an officer come rushing in.) Who the hell do you think you are, huh?

Santana: Detective, no, get off him! Get off him!

Kimball: I'm filing a complaint. I hope you know that.

Woody: Yeah, you do that.

***Autopsy: Brady Fisher***

Bug: And they say you can't have too much water.

Garret: If he hadn't been strangled, he would have died of water toxicity.

Bug: This doesn't make sense. His organs are so decomposed, but externally, he shows almost no signs of decomp.

Garret: Outside he was frozen. The exposure. Inside, something warmed his organs.

Bug: The water?

Garret: Not only forced it down his throat, it was warm.

Nigel: (Door slams) I think we've just figured out why Leviathan kills and then goes dormant.  We cross-referenced everything-- all the dates, all the killings, including estimated TOD on Mr. Fisher here. And bingo. Blue moon.

Garret: So all the other killings--

Jordan: Okay, just bear with us here. Body one always disappears one week prior to the first full moon of the month. Time of death links directly to the full moon itself. But he doesn't dump the body until the second full moon of the month, the blue moon, which is when he kills his second victim. That's when the body and the notes turn up. Then we don't hear from Leviathan again until the next blue moon.

Garret: Okay, but why?

Nigel: The moon affects the tides, doesn't it? A little word association. Maybe tides, water, Leviathan, monster of the deep, mentioned in the bible.

Garret: So you're saying that the second body isn't here because he was killed tonight?

Jordan: And if Kimball did, maybe he didn't have time to move the body. So we if we can find where Mr. Fisher was killed...

Garret: We find body number two.

***ME's Office***

Seely: Did we get any— Ugh! Smells like the leftovers of an Eskimo picnic. Heh heh. Any, uh, movement yet?

Lily: No. But I did discover something. He comes to you when you sing blue moon.

Seely: Oh, gee, your own stupid pet trick.

Lily: Thought I would help him try to relax. (singing) "Blue moon You left me standing alone Without a dream in my heart Without a love of my own" see?

Seely: It's great. You wouldn't happen to know any songs about taking a dump, would you? Oh! Come on. It's a game, isn't it? This seventh-grade flirtation between us. You pretend to ignore me, but I know you're checking me out when I walk away.

Lily: Only to marvel at what a pompous, arrogant, vulgar little man you really are. Okay, maybe vulgar was a little harsh.

Seely: No, uh, he's gone. Here kitty, kitty...

Lily: "Blue moon I saw you standing alone without a dream in my heart" Anyone see a cat come through here? (Clicking tongue)

Nigel: Blue moon. Mercury in retrograde.

Jordan: Yeah, Nige, I got it. That mold that I found on Fisher's foot. It's not from where he was dumped. Kind of weird, like nothing I've seen before. 

(Electronic beeping)

Nigel: Frothy material in his mouth turns out not to be lung discharge but...carbohydrate.

Jordan: What kind?

Nigel: Wheat. Pure wheat. Like a cracker. So, what, he feeds these guys before he strangles them?

Jordan: Oh, uh... (Dialing on phone)

Woody: (Cell phone ringing) What's up, Jordan? Jordan?

Jordan: Woody, hang on. I'm gonna try to get a better signal.

Woody: Man, is anything working tonight?

Jordan: The moon's in Uranus.

Woody: Excuse me?

Jordan: Something like that. Anyway, you said Kimball had a Eucharist on him?

Woody: Yeah, the wafer. Why?

Jordan: Our victim has one in his mouth. It's the killer's last act before he strangles them. He gives them communion.

Woody: "Another wicked soul now cleansed."

Jordan: Only your friend in narcotics picked him up before he could finish the job.

Woody: Wait a minute, body number two--

Jordan: He's alive, Woody. Wherever Kimball left him. Probably won't last the night.

***Boston Police Precinct***

Kimball: Well, look who's joining us for round two. The patch, you're a smoker as well?

Santana: Not anymore. Give me that lighter.

Woody: Gordon, Gordon. These are four missing person reports filed in the last two weeks that fit the profile-- male, late fifties. Just circle a name.

Kimball: You've completely lost me.

Woody: If your second victim is on this list and still out there somewhere alive, now's the time to come clean if you expect any play.

Kimball: My second victim of what?

Woody: We're finished playing, Gordon. Or should I say, Leviathan?

Kimball: Leviathan. That refers to some sort of large aquatic creature, right?

Woody: It refers to a creature that claims two victims every blue moon.

Kimball: That's all very interesting, but you can't hold me much longer.

Santana: As long as we want.

Kimball: See, there's another lie. That's why you're pressing. If you had something on me, I'd have been charged by now, right?

Woody: Don't get ahead of yourself, Gordon.

***ME's Office***

Garret:  Woody's getting nowhere with the suspect. So unless we come up with something concrete, he's gonna have to turn him loose.

Jordan: Uh...cyanide.

Garret:  What?

Jordan: Segmental hair analysis. I'm finding traces of cyanide.

Garret:  The victims are strangled, they weren't poisoned.

Jordan: Not enough to kill them, just enough to knock them out for a while. It was 2.4 millimeters from the scalp. Meaning he was drugged four days before he died.

Bug: Who was drugged?

Jordan: Have you found anything yet?

Bug: Not much on the skin samples and nothing on his clothes.

Seely: Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. Here, stupid cat.

Nigel: Water from the body shows high levels of calcium and sulfates, but nothing else.

Garret: (Electronic beeping) There it is. Hydrocyanic gas in the mucus.

Jordan: That's how Leviathan overpowers his victims. He gases them.

Bug: But will it be enough to help Woody keep him in custody?

Jordan: It will if I can find traces of cyanide on our suspect.

Garret: I'll send one of the guys, Jordan.

Nigel: Yeah, really, Bug or I can go.

Jordan: Not necessary. I'm a big girl.

Garret: But he's a psychopath.

Jordan: Yeah, and I'm not?

***Boston Police Precinct***

Santana: We got the priest here from Saint Luke's.

Woody: You talked to him?

Santana: You do it. I want to take a shot at Kimball.

Woody: By yourself?

Santana: Right, because you're doing such a great job flying solo. Besides, he and I share a common weakness. Let's see what he'll do for one of these right now. Gimme back his lighter.

Woody: Alright. Go get him, smoky.

***ME's Office***

Lily: Must've gotten out of the building somehow.

Seely: It's five degrees out there. I don't think so.

Lily: Let's just... pray he turns up.

Seely: Yeah, that's easy for you to say. Your ass isn't on the line.

Lily: It's just a bullet.

Seely: No. It's my career. Truth is... I'm kind of having a run of bad luck at work. I try real hard, I do. But I'm not the most well-liked guy at the precinct.

Lily: Really. I never would have guessed that.

Seely: If I don't pass my review tomorrow... I gave up any chance of going back to work for my dad, so I gotta make this work.

Lily: What kind of work for your dad?

Seely: He owns some newspapers.

Lily: Wow. And you're a cop?

Seely: (Laughs weakly) Not if I keep screwing up like this.

Lily: I admire that. Going out on your own when you could've taken the easy road.

Seely: I'm sorry. I-I'm exhausted. Mind if I just, um, sit here for a while?

Lily: Oh, that's fine. You stay here. Uh... we'll just take turns looking.

Seely: Great.

***Boston Police Precinct***

Priest: I've known Gordon nearly all his life. He couldn't possibly be involved with what that police girl said.

Woody: You knew his father too?

Priest: Carl? Oh, sure. It's a testament to Gordon's good nature that he survived him. Carl was a former navy man. Ran our big buddy program. Teaching bible study to fatherless boys. Not to mention moral standards and proper hygiene.

Woody: But...

Priest: Oh, Gordon was a sensitive boy. And Carl seemed determined to toughen him up.

Woody: He was abusive?

Priest: No, not physically, that I saw.

Woody: But emotionally and verbally?

Priest: He was almost militant in his religious convictions. Began forming his own interpretations of bible passages, which I simply could not abide.

Woody: So what did you do?

Priest: I tried to offer my counsel, but when he began bothering other parishioners...

Woody: You threw him out.

Priest: My only hope was that it wouldn't affect the boy.

Jordan: Ah, heaven. Oooh! Sorry. Sorry. Excuse me. (Kimball passes Jordan and he is wearing a police badge)

Kimball: Not at all. My pleasure.

Woody: How did his father take to being cast out?

Priest: He was angry at first. Took a lot of the parishioners with him. They raised a lot of money and started their own parish of sorts out near Williams park. Yeah, it went bust after he died.

Woody: Lung cancer?

Priest: Well, if memory serves, I think Gordon said he might have drowned.

(Woody spots Jordan)

Woody: Excuse me. What do you need?

Jordan: I need to run a quick live autopsy on your killer. Turns out he knocks out his victims using cyanide gas.

Woody: Cyanide?

Jordan: Yeah, taken in small doses, it can knock out a grown man for up to an hour. Now, he must have used something small, like a nasal spray or an atomizer.

Woody: A cigarette lighter?

Jordan: Yeah. Sure, the cyanide would vaporize as the lighter burns. (Woody has a worried look on his face and starts to walk fast) Woody? Woody!

Woody: Santana! (Woody opens the door to the interrogation room. Santana is sitting in a chair lying on the table as if she was sleeping) Santana. Santana!

Jordan: I got her, Woody.

Woody: Nobody saw him leave?

Jordan: Santana, open your eyes.

Santana: Wh-where is he?

Jordan: Open your eyes.

Woody: Anybody see Kimball? Did you see Kimball come through here? Call an ambulance! 

Jordan: (looking at a photo of Kimball) My god, he walked right past me.

Santana: I said get away from me, I'm fine.

Jordan: Let them do their jobs.

Santana: I can't believe I let him walk right out of here.

(On videoconference with the ME's office)

Woody: Let it go. Alright, doc, we're all set here. We've got to get this lunatic.

Garret: Frankly, my priority is finding his second victim.

Nigel: If he hasn't frozen to death already.

Woody: We find the second victim, we will find Leviathan. My guess is that he's on his way to go finish him off.

Jordan: (looking at the photo of Kimball with his father) This sweet boy grew up to be a serial killer?

Woody: Priest said that his dad's fathering skills left something to be desired. If he didn't push him over the edge, he certainly helped out.

Jordan: What's this tattoo on his arm?

Woody: An anchor. The priest said he was a navy man.

Jordan: Hey, Nige, you got that photo of the cut on Fisher's arm?

Nigel: It's on its way, luv.

Jordan: Okay, now turn it 90 degrees.

Woody: That is...?

Jordan: Leviathan's signature. The shaved heads, the tattoos. He recreates his father and then he kills him over and over again.

Garret: What did the priest tell you about the dad?

Woody: Sounded like an abusive bully turned religious zealot. He built some church near Williams park, wherever that is.

Jordan: It's out on Crystal Shoals.

Bug: The sulfur we found in the water from the body. Crystal Shoals is a mineral lake. That could be the source of the sulfur.

Nigel: Right, I'll pull up a map. (Electronic beeping)

***Crystal Shoals***

Woody: Fan 'em out! Make sure we got guys covering the back! Come on!

Santana: Woody! Over here!

Woody: Baptismal pool. (Knocking) It's frozen solid.

Santana: Could there be anybody in there?

Woody: If not, I'm sure there has been. This is definitely this guy's bat cave. Check this out. Hose, duct tape.

Santana: Psycho keeps a journal. Lots of them.

Woody: Look at this. Listen. "It's not enough that he might know my pain. He must feel my pain."

Santana: This was my fault. I can't believe I gave him back that lighter.

Jordan: (On phone with Woody) What do you mean he isn't there?

Woody: But we're sure he was here, Jordan. We're sending you back a trunk load of evidence to sift through. You gotta read some of these journals. His dad really did a number on him.

Jordan: Did you look everywhere? Upstairs? Down?

Woody: There is no downstairs.

Nigel: No, there has to be, Woody.

Jordan: We just got results back on the mold found on Fisher's foot. It's a fungal agent that feeds on cellulose found in damp concrete. It only grows in warm areas, something subterranean, like a hot spring.

Woody: Hot spring?

(Woody and Santana go back into the church)

Santana: (Water gurgling) Woody, you hear that?

Woody: All I hear is the wind and my teeth chattering.

Santana: You don't hear the water?

Woody: Maybe it's coming from other there. Sounds like it's coming from over here. Check it out.

Santana: What about it?

Woody: It's not frozen.

(They go down what appears to be a manhole. There are lit candles everywhere)

(Muffled yelling. There is a person bound in a chair with duct tape covering their mouth)

Santana: Oh, my god.

Woody: We've got you, mister. It's gonna be okay, alright?

(Kimball comes up behind Woody and Santana and attacks them)

Woody: (Gun cocks) Drop it! Take it easy.

Kimball: Drop it.

(Kimball has Santana and has a knife at her throat)

Woody: Okay. Okay. Just take it easy.

Kimball: It was going so well until this bitch couldn't ignore an illegal u-turn.

Woody: You don't have to do this. I understand. I saw your journals.

Kimball: I think we can give up the good cop routine. It's a little pathetic under the circumstances.

Woody: Alright, fine, fine. Tell me this. How many glasses did he make you drink, Gordon?

Kimball: You don't talk about that.

Woody: And expect you not to wet the bed? How could you not? You were just a boy. Even he couldn't make you tough enough for that.

Kimball: I will kill her right now.

Woody: No, you won't. 'Cause she's not him. She's not the one who would make you sleep outside after you wet the bed. Then make you drink more, make you hold it.

Kimball: You shouldn't have read those.

Woody: Otherwise, you wouldn't be following in his footsteps!

Kimball: I said shut up! (Kimball points the knife towards Woody, giving Santana a chance to break free. A struggle between the three ensue.)

Woody: Come 'ere! You sick son of a bitch! You sick son of a bitch! Is this how you did it? (Woody has Kimball and is holding his head in the water)

Santana: Stop! Woody! Enough!

Woody: You sick son of a bitch!

Santana: Woody!

Kimball: Get off of me!

Santana: Woody! Enough! (Woody pulls Kimball up)

Woody: Is this how you did it?! You sick son of a bitch. Is this how you do it? Huh? Is that how you kill 'em?

***ME's Office***

(Lily finds Seely asleep on the couch. She goes over and covers him with a blanket)


Lily: Aaaahhh oooohhh... Are you freezing? I missed you. I know someone who really missed you. (She picks up the cat and puts it on Seely, then leaves closing the door behind her)

Nigel: Hey. So, you gonna say it?

Garret:  Say what?

Nigel: That I was right about all the bizarre occurrences that happened tonight.

Garret:  Yeah, Nigel, it seems that once in a blue moon your conspiracies actually hold water.

Nigel: No pun intended. Tell you what, Garret, if you think that was weird, wait 'til you see what happens on the 17th of next month. There's a lunar eclipse flanked on one side by Saturn and--

Garret:  Nigel.

Nigel: Yeah.

Garret:  I couldn't be less interested.

Nigel: Right. See you in the morning.

***Boston Police Precinct***

Santana: (staring at the cigarette that she's holding up) Haven't had one in three weeks. It's killing me.

Woody: My advice? Don’t.

Santana: Look... I know I muscled my way onto this case, and I want to thank you for letting me tag along. You didn't have to after I let him get away.

Woody: We all make mistakes. It's how we bounce back. I'm sorry, that kind of sounded trite, didn't it?

Santana: No, no. I totally appreciate it. I don't want to keep your girlfriend waiting. (Jordan is standing in the doorway)

Woody: Uh... Jordan? She's, uh, not, um... You're right. I should be going.

Santana: Maybe I'll see you around sometime?

Woody: Santana. Welcome to homicide.

Jordan: Heard about the macho, action hero ending tonight.

Woody: Yeah. Thanks to your tip. You know, Jordan, every once in a while, you do something that makes all the rest of it worthwhile.

Jordan: You know, because it's been a long night, and I'm still freezing my ass off, I'm gonna take that as a compliment.

Woody: Come on, let me buy you a hot toddy.

Jordan: She's cute.

Woody: Who? Her?

Jordan: Yeah.

Woody: Hadn't noticed. I'm serious. I hadn’t.

Jordan: You know, that's what I love about you, Woody.

Woody: What?

Jordan: Oh...

Woody: What? What do you love about me? Come on!


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