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#409 : La Chasse au tueur


Titre original : "Necessary Risks"

Un étudiant est retrouvé mort, asphyxié, dans sa chambre. Tout semble indiquer que le jeune homme a mis fin à ses jours. Woody Hoyt, chargé de mener l'enquête sur ce décès pour le moins troublant, est convaincu que la victime ne s'est pas suicidée. Il tente de réunir des indices confortant sa théorie...

Plus de détails

***ME's Office***

Lily: Ran into an old friend of yours last night. Paul Spork.

Jordan: Who?

Lily: He said that they used to call him "Dork. " Which is creative.

Jordan: Oh, Spork the dork. God, what a blast from the past.

Lily: He said you two dated.

Jordan: It was not a date, it was a disaster. He was a limo driver. We had to pick up a couple kids from prom and then drive 'em around while they made out in the back seat. Total buzzkill.

Lily: He was a nice guy, though, right?

Jordan: All I remember about him is that he had this really awful laugh. With a snort, like, (Snorts).

Nigel: That's attractive.

Jordan: They didn't call him "dork" for nothing.

Lily: So giving him your phone number was maybe not such a good idea.

Jordan: You didn’t.

Lily: He seemed like a really nice guy. He's an architect now. You should really give him another chance.

Jordan: Laughs don't change, Lily. Neither do people.

Garret: Dork?

***Pangborn Hall***

Woody: And which room were they in? That one right over-- Jordan! Excuse us. Right this way. So you wanna study together?

Jordan: Only if we can get naked in the stacks.

Woody: C'mon, that stuff doesn't really happen. It's just a myth.

Jordan: No comment.

Woody: Man! I knew I shoulda gone to the library more.

Jordan: Why is it in college you gotta listen to music at 150 decibels?

Woody: Same reason you build lofts, buy futons, play hackysack, unless you are Zach Bouchard-- 19 years old-- in which case, you prefer fine wines and French cinema. The RA said he was here on a fencing scholarship.

Jordan: Who found him?

Woody: A maintenance guy. He had a work order to fix a light.

Jordan: Pain killers, 20 pack. Empty. You find a suicide note?

Woody: No. You think he killed himself? Looks that way. He had his whole life ahead of him. I don't get it.

Jordan: You thrive on problems, Jordan. Others don’t.

Woody: Well, that's a shame.


Carver: Hotel manager found him about an hour ago. Some unis bustin' a dope dealer couple of doors down scared off whoever did this.

(A body is lying on its side in a tub filled with ice.)

Nigel: The urban legend lives. (The body is shown- it has been opened up and there is no organs or anything in it.) There should be a phone nearby, and a message.

Garret: What are you talkin' about?

Nigel: It's the urban legend. A tourist is kidnapped so his kidney can be harvested. He wakes up in a tub full of ice, with a phone next to him and a message to call 911.

Garret: As much as I appreciate the unfettered exuberance, Nigel, this is reality. 

Carver: Arturo Sanchez. Poor guy wrote his name in marker on his collar.

Nigel: Poor guy, indeed.

Garret: One incision sewn up. Why bother if you're gonna do this?

Nigel: Liver temp's gonna be a problem.

Garret: It's gonna be hard to do an autopsy.

Carver: Why is that?

Garret: His organs are gone.

{Crossing Jordan Intro}

Garret: Looks like there was a table here.

Nigel: You're thinking what I'm thinking, aren't you?

Garret: I try not to.

Nigel: This is about body part harvesting. Why take a kidney when you can have the whole kit and caboodle? It's the urban legend run amok.

Garret: All right, see what else you can find and try to stay out of the twilight zone.

Carver: All right, so you rented a room to a John Smith for the past year and you never met him?

Man: Spoke once to him on the phone. He made a standing reservation for this room every Sunday. I left a key under the doormat.

Carver: That was very accommodating.

Garret: Weren't you curious to know what was going on in here?

Man: Well, every Monday the room was spotless and there'd be five bills on the dresser. Pretty much answered my nagging questions.

Carver: You know, maybe talkin' to us downtown at the station would help jog your memory.

Man: Okay. Uh... look. I saw a Hispanic guy. Young, baseball cap. Drove off in a rusty, blue Datsun.

Carver: See what happens when you start thinkin'?

Man: Mm.

Nigel: Dr. M. Surgical glove. Used suture packet. What do you make of this? Sample from the tub.

Garret: Organ preservative.

Nigel: Right. Proof positive of body part harvesting.

Garret: Anything else?

Nigel: Wire receipt. With a message in Spanish. Victim dropped it.

Garret: He wired $1,000 to Guatemala this morning. This poor bastard wasn't kidnapped. He sold his organs.

***DeCicco Fencing Gymnasium***

Lucas: 'Course I heard about Zach.

Woody: Yet here you are at practice. One would think his own roommate--

Lucas: Look, I know it looks callous, but I didn't know what else to do. Great guy, great fencer, but we didn't share, you know? And he kept stuff to himself.

Woody: Somethin' as big as killin' yourself over, you'd think it would show.

Lucas: Look, you probably need to talk to Professor Danvers.

Woody: Who's he?

Lucas: She.

Woody: She one of Zach's professors?

Lucas: Faculty advisor.

Woody: Lately, she was riding him about something or what?

Lucas: Riding him? Yeah. Uh, yeah, you could say that.

***ME's Office***

Sidney: You said this guy was a fencer?

Jordan: Yeah, but you wouldn't get cuts like this from fencing.

Sidney: Yeah, whatever. That's not how he killed himself.

Jordan: You're gonna find hydrocodone on the tox screen. I need to know how much was in his system.

Sidney: You think this is what killed him?

Jordan: 20 pills missing from the pack. That's my guess.

Sidney: Okay.

Jordan: Sidney, hang on. Boy, this looks like a bloody fingerprint.

Sidney: Yeah, it's probably his. You know, from the blood from the cuts on his hand. He coulda touched himself and, y'know, touched his collar.

Jordan: Yeah. Pull the print off anyway, just to be sure.

Sidney: Girl, do you know how hard it is to pull a print like that off a pattern like this?

Jordan: Yeah, I--

Lily: Jordan. There's a Professor Danvers here. She was Zach Bouchard's faculty advisor. She wants to speak to the ME on the case.

Jordan: Well, uh, that'd be me.

Sidney: You just had to wear a shirt like this, huh?

Danvers: You make it sound like he committed suicide.

Jordan: That's the way it looks.

Danvers: He couldn't have done that. It's not possible. You're making a mistake.

Jordan: I'm sorry.

Danvers: Zach was... special. Driven. More sure of himself than, uh, other students. (Laughs) Do you know what it's like to spend your days with normal 18 and 19-year-olds?

Jordan: I don't even wanna know.

Woody: Professor Danvers, hi. I'm Detective Woody Hoyt. Your office said you'd be here. Is this a good time to ask you a few questions? Was there anything going on in your relationship with Zach that would've depressed him enough to kill himself?

Danvers: What are you implying?

Woody: You were in a relationship with him, right? A sexual relationship.

Danvers: Who told you that?

Woody: His roommate.

Danvers: I don't believe this. Not any of it.

***Autopsy: Zach Bouchard***

Woody: I'm not surprised Professor Danvers is trying to hide her affair with Zach. The lady's old enough to be his mother.

Jordan: Oh, she is not. And give me a break. If it was a male professor with a coed, you'd be slappin' him a high-five.

Woody: I would not! All right, maybe a low-five.

Jordan: This was not a suicide.

Woody: What?

Jordan: His lower ribs are fractured, and there's hemorrhaging in the muscle tissue. He was burked.

Woody: What?!

Jordan: Someone compressed his chest until he died. He was deliberately asphyxiated.

Woody: He'd fight back.

Jordan: Not if you slipped him a couple of pain killers.

Woody: Could a woman do it?

Jordan: If he was drugged, sure.

Woody: How bad did the professor want to keep her little secret?

Jordan: She said she had not secret to keep.

Woody: I plan to find that out.

***Trace Evidence 2: Arturo Sanchez***

Bug: No match for the prints on the surgical glove, Dr. M.

Garret: What about the log number on the suture packet?

Bug: Still runnin' the trace.

Garret: This guy was strip-mined. Cartilage taken from the knees, corneas gone.

Bug: He was snookered. Parts of the human body are worth 230 grand sold separately. Came up in a trivia game.

Garret: This one sewn incision still doesn't make sense.

Bug: Final closure was done with a running subcuticular suture.

Garret: Son of a bitch who did this is a trained surgeon.

Nigel: Got a translation on that money wire message. "To my family: Use this money to send Juan and Inez to school. More will be coming. I miss you dearly. With all my love, Papa."

Bug: (Beeping) We got a trace on the suture packet. Shyler Medical Supply, Dunlap Street.

***Shyler Medical Supply***

Shyler: John Smith. Doesn't ring a bell. But I got orders comin' out of my ears.

Carver: Well, listen, would you mind if we took a look?

Shyler: Knock yourselves out. (Phone ringing) Shyler Medical. Yeah. Lemme look.

Garret: There it is, John Smith.

Carver: Standing order, same supplies every week, and the address is...

Garret: Paradise Motel, room six.

Shyler: Yeah, I got it. All right.

Garret: You know, you sell a lot of surgical supplies. Do you check the medical licenses of who it's going to?

Shyler: With the initial order. I run a DEA number. If it clears, their name goes in the system.

Carver: Yeah, but not the DEA number?

Shyler: What, you wanna bust me for poor record keeping? Look, maybe one of my delivery crew knows something. Check in the lot.

Garret: Hey. Baseball cap, rusty blue Datsun.

Carver: Excuse me. (The guy at the car starts to run off) Whoa! Don't even try, 'cause I will use this. (Carver grabs him, throws him face down on the car and grabs his wallet.) Manuel Rios, where's the fire?

Rios: I didn't mean it. Tell Sylvia I would never hurt her. She can have the money. This isn't about my alimony?

Garret: You were seen outside room six at the Paradise Motel. A murder's been committed there.

Rios: Hey, I just deliver stuff. Once a week, I drop off supplies for a guy named John Smith.

Carver: D'you ever meet him?

Rios: No. I just leave a box at the door.

Carver: Ever see anything unusual?

Rios: Uh... once I was late on delivery, and I saw someone go in. Uh, a guy I see in my neighborhood. A doctor.

***Boston Police Precinct***

(Woody is interrogating Danvers. Jordan is watching through the one way mirror.)

Woody: The bad news is, Professor, the ME's ruled out suicide.

Danvers: That's bad news?

Woody: Your boyfriend was murdered.

Danvers: Murdered.

Woody: Maybe I should be talking to Howard. Your husband. The one you're in a custody battle with. The one you forgot to tell me about.

Danvers: He had nothing to do with this. He doesn't know about Zach and me.

Woody: I believe you. Because, if he did know, then this custody battle would be over, wouldn't it? Cradle robbing mom loses sole custody to dad. Which brings us back to you. So my first question is gonna be--

Danvers: You have questions? Call my lawyer. I assume I'm free to go.

Jordan: You're a hell of a good liar.

Danvers: I spent the better part of a decade in a horrible marriage. Zach saved my life. I didn't kill him.

Jordan: As a suicide, this made me sad. As a murder, it makes me very angry.

Woody: Well, why don't you channel that anger into getting me some solid evidence, so I can talk to Mrs. Robinson again.

***Grocery Market***

Carver: Now, this is a strange place to find a doctor.

Garret: Lemme ask this guy. Excuse me. Donde esta Dr. Alex Cuevas?

Cuevas: I was there, but I didn't kill anyone.

Garret: Artutro Sanchez is quite dead.

Cuevas: I was-- I am a surgeon from Colombia.

Carver: Oh, so you're here illegally.

Cuevas: Yes. I thought I could start a new life here, but I have been blackmailed into harvesting kidneys.

Garret: Who's blackmailing you?

Cuevas: An organ broker I never met.

Carver: Lemme guess. His name is John Smith?

Cuevas: Yes. He calls me here, tells me when a patient is ready. I go to the motel, I remove his kidney, I put it in a cooler, and then I leave with the patient very much alive.

Carver: Okay, how's this for a theory? You're John Smith.

Cuevas: I didn't kill him. I didn't even harvest his kidney, because it showed signs of amyloidosis.

Carver: Signs of what?

Garret: Protein deposits in the tissues. Can be caused by systemic illness. He could have had an infectious disease. Why should we believe you?

Cuevas: Because I closed him up and left. Look on the body. You should find a left flank incision I sutured.

Garret: Where did the donors come from?

Cuevas: I don't know. There were plenty of volunteers. They were paid $1,000 upfront, another $5,000 after the surgery.

Carver: How much were you paid?

Cuevas: Nothing. I had no choice. I never wanted any part of this.

Carver: All right, we'll check the phone records here. In the meantime, Dr. Cuevas, you're gonna be our guest downtown.

***DeCicco Fencing Gymnasium***

Woody: Cool.  (Making whooshing sword noises) Nice feint. Yeah, I took a PE rotation back at community college. Do you mind if I ask you a few more questions?

Lucas: No. You mind if I keep practicing? We got a meet this weekend against NYU, and I'm taking Zach's spot.

Woody: I'm not very good, so take it easy on me. (They begin fencing)

Lucas: Okay.

Woody: Do you remember Professor Danvers comin' by Zach's dorm room at all?

Lucas: Uh, not that I'm aware of. But between classes and fencing-- ah!

Woody: Mm!

Lucas: I'm not in the dorm room that much.

Woody: Do you have, uh, any recollection of their relationship? Did they fight at all?

Lucas: What, do you think Danvers is the reason Zach killed himself?

Woody: Actually... Zach was murdered.

Lucas: No way.

Woody: Way. I also couldn't help but notice the cuts you had on your arm the other day. They were a lot like Zach’s.

Lucas: It's stupid, really. We were duelin' around with some antique blades, and things got out of hand. We were just goofin' around. Now, look. If my coach finds out that I used real blades, I'd be booted off the team.

Woody: Where were you two nights ago?

Lucas: I was here until around 6:00. Then I went to a kegger at Farley hall.

Woody: Anyone verify that?

Lucas: Yeah. About 100 drunk freshman. (Laughs)

Woody: What time you get back to your dorm room?

Lucas: I didn’t. I hooked up with this one chick named Amber, but when I woke up, I was late to practice, so I came straight here.

Woody: Amber who?

Lucas: I don't remember. She lives in Farley, though. Second floor. Look. I swear to you, I didn't kill Zach.

Woody: You better hope I find this Amber girl.

***Trace Evidence: Zach Bouchard***

Sidney: The print on the victim's shirt was pretty much unreadable because of the pattern of the fabric. But since I chose to accept your mission-- check it out. (Typing on keyboard) There's no way to lift the print, so the secret is eliminating the background.

Jordan: Now, that is just cool.

Sidney: Oh, no, it's like ice, baby. You see, I'm running an algorithm which estimates ridge minutiae using mathematical probabilities in a Gaussian envelope.

Woody: Hey, man. You don't have to talk down to me.

Sidney: I'm enhancing the print so we get more than an eight-point match.

Woody: So we don't know whose print this is.

Sidney: Not yet. It's gonna take some time.

Lily: Oh, Jordan.

Jordan: Yes, Spork the dork called. Uh, no, I haven't called him back yet.

Lily: Actually, it's about Zach Bouchard.

Jordan: What about him?

Lily: I just spoke with his parents.

Jordan: Were they able to tell us anything about Zach?

Lily: No, there wasn't much to say. 'Cause Zach Bouchard died when he was five years old.

***Trace Evidence 2: Arturo Sanchez***

Bug: Well, hello there, Calliphora vomitoria.

Nigel: Stop being pretentious. It's a maggot.

Garret: Did you stain that prostate sample I asked you to, Nigel?

Nigel: There's a joke there somewhere. Yeah, I did, with a dollop of congo red.

Bug: I found a Calliphora vomitoria in the victim's ear.

Garret: His body's too fresh for maggots.

Bug: Indeed. And take a look there.

Garret: Blood flukes. Could be Schistosoma mansoni given where he's from.

Nigel: Ready for you, Dr. M.

(Phone ringing)

Garret: Dr. Cuevas was right. Amyloidosis, as a result of his parasite infection.

Nigel: Right.

Bug: Dr. Macy. It's Detective Carver. She found the organ broker.

***Shyler Medical Supply***

Shyler: Organ brokering. This is a joke, right?

Carver: We have phone records of you calling Dr. Cuevas.

Shyler: Manuel. C'mere for a second. Boy, are you two gonna end up with egg on your faces. Manuel, tell these good folks what you do every week at the Naranjo Market.

Rios: I pick up groceries for Mr. Shyler.

Shyler: Thank you. That'll be all. Sure, I call the stockroom. I order groceries, 'cause they have the best produce in town. As for this Dr. Cuevas... never heard of him before.

Carver: Let's just say I don't believe in coincidence.

Garret: You were arrested eight years ago trying to buy a kidney from an undercover officer.

Shyler: My uncle needed it. He died after three years on a waiting list.

Garret: Maybe that spurred your business plan.

Shyler: Let's say, hypothetically, you're right. I'd think you, as a doctor, would appreciate the beauty of a system that saves lives and benefits all.

Garret: That's a rosy view of the black market.

Shyler: Donors who need money get paid for an organ that goes to someone dying on a waiting list. It's a win-win. A broker's a savior.

Garret: Or in this case, a murderer.

Shyler: Whose murder?

Garret: The donor’s. When he's sacrificed for all his parts because the broker got greedy. Not to mention the disease that could be spread because nobody bothered testing him. There's nothing hypothetical about it.

Shyler: Well, then, it's a good thing I'm not a broker. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got customers waiting.

Carver: (quietly, to Garret) I'll get traps put on his phones.

***ME's Office***

(Garret is on the internet on the Medical Examiner Journal of America web site. The site headline is International Traffic in Human Organs. He is recalling thing that people have said to him.)

Nigel: The urban legend lives.

Shyler: A broker's a savior.

Cuevas: Look on the body. You should find a left flank incision I sutured.

(Nigel interrupts Garret from his thoughts.)

Nigel: Dr. Macy. You're not gonna believe this. You know that maggot we found in Arturo Sanchez? It's radioactive.

Bug: I mashed up the little bugger and got these chromatography results. It came from soil contaminated with uranium 235.

Garret: That's used in power and weapons plants.

Nigel: The Concord Uranium Processing Plant... to be exact. A study was done last year to assess the cost of cleaning the contaminated site.

They did soil analysis every 500 square feet. You're looking at the results. (A map is shown with a grid overlay and numbers in each grid square)

Garret: What was the uranium level in the maggot?

Bug: 78. 2 picocuries. Came from here.

***Concord Uranium Plant Field***

(Police siren sounding)

Garret: We got two decomposed bodies so far, strip-mined like Arturo Sanchez.

Nigel: Found some tire marks and some drops of engine oil. Looks like someone was just here.

Garret: You got that right. This one's fresh.

***Autopsy: Organ Harvesting Victims***

Nigel: A piece of blue plastic tarp, just like we found in the motel room.

Garret: All right, the murderer wrapped the bodies in it to transport 'em to the gravesite.

Nigel: Then he unfurled the tarp, dumped the bodies, and reused it.

Bug: He must've picked up the maggot the last time. Transferring it to Arturo Sanchez when he tried to wrap him up.

Nigel: So your Dr. Cuevas couldn't have been the culprit. He was in custody when the fresh body was dumped.

Garret: We haven't found our killer yet, so the clock's ticking. Okay, here's the game plan.  I want all three bodies tested for infectious diseases-- HIV, hepatitis b and c, rabies, etcetera. I need a blood type, HLA markers, and a leukocyte crossmatch on the fresh body. Notify the National Transplant Registry, the potentially diseased organs could be available in the next 48 hours. Let's determine an exact time of death on the two decomposed victims. Start facial reconstruction and cross-reference any missing persons reports.

***Interrogation: Cuevas***

Garret: Tell me who you recognize. There was no match to any missing person, so we assume they were all illegal immigrants.

Carver: Did you operate on these men?

Cuevas: Not that one. The other two, yes.

Garret: You removed their kidneys?

Cuevas: Yes, and they were alive when I left them.

Carver: Who could've done this?

Cuevas: Anyone. Organs can be crudely harvested, as long as there was somebody on the other end who could clean them up before transplant.

Garret: Do you know the names of these men?

Carver: Look! You may have been cleared of murder, but you should know you're still in a helluva lot of trouble.

Cuevas: In Colombia, I was threatened with bodily harm if I refused to treat a drug lord. I came here and I found myself in a similar situation. I am done with threats. You could keep me locked up, and I'd be glad. I don't know his name, but I have seen him before at El Pescador restaurant. He worked there as a busboy.

***ME's Office***

Danvers: I'm here against my better judgment.

Jordan: Zach Bouchard's real name was David Parks. He was 32 years old, divorced.

Danvers: What?

Jordan: Well, that answers my first question. You obviously didn't know. Look, it's possible something from his past caught up with him.

Danvers: Whose past? David Parks'? Zach was 19. He told me he loved me. Was that a lie too? Was anything real?

Woody: You happen to pull any records from Finchley on that Zach Bouchard?

Lily: Yes, what are you looking for?

Woody: How somebody with no transcripts got into an elite college.

Lily: Well, his application said he was home schooled. Somebody did a good job. 1600 on his SAT’s.

Jordan: How could he be a 32-year-old dropout-- a 32-year-old anything?

Lily: What?

Woody: I don't know, but here it is.

Lily: He was 32?

Jordan: Yeah. What was he running from?

Woody: No record, no warrants. Maybe he didn't like his family life, maybe he wanted to finish his education.

Jordan: Yeah, but 32-year-olds go to college. Why pretend you're 19?

Woody: If you can get away with it, why not?

Lily: Hey, Garret. I need your signature on a requisition.

Garret: (very quietly) There you go.

Lily: For an in-house masseuse.

Garret: I'm sorry, w-what?

Lily: Something on your mind? 

Garret: (Laughs) I was just wondering what I would do for a living if I had to flee the country.

Lily: Say no more. Got a full tank of gas. You'd be across the border by midnight. (Laughs) Okay. Obviously, I have some experience with your commitment issues. Just never thought they translated to your career. So what's this really about?

Garret: When I was a kid, I wanted to be an engineer. You know, the kind that drives a train. (Laughs) Then, when I started playing drums, I wanted to be a musician. I don't know when I wanted to be a doctor. It just happened. But now that I am, could I not be one, if I had to give it all up?  I...

Lily: None of us really know what we'd do under those circumstances. I'd like to think you'd find another way to help people. I think that's who you are, Garret.

Garret: I wasn't asking you to make me feel better.

Lily: I know. I can't help it. That's who I am.

Woody: David Parks, aka Zach Bouchard, didn't have a prescription for hydrocodone, but Professor Danvers did.

Jordan: Okay, she didn't kill him.

Woody: Well, according to her pharmacist, she got the pills in blister packs, just like we found in Zach's dorm room.

Jordan: You can find blister packs like that in half the dorm rooms on any campus.

Woody: So now that you bonded with the professor, I'm supposed to leave her alone.

Jordan: She didn't do it. And it's unlikely anyone from his past wanted him dead. I talked to his ex-wife. She said he never made an enemy in his life.

Woody: She explain why he reinvented himself?

Jordan: He dropped out of Ohio State when she got pregnant. They got married, but then she left him for someone else. She thinks he never got over missing college.

Sidney: (Knocking) Dr. Cavanaugh. I finally got an ID on that print.

Woody: Excuse me, but didn't Professor Innocent say that she did not see Zach the day he died? I guess this bloody fingerprint was left behind form some other time Zach just happened to cut himself.

***Interrogation: Shyler***

Carver: There were several witnesses at the El Pescador restaurant who saw you talking to the victim two days before he died.  It was in Mr. Shyler's car. There was a security camera in the parking lot.

Garret: You were using the restaurant as a recruiting ground for organ donors. That's the down payment for his kidney, I believe.

Shyler: He was late on his rent. I was helping him out.

Garret: Four victims have been found eviscerated, and you seem very unaffected.

Shyler: But I had nothing to do with it. You already have your man. Cuevas.

***ME's Office***

(Elevator bell rings)

Bug: These donors are getting us nowhere.

Garret: Well, we can nail Shyler another way--through the recipients. We're six hours out from the most recent victim.

Bug: The organs of Arturo Sanchez are probably being transplanted as we speak.

Garret: Our best bet is the busboy. He died six weeks ago. Transplanted recipients might be out of the hospital already.

Bug: I could tissue type him, try finding matching recipients who took themselves off the waiting list in the last six weeks.

Garret: Do it. I'll call the National Transplant Registry.

***Vernon Abbot Residence***

Garret: Vernon Abbott?

Abbot: Yes. Can I help you?

Garret: I'm Garret Macy with the Medical Examiner's Office. How you doin' today?

Abbot: Fine. What's this all about?

Garret: You look good. You look healthy. You removed yourself from a kidney transplant waiting list five weeks ago. I have reason to believe that you purchased a kidney on the black market.

Abbot: You don't understand. I had no choice. I was dying on that waiting list. I'm an old man. Six more months, I won't even be eligible for a transplant operation. I had to do something. I want to see my grandchildren... grow up.

Garret: I need to know who sold you that kidney.

Abbot: But he saved my life.

Garret: You're not gonna do your grandchildren any good sittin' in jail.

Abbot: His name is... Roger Shyler.

Garret: How much did you pay him?

Abbot: $60,000. I transferred the money directly into his account.

***Shyler Medical Supply***

Carver: The bank helped me track it back to Shyler. I want every scrap of paper seized.

Officer: Boston PD, everybody freeze!

Garret: Son of bitch.

(The enter the office and it has been cleared out)

Officer: There's no sign of him, Dr.Macy.

Garret: Okay.

Carver: Send a unit out immediately. We'll be right there. Those traps on Shyler's phone may have paid off. The last call outta here was to a Russian national, Karl Marchenko. His private plane is scheduled to leave Worchester Airport in half an hour.

Garret: How much you wanna bet Shyler's on that plane?

***Worchester Airport***

Carver: Karl Marchenko? Where's Roger Shyler?

Marchenko: I don't know. (An officer approves a box that is sitting next to Marchenko.) Don't touch that!

Garret: Did you buy this from Roger Shyler?

Marchenko: I don't know who you're talking about. No! (The officer opens the box an inside in a chamber there is a human heart, still beating.) Please. My son needs that heart. I'm begging you.

***Boston Police Precinct***

Carver: We know you bought that heart from Roger Shyler.

Marchenko: I told you, we met, but he never gave me his name.

Garret: (Phone ringing) Macy.

Nigel: Yeah, I've got a match on the print from the organ preservation machine. I'm emailing it over right now. Okay.

Carver: You don't recognize him?

Marchenko: He's not here.

Garret: Are you sure?

Marchenko: Positive. (A photo of person whose fingerprint matches comes up on the computer.) That's him. The guy who sold me the heart.

Carver: Shyler's delivery boy? Manuel Rios?

Marchenko: We met at a bar on Fremont. He was nervous. He left in a taxi because he was worried that someone was following him.

Garret: What taxi company was it?

Marchenko: Yellow Cab, I think.

Carver: Let's find out where he went.

***Sahara Motel***

Carver: There's a John Smith registered, fits the description.

Garret: He had plenty of opportunity to witness organ harvest. If he was in charge of cleanup afterwards, it woulda been easy to kill the donors.

Carver: (Whispering to an officer) All right. Police, freeze! Drop it! (When they enter, Rios has a scalpel in hand and is about to cut someone open.) Macy!

Garret: He's alive. Call the paramedics. Where's Shyler?

Rios: How should I know?

Garret: Was it his idea to kill the donors?

Carver: Look, you're in enough trouble as it is. If you know anything--

Rios: Shyler was an idiot. He was making pennies off a lousy kidney.

Garret: And it was so easy to take out everything, right?

Rios: No one's gonna miss these guys.

Garret: Get him outta here.

***Boston Police Precinct***

(Woody is interrogating Danvers, again. Jordan is watching through the one way glass.)

Woody: Professor, now, you said you did not see Zach the day he died, but we found a fingerprint on his bloody shirt.

Danvers: All right. I saw him. I went to meet him at the fencing gym. He was hurt. I helped him clean up.

Woody: Why'd you lie about that?

Danvers: Love can make you stupid, Detective.

Woody: Anyone see you leave the gym?

Danvers: I passed Zach's roommate Lucas on my way out.

Woody: You've recently filled a prescription for hydrocodone. The same drug we found in Zach. You care to explain?

Danvers: He was in pain. I thought they might help.

Woody: They knock him out so you could kill him?

Danvers: Look, I could never-- I've never been to Zach's room. Why would I be stupid enough—?

Woody: In your own words, Professor... “Love makes you stupid. “

Woody: This woman makes Pinocchio look honest.

Jordan: There's still no evidence placing her in Zach's dorm room.

Woody: All right, you go back to his room, see if CSU missed anything. I'll go find Lucas, see if Danvers' alibi version 5. 0 checks out.

***Pangborn Hall***

Jordan: I kill my boyfriend; I gotta leave a trace somewhere.

Sidney: Now, to burke a guy while he's sleepin', you're gonna have to sit on his chest, right?

Jordan: Yeah.

Sidney: (Sighs) Well, then, you gotta pull up on the frame... to get enough pressure. So there has to be a print under here somewhere. (referring to under the bed frame)

Jordan: You find anything?

Sidney: (Sighs) No. Just dust bunnies.

Jordan: You know what, uh... all right, I'll get on top.

Sidney: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, yo. Hey, man, we had a seminar about this. I'm staying right here.

Jordan: Look--okay, she lies on top of him. But she can't get enough leverage, so... she pushes up against the top bunk... to get pressure. Would you pass me the white light?

Sidney: Yeah.

Jordan: Thanks. (There are shoe prints on the bottom of the top bunk) Oh. Adhesive on the left shoe. Tape maybe.

Sidney: The professor's feet are that big?

***DeCicco Fencing Gymnasium***

Woody: That the sword you lost to Zach with?

Lucas:  I didn't lose.

Woody: That's not what I heard. I also heard you would've lost your scholarship, if Zach hadn't been conveniently murdered.

Lucas:  Like I said, I didn't kill him.

Jordan: But if the shoe fits... I'm guessing these will. I already matched them to the shoe print found on the bedspring above Zach's bunk. And this tape matches the adhesive we found. (Lucas holds up the sword toward Jordan. Woody whips out his gun. Lucas hands over the sword.)

Woody: Looks like you lose, Lucas. Once again.

***ME's Office***

Danvers: (Elevator bell rings) Dr. Cavanaugh. I... I wanted to thank you.

Jordan: I'm just doing my job.

Danvers: I was a real chump, wasn't I?

Jordan: You couldn't have known.

Danvers: I suppose I'm grateful that I wasn't a cradle robber after all. Not that the university sees it that way. I've been suspended, pending a review.

Jordan: I'm very sorry.

Danvers: I know you think what Zach and I had was wrong.

Jordan: You were his advisor. You had a duty to maintain a boundary.

Danvers: Tell me, have you had many relationships?

Jordan: Enough.

Danvers: I haven’t. My marriage went sour years ago. So I've been alone for a long time. And it's hard when everyone around you is finding true love. It's not an excuse. But when Zach came along, I just wasn't thinking. I so wanted... a second chance. Don't we all deserve that?


Cuevas: (Knocks) Dr. Macy?

Garret: Come on in.

Cuevas: The DA is not pressing any charges against me. I think I have you to thank for that. (Garret hands Cuevas a piece of paper)

Garret: This is a friend of mine with INS. He's expecting your call.

Cuevas: Why are you helping me?

Garret: Because I'd like to think that someone would do the same for me, if I were in your position.

Cuevas: If... if I could ever repay you—

Garret: No. It's all right, Dr. Cuevas.


Jordan: Hey, boss.

Garret: Hey.

Jordan: Any leads on Shyler?

Garret: No.

Jordan: Rumor has it the heart you recovered at the airport is missing.

Garret: Is that right?

Jordan: Yeah, seems to have made its way to a Russian boy in a Montreal hospital.

Garret: That's bizarre.

Jordan: If you knew anything about this, you'd tell me, though, right?

Garret: No.

Jordan: Okay, just checking.

Garret: Feel like grabbin' a drink?

Jordan: Sorry, I already made plans.

Garret: It's the dork, isn't it?

Jordan: We talked. Uh, so his laugh hasn't changed, but, you know, he seemed... he seemed nice.

Garret: Nice is nice.

Jordan: Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

Garret: Word of advice. Try not to sabotage things before dessert.

Jordan: Who, me?

The End

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