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#408 : Vol sans retour


Titre original : "Fire From The Sky"

Devan demande à Jordan de bien vouloir le remplacer lors de la garde de nuit qu'il doit effectuer à la morgue. Au cours de la nuit, un crash d'avion se produit, faisant un grand nombre de victimes. Le docteur Garret Macy, rapidement présent sur les lieux de l'accident, va tenter d'identifier les défunts. Woody met tout en oeuvre pour obtenir de l'aide de la part de la Direction fédérale de l'aviation civile américaine. Il souhaite avoir des explications, afin de comprendre ce qui a bien pu se passer au cours du vol...


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Plus de détails

***Jordan's Apartment***

Jordan: (Phone rings) This better be good.

Devan: Jordan, it's Devan.

Jordan: Got any idea what time it is?

Devan: Late, I know. I need a favor. (Devan is packing while she is talking.)

Jordan: Are you bleeding?

Devan: What?

Jordan: Maimed in some way?

Devan: No.

Jordan: Then forget it.  I'm asleep.

Devan: I was supposed to work graveyard.  I need you to cover my shift.

Jordan: I think you have got the wrong number.

Devan: Jordan, I'm serious.

Jordan: So am I. I just put in a double already. I'm feeling a little pre-homicidal.

Devan: (Phone beeps) Hang on, I have another call. (Scoffs after looking at the caller ID) Arrete de m'appeler. (Stop calling me.) Non, je ne veux pas parler. (No, I don't want to talk.) Je m'en vais. (I'm leaving.) Laisse-moi en paix. (Leave me in peace.) (Thanks to WillyBoy who transcribed and translated this on Coffeeboards!!!) (Switches back to Jordan) Hey, look, uh, I'll be a couple of hours tops. Please just cover my shift.

Jordan: You know, ever since you first showed up at the morgue, you've only been out for yourself.

Devan: Jordan, I'm asking you as a friend.

Jordan: And what makes you think we're friends?

Devan: Fine, forget it. I'll get there when I can.

Jordan: No, Devan, Devan, hello? Dev--

(Devan's cell phone ringing. She looks at it and then turns it off.)

***ME's Office***

Jordan: Oh, Nige, what are you doing here so late?

Nigel: What? You didn't hear?

Jordan: Hear what? What's going on?

Bug: Plane crash.

Jordan: What? Where?

Bug: We don't know. It hasn't happened yet.

Jordan: What's that supposed to mean?

Garret: Commuter plane took off from D.C. 45 minutes ago. Pilot called in a mayday somewhere over Baltimore, then all communications went dead. The plane's still in the air.

Jordan: Hijacked?

Garret: International guard scrambling F15 to take a closer look. No one's movin' on board. They're either unconscious or dead.

Jordan: Oh, my god.

Garret: Yeah, it's losin' altitude. Estimated point of impact is somewhere east of Colfax in the Blue Hills. We're going out there.

Jordan: Okay, I'm going with you.

Garret: Wait a minute. Weren't you just here?

Jordan: I'm covering Devan for a couple of hours. Look, give me a couple minutes. I'll pack a bag. I'll drive with you.

Garret: I want you to stay put.

Jordan: Why?

Garret: I need at least one ME on duty to prep for mass causalities. It's going to get crazy around here soon enough.

***Near Crash Site***

Bug: How weird is this? Coming to a crash site before the crash.

Nigel: FAA's trajectory estimate has the plane coming down and then going out over that ridge about two miles that way.

(Plane overhead. Plane flying closer. Big explosion)

{Crossing Jordan Intro}

***Crash Site***

(Police sirens)

Garret: I want to set up the generators behind that tent there. And we'll run a mobile command out of the truck.

Bug: I'll need a water supply for sifting.

Garret: Talk to the fire marshal, get a tap off one of his trucks.

Nigel: Dr.  Macy. Okay, put the portable x-ray machine in the main tent. We're gonna want to run immediate dental exams. Airline says that the plane is a Jetstream 41. It's a 25 seater. Fueled for three trips between D.C. and Boston. With that much fuel on board, this thing's gonna burn for hours.

Bug: We're gonna be down to DNA testing on most of them.

Garret: All right, it still doesn't change the job. We still flag, bag, and tag as many as we can. Let's get to it. Come on.

Man:  Which one of you is Macy?

Garret: That's me.

Man: Nathan Farrell, NTSB.

Garret: You have the passenger manifest?

Farrell: Not yet. FBI's got a hold of it. Running the names to rule out any terrorist activity. Could take hours.

Garret: The sooner I get the manifest, the sooner I can finish my job and you can start yours.

Farrell You ever work on a major crash before?

Garret: Yeah, one or two.

Farrell Well, this is my 17th. So tell you what, why don't you follow my lead. I'll make sure we stay off each other's toes.

Garret: My toes are just fine, thanks.

Farrell My guys need access to the site.

Garret: Then they'll get it. But recovering and identifying the bodies are the first order of business. That's my job. In order to do it, I've got to get to the bodies before anyone contaminates the evidence.

Farrell Dead bodies don't do me any good. I need the black box.

Garret: If we run across it, you'll be the first to know.

Farrell They're dead, Macy! They can wait. You'll be lucky to find some teeth.

Garret: Teeth will do. I've made ID's on less. (Goes into tent) Guys, you can put a photo station and fingerprinting in here. But I want trace down at the end out of traffic, all right?

Woman: Dr. Macy, Darla Channing, Channel 3 news.

Garret: How did you get in here?

Woman: Doug here found a fire road on the forestry map. Wonder if we can grab a sound byte or two.

Garret: Where the hell's security? You people are supposed to be five miles away.

Woman: Well, until someone kicks us out.

Garret: I believe I just did. Wait a minute. (On television) Well, it's still very early in the recovery process, but for those of you who may have had loved ones on board... I'm gonna just say that I know how difficult this time is. But we'd like ask your help in contacting the medical examiner's office with any pertinent details. A little help such as dental records or anything that may help with our DNA analysis. Hairbrushes, toothbrushes...

***ME's Office***

(Jordan and Lily are watching Garret on television.)

Lily: God, it's weird. It's so quiet here now.

Jordan: Yeah, don't get too comfy. That's about to change.

Lily: I hate this part of the job.

Sidney: Hey, I'm sorry, guys. I got here as fast as I could.

Jordan: Good, good. You can help me stock supplies in trace. And if you could, prep autopsy one and two.

Sidney: Are we working on the skeleton crew?

Lily: Most everyone's out at the site.

Jordan: Except Dr. McGuire. Little Miss Flaky went AWOL on us. Where the hell is she? (Jordan checks her watch)

Woody: Hey! What are you guys doin' here?

Jordan: Boy, I could ask the same of you.

Woody: Devan likes the moo shoo from Yang Chou's.

Jordan: Oh, does she now?

Woody: Uh, yeah...it's kind of a Sunday night thing we do. She's always working late and I just, uh...so what are you guys doin' here?

***Crash Site***

Bug: First body. He was in the tail of the plane, 40 yards from the crater. Still intact.

Garret: All right, get some photos first and run a preliminary trace.

Nigel: Officer Paul McGill. (holding a badge) Federal Air Marshal.

Bug: Dr.  Macy, take a look at his eyes.

Garret: Petechial hemorrhaging.

Nigel: There's a bluish tint to the skin.

Garret: Asphyxiation?

Bug: Yeah, but from what?

Garret: We'll find out. Bag him for autopsy. I'm gonna check on the recovery team.

Woody: Dr.  Macy.

Garret: You came all this way to bring us takeout?

Woody: It was Yang Chou's. So what happened here other than the obvious?

Garret: I'm not sure yet. Seems they were all dead before they hit the ground. Some sort of toxic fumes released into the cabin.

Woody: Any reason to suspect foul play?

Garret: Well, it's hard to say. Could've been a hundred things. But foul play's pretty far down on the list.

Woody: Let me see your flashlight. (Woody starts picking up money, then shines on a bag full of wrapped cash.) You might wanna rethink that list.

***ME's Office***

Lily: (Elevator dings) Hi, can I help you, ma'am?

Woman: My husband, I believe he was-- well, to be on that plane tonight. Man on the news says to come here. I-I brought this. (She hands Lily a toothbrush.)

***Crash Site***

(In field)

Bug:  Nigel!

(In tent)

Woody: What happened to this guy?

Garret: Offhanded, I would say he was cut in two.

Nigel: Cell phone, breast pocket.

Garret: I'll put it with the others.

Bug: What are these...belts and neckties?

Nigel: Yeah, someone used them to strap him down.

Woody: His upper body at least. He have any ID on him?

Bug: Maybe in his lower half. If we find it.

Woody: Let me get those j-pegs back to the precinct.

Farrell I might need an explanation for this.

Garret: Your guess is as good as mine.

Farrell What's this I hear about asphyxiation?

Garret: Just a theory we're working on. Excuse me.

Farrell And the cash?

Garret: Another piece of the puzzle.

Farrell So what are we looking at? Some kind of hostage situation, a hijacking?

Garret: You want more answers, get us that manifest.

Farrell Feds are faxing it over any minute. Now what about that black box?

Garret: That pit's burning 2200 degrees. You want to start looking there? Go for it.

(Woody goes into the field and finds a toy (?) with a large eye on it. He gets up and takes it with him.)

(Garret on the phone with Jordan)

Garret: Hey, how are things there?

Jordan: Waiting on a storm. How about you?

Garret: Right smack in the middle of it.

Jordan: Just say the word, I'm there.

Garret: No, we're about to send over the first half-dozen victims. I need some experience there. Send Devan instead.

Jordan: Yeah, if I could find her.

Garret: She--she still hasn't shown up?

Jordan: Not a word.

Garret: Call her on her cell. Get right back to me.

Jordan: 'Kay.

Woody: Yeah, Detective Hoyt. Woody Hoyt, H-O-Y-T. Boston PD. I'm here at the site right now. And I think we're looking at a homicide situation. Since it occurred in the air, I believe that's federal jurisdiction. Yeah, sure, I'll hold. (The passenger manifest list is being printed on the fax machine. Woody picks it up and looks worried and he hangs up the phone.)

(A cell phone starts ringing on a table with about a dozen others. These are the cell phones they have found at the crash site. Garret goes over and answers it.)

Garret: Hello?

Jordan: Garret?

Garret: Jordan?

Jordan: What's going on? I just dialed Devan's cell number.

(Woody appears with the list and hands it to Garret with still a very sad/worried look on his face.)

Woody: I just saw her three days ago. She didn't say anything about traveling. Why was she going to Washington?

Bug: I don't know.

Nigel: Didn't say anything to me.

Garret: Nothing. No remains where her cell phone was found. Listen, I-I know we're all in shock right now. There's gonna be plenty of time to deal with it later. But right now we've got a job to do. We've gotta try to put our emotions--

Woody: I've gotta find her.

Garret: We might not. You know that, right?

Woody: She was in seat 7b.

Garret: Listen, I'm not one to give advice. But go home, Woody. We'll take it from here.

Woody: 7b was an aisle seat on a plane like this. If I could find her seat, she's gotta be near there, right?

***ME's Office***

Jordan: (choked up) Who the hell did she know in DC?

Sidney: Maybe she had family there.

Lily: She said something about having a drink with her ex-fiancee.

Jordan: Oh, god, I was so... I can't believe this.

Sidney: You know, all this waitin' around. Maybe we should be doin' somethin'.

Lily: You're right.

Jordan: Who was her next of kin? I should call.

Lily: Okay, let me, uh...

Emmy: We've got our first crash victim.

***Crash Site: Next Morning***

Nigel: (talking to the operator of a forklift who is picking up a piece of the plane) Okay, bring it up. Up some more. Keep going. Hold it! Okay, I need a photographer! (He looks under the piece and sees the other half the the body found earlier) Oh, gees.

Photographer: Where's the other half of him?

Nigel: In the tent.

Photographer: (snapping pictures. Nigel pulls out the corpse's wallet.) So who is he?

Nigel: (holding up two ID's) Take your pick.

(In the tent)

Woody: (on the phone) Is that the current address? Okay. Okay, thanks. Those hundred-dollar bills we found? Some of the serial numbers trace back to a bank in D.C.

Garret: Okay.

Woody: They were withdrawn this morning by a Donald Suffin. He owns a car dealership in Springfield, Virginia. His name is not on the manifest.

Garret: Then how'd the money get on the plane?

Woody: Don't know. PD's trying to find him right now. It came to almost ten grand. That's a lot of money to be traveling with. (Woody flip a page in his notepad with an extremely trembling hand.)

Garret: I'm sorry Woody. (Woody goes to leave and grabs the bag of Chinese food, hold it up, then throws it in the trash on his way out.)

Woody: Excuse me. Excuse me, sir.

Man: Can I help you?

Woody: What seat number is this?

Man: Seats don't have any numbers. The numbers are in the bulkhead above 'em.

Woody: Is there a way to find out whose seat that was?

Man: Afraid not.

(Garret is still watching Woody.)

***ME's Office***

Sidney: You know she always called me "new guy". You know, just to mess with me, you know? Just 'cause she thought she was so funny. And it was, kind of. But, man, that girl could dish it out. Sorry.

Jordan: What do you make of this?

Sidney: Is that a bullet hole? He was shot?

Jordan: Ceramic. Used by air marshals.

Sidney: Frangible bullets. They way they won't pierce the fuselage when they fire aboard a plane.

Jordan: You let someone shoot you with your own gun, Mr. Air Marshal?

Sidney: Guess he would if he was choking like everyone else on...whatever gas that was.

Jordan: Sulphuric acid.

Sidney: What?

Jordan: That was the base agent in his lungs. Fumes from a sulphuric acid spill.

Sidney: But acid spilled from where?

Jordan: We've got a long way to go, Sidney. (Sighs) A long way to go.

***Crash Site***

Nigel: We got hits on both those ID’s from our severed man. First one, Robert Webber, is a fake.

Woody: How do we know?

Nigel: Because Webber died two years ago in a boating accident off Baja California.

Garret: He bought it on the black market.

Nigel: Yeah, ID number two, Kenneth Moran of Livingston, Connecticut. Apparently, there's a warrant out for his arrest.

Garret: What for?

Nigel: Afraid I hit a red tape wall on that. But it's a federal warrant.

Woody: So we've got a wanted felon tied down to his chair. And a federal air marshal with a bullet in him from his own gun.

Bug: A gun which is still missing.

Garret: All of 'em dead from asphyxiation.

Nigel: Something went very wrong up there.

Woody: Air marshal spots wanted felon. All hell breaks loose.

Bug: I can’t imagine what her last few minutes must have been like.

***ME's Office: Conference Room***

(There are now quite a few people gathered there waiting to hear about loved ones.)

Woman: Excuse me. I don't know his blood type.

Lily: Oh, that's okay. Just fill it out the best you can. Ma'am. I'm a little confused about something. How do you pronounce your husband's first name?

Woman: Esuke.

Lily: And your name is...

Woman: I am Miku.

Lily: According to the manifest, Esuke Yamamoto was traveling with Miku Yamamoto. Seats 8b and c.

Woman: But I-I am here.

Lily: I know, I just...

Miku: I-I am Miku. Who is this person?

Lily: I'm sure there's some sort of explanation.

Jordan: Is this Mrs. McGuire? Hello, I'm Dr. Cavanaugh with the medical examiner's office in Massachusetts. I'm afraid that I have some very bad news.

***Crash Site***

Green: Detective Hoyt, Dr. Macy.

Woody: I'm Hoyt.

Green: Special Agent Molly Green, FBI. This is Carla Moran and her daughter, Kimmy. Her husband was on the plane.

Woody: I'm so sorry. Right this way.

Garret: How did you get here so fast? We just ID’d him a little while ago.

Green: We flagged his alias on the manifest. Kenneth Moran was wanted for kidnapping.

Mrs. Moran: He kidnapped our son Kyle.

Woody: Your son.

Mrs. Moran: Did you find him?

Garret: We haven't completed our search yet, ma'am.

Mrs. Moran: Kyle's on the donor list for a new liver. He's had four operations in the last year. His father just snapped, said no more.

Green: The boy's gone days without medication. Doctors say he may not have survived more than a couple without it.

Garret: We've ID'd 11 passengers so far. No children. According to the dates of birth listed on this manifest...How old did you say your son was?

Mrs. Moran: He's ten.

Garret: The youngest name here is a Miku Yamamoto, born in 1981.

Woody: Your son was not on that plane, ma'am.

Mrs. Moran: Then where is he?

Green: And you can't think of any reason why your husband would be flying out of DC?

Mrs. Moran: I told you how many times, no.

Green: We have to retrace his steps if you want to find your son, Carla.

Woody: Any friends or relatives down there?

Mrs. Moran: I don't think so. My family's all here in New England, and Ken was an only child.

Woody: What about his parents?

Green: Why don't you let me ask the questions?

Mrs. Moran: They died a few years ago. I think that's what started him off on all this.

Woody: Started him off on what?

Green: Do you mind, Detective?

Mrs. Moran: On whatever you want to call it. His...downward spiral?

Green: Hold that thought, Carla.

Woody: You about to tell me my services are no longer needed?

Green: That saves me the trouble.

Woody: Boston PD does not work with the FBI. So why don't we stop wasting time arguing over jurisdiction, since these nice people don't have much time to waste. We need every agency available looking for their boy.

Mrs. Moran: And you will find him, won't you?

Green: We're doing our best, ma'am.

Woody: Mrs. Moran, I guarantee you we'll find your son. You have my word on that.

Man: I got the black box. Where's the NTSB?

Bug: On that truck over there.

Nigel: Hey, what's taking so long? When will this fire be out?

Man: As soon as that fuel burns off.

Bug: Yeah, how long will that be?

Man: Another five, six hours. As long as the fire's contained to that pit, no since of wasting another drop of water on it.

Nigel: Yeah, but that doesn't give us much chance of finding remains in it.

Bug: There's still half a dozen unaccounted for. Beside from teeth, they'll be down to ashes.

Man: I hate to tell you, fellows, but they already are.

***ME's Office***

Lily: Yes, may I help you?

Woman: (Speaking Japanese)

Lily: I'm sorry. I don't understand.

Woman: (Speaking Japanese)

Miku: Uh...(Speaking Japanese)

Woman: (Speaking Japanese)

Miku: Her daughter, Yoshiko, 25 years old. She believes she was on the plane.

Lily: Let me double check the manifest.

Woman: (Speaking Japanese)

Miku: She says her daughter called yesterday to say she was flying home with a friend. (Speaking Japanese)

Woman: (Speaking Japanese)

Miku: A boyfriend?

Lily: Why don't we take this into the other--other room?

Miku: That's my husband!

Woman: (Speaking Japanese)

Miku: (Speaking Japanese) Boyfriend!

Lily: Mrs. Yamamoto, please!

Miku: (Speaking Japanese)

Lily: Ladies, ladies!

***Crash Site***

Farrell Black box.

(Voices on black box)

Mary: Don't bother calling it in Captain, we've got in under control back here. The passenger's been restrained.

Pilot: You're sure Mary?

Farrell Restrained.

Garret: That's Moran, our tied-up kidnapper.

Pilot: Man, (slight coughing) Smell that?

Co-pilot: I (coughing) I smell something. What the hell is it?

Flight attendant: Oh my God! Passengers are falling.

Pilot: It's some kind of- (coughing) some-some kind of, like a- switch to auto-pilot, would ya?

Co-pilot: Oh, God...

Farrell Chemical smell

Pilot: We have a mayday, Close the door!

Garret: We'll find out.

Farrell When? Homeland security's waiting.

Garret: Yes, I'm aware of that!

Woody: Let's go, doc. Moran's in the van. Ready to go to the morgue.

Garret: I'm not going. I can't look at the guy.

Woody: What is it?

Garret: I'm not leaving.

Woody: But with his son waiting for him...

Garret: This is such a long shot, Woody. Without his medication, that poor kid is probably already dead. For all we know Moran decided to punish himself for his own stupidity and go out in a blaze of glory that took 24 other lives with him, including one of our own.

Woody: You may be right, but what if you're not, Dr. Macy? What if this kid is alive?

Garret: Jordan can do the autopsy. I'm not leavin' my team.

***ME's Office***

(Jordan is trying to break into Devan's desk)

Sidney: Hey, I could really use your help out here.

Jordan: Okay, give me a minute.

Sidney: Isn't that Devan's desk? Should you be doing that?

Jordan: Report me.

Lily: What did you say to her mother?

Jordan: That, uh, we found her name on the passenger manifest and that we recovered her cell phone.

Lily: What are you looking for?

Jordan: I should have been kinder to her. Should have been more of a friend.

Lily: Jordan. Don't do this to yourself.

Jordan: I said some things that I shouldn't have, Lily. Mean, thoughtless...

Lily: You had a right to be angry. How could you have known that she'd—

Jordan: How can any of us know? And yet we say things. (Jordan holds out a photo of a work party)

Sidney: Dr. Cavanaugh?

Jordan: Just give me a second.

Sidney: Look, you're not the only one that's having a bad day today.

Jordan: No, Sidney, I didn't mean--

Sidney: We got new bodies coming in, and I got Woody on two for you.

Woody: Anything you can find, Jordan. We need whatever we can that can lead us to this boy...

Jordan: He’s right in front of me.

Woody: I really need this one.

Jordan: I'm on it. Are you okay?

Woody: Yeah. Just get me some answers, okay, Jordan?

***Crash Site: Inside***

Mrs. Moran: What do we do in the meantime?


Woody: Car dealer out of Virginia.

Mrs. Moran: No, who is he?

Green: He bought your husband's truck yesterday morning for $5,000 in cash.

Woody: We found ten grand in cash at the crash site last night.

Green: Any idea where he'd get the other half?

Mrs. Moran: Ken started pulling cash out of our accounts last year. But he didn't take it when he took Kyle. I checked.

Green: So why'd he take it out of the accounts?

Mrs. Moran: He had issues with authority. First it was bad investments. Then his job was out-sourced to India. And when Kyle got sick--

Kimmy: They almost killed him.

Woody: Wait, who almost killed who?

Mrs. Moran: When he first was hospitalized, Kyle nearly died of staph infection. It left my husband believing that Kyle was worse off in the hospital than out.

Green: So with another hospital stay looming...

Mrs. Moran: I tried to stop him. He said he couldn't stand to lose anything else.

Woody: You say the cash at home is still there?

Mrs. Moran: There is no way he'd dare come and get it.

Woody: Is that true, Kimmy? Did your dad come and get the money? Did he ask you to bring it to him?

Mrs. Moran: How could she do that? She doesn't even know the money's there.

Woody: Kimmy, Kimmy. Where did you last see your dad?

Mrs. Moran: Look, leave her alone, she's been—

Woody: Kimmy, where did you last see your dad?

Kimmy: He made me swear I wouldn't tell.

***Hotel/Motel Somewhere***

Woody: What's with the gun? He's just a kid.

Green: So you know he's alone?

Woody: Let me see that key. Freeze, police!

Officer: Bathroom clear.

Green: Nothing.

Man: I told you he paid cash for two nights only.

Woody: Any idea where they went?

Man: No. But he bought a few maps. Uh, New York, New Jersey, Maryland.

Green: It's the route to DC.

Man: I can't imagine they got too far. The boy, he didn't look good at all.

Green: You see now why I try not to make guarantees to the mothers of missing children.

***Crash Site: Outside***

Nigel: Bone. Third metacarpal of the right hand.

Bug: And here's a middle phalanx.

Garret: Bag him. I got a gun. It's a 9-millimeter Glock. Air marshal special ceramic bullets. It looks like two rounds fired.

Bug: Two? Where'd the second one hit?

Nigel: It's a needle in a haystack. It could take weeks.

Garret: Well, then keep looking. We'll run for prints back in the morgue.

Bug: You know, we can handle things here, boss.

Garret: Who said you couldn't?

Bug: It's just that if you wanted to go back to the morgue, I mean that's where the last of the larger remains are. There's no need for you to go through all of this.

Nigel: We'll find her, Dr. Macy.

Garret: Find everyone.

***ME's Office***

Jordan: Hey.

Garret: Hey.

Jordan: You still on your feet.

Garret: Yeah, what's holding you up?

Jordan: Woody said that you weren't coming back from the crash site until... Did you find her?

Garret: No. She's one of five. Two pilots and three passengers still somewhere in the point of impact. You know, the heat of the fire.

Jordan: What's that?

Garret: This is the gun that son of a bitch took off the air marshal to shoot down the plane.

Jordan: Not with ceramic bullets he didn’t.

Garret: You think a ceramic bullet could pierce something containing sulphuric acid?

Jordan: Depends on the container, whatever it was. I still can't imagine how it got on the plane.

Garret: Here's what I don't understand. Sulphuric acid is odorless, right? But on the block box, the pilots were chocking on a gas that had a smell to it.

Jordan: Well, mixed with borax I'm sure it did.

Garret: Borax?

Jordan: From detergents used to clean synthetic carpets, like the one on the plane. Fumes when the acid hit must have been overwhelming.

Garret: Woody's out there searching for his kid.

Jordan: I know, he sounds possessed.

Garret: Did you find anything?

Jordan: Diatoms in his stomach lining. Wherever this guy was, he wasn't drinking designer water or from any tap. He was getting it from a natural spring.

Garret: That narrows it down. 

Jordan: I also found traces of soil on his boot. Should be getting results back soon. What are you doing? I got this.

Garret: Seems about the only thing worth doing right now.

Jordan: Maybe not the only thing. I'll be back.

***Video Conference***

Bug: What happened to you catching ten minutes of shuteye?

Nigel: Oh, you know, idle minds...

Jordan: Are a terrible thing to waste. Sorry, Bug, to your right.

Bug: No keeping you away, is there, Madame Oz?

Jordan: Ah, we do what we can. You all right?

Bug: Yeah, considering.

Sidney: How's this looking on your end, Nigel?

Nigel: Couldn't done better myself, Sid. Just add passengers and we're there.

(Sidney's created a 3D image of the interior of the plane on the computer while Bug and Nigel are dealing with the real-life setup recreated from the recovered debris.)

Bug: So where does this thing go?

Jordan: What is it?

Bug: It was a wheelchair, believe it or not.

Jordan: Okay, uh...yeah, one passenger listed with special needs.

Sidney: Looks like there's a designated space, uh, right up front at the bulkhead, seat 1a.

Nigel: 1a.

Sidney: Where it's clamped to the floor.

Jordan: Nice, okay, let's highlight Devan in seat 7b. Uh, Air Marshal, 3a. Moran, 4c. Now, then the pilots were both lost at the nose of the plane, point of impact.

Bug: But how did Devan and the other two get there? Unless they weren't belted in.

Jordan: Good question. Okay, uh, how 'bout this? Plane takes off. Air marshal gives the cabin a quick once-over and some how recognizes Moran from the FBI alert.

Nigel: Moran.

Bug: Air marshal. (For real-life re-enactment) He notices Moran. There's a struggle. Moran beats air marshal to his gun, which we know was fired twice.

Nigel: Once into the air marshal's leg. And the second shot...Where?

Jordan: No, guys, turn it around. Uh...Moran was seated behind the air marshal. He would have been facing the cockpit.

Nigel: Bang. Bulkhead. Wheelchair. Battery.

Jordan: Sulfuric acid.

Bug: Which when applied to the synthetic fibers of the airplane's carpet...

Sidney: Would create a noxious gas.

Jordan: Enough to asphyxiate the entire cabin.

Bug: So knowin' Devan, she probably got up to help. Took care of the air marshal after he was shot. Belted him in to her own chair, which is why we found him in the tail end of the plane.

Nigel: And the other two overpowered Moran. Tied them to a seat with their own neckties. And they won the fight, you know. And as soon as the pilot announced that everything was fine, disturbance over, the fumes started to overtake the cabin.

Jordan:  People started dropping. But because Devan's not seated, she and the other two hit the floor. So when the plane crashed...anyone and anything not strapped down or belted in was suddenly thrust into the nose of the plane, including the fuel.

Garret: Which is still burning.

Sidney: So it means we're really not going to find her.

Jordan: Don't tell that to Bug and Nigel. They went right back to water sifting for her.

(Computer beeping)

Jordan: What do you got?

Garret: Your soil sample from Moran's boot. Apparently contains minerals traces indigenous to a third of all mountain areas in the northeast.

Sidney: Yeah, well, that's great. It's covering how many hundred square miles?

Garret: Connecticut River Valley's one of them. It's only been an hour from here.

Jordan: So with the diatoms from ground water in Moran's stomach, we should be thinking, campgrounds, state parks--

Lily: Excuse me. Devan's mother's here.

Jordan: I got it. You call Woody.

***Police Precinct***

Woody: (on phone) Hey, doc. What? No, no, no. This is beautiful. This is great. I'm gonna call you right back.

Kimmy: I just didn't want them to hurt Kyle.

Woody: Kimmy, that's fine. It's water under the bridge. We really don't have time for that right now. I gotta ask you guys, did you ever go camping?

Mrs. Moran: Well, my husband used to as a kid.

Woody: Great. I'm just gonna throw out the names of some state parks and tell me if any sound familiar, okay? Connecticut River Valley. Um, Holyoke Range Park, Mount Grace State Forest—

Kimmy: Mount Grace.

Woody: Mount Grace State Forest?

Kimmy: Remember when we were little, grandpa rented that trailer up in Mount Grace?

***ME's Office***

Mrs. McGuire: So there are no remains?

Jordan: Not yet, ma'am, no.

Mrs. McGuire: Because...she wasn't belted in.

Jordan: Yeah, helping to subdue a man with a gun, to keep him from harming others.

Mrs. McGuire: That sounds just like her. Always sticking her nose where it didn't belong.

Jordan: Yes, ma'am, but, uh, but she died a hero.

Mrs. McGuire: Did you know her well?

Jordan: No, I, well, I was, uh, I was only starting to.

Mrs. McGuire: The last few years were...very difficult for her. She just gotten out of a bad relationship. And coming here just seemed to give her a new lease on life. Dissecting bodies in a morgue. Can you imagine?

Jordan: Well, she was very good at it.

Mrs. McGuire: Wait a minute. You're Jordan. I never put it together before. Dr.  Jordan Cavanaugh.

Jordan: Yes, ma'am, I'm, uh—

Mrs. McGuire: Oh, she told me everything about you. She wouldn't talk about anything else. Jordan taught me this or I learned this from Jordan.

Jordan: She said that?

Mrs. McGuire: Yeah. You might not know this, but you were a good friend to her. A very, very good friend. Thank you.

***Mount Grace State Forest***

Woody: Easy with the guns, fellows. It's a kid.

Kyle: Stay back.

Woody: Easy, easy.

Where's my dad?

Woody: You're dad, uh...he give you that gun?

Kyle: He said not to let anyone come in here until he got back.

Woody: That's a good plan. But your mom and your sister are at the end of this trail, and they're worried sick about you.

Kyle: You're lyin'. My dad said you're all liars.

Woody: You watch TV today? You see that plane crash?

Kyle: Yeah, I saw it.

Woody: That plane came from D.C. You know D.C.? That's where your dad went to go sell his truck.

Kyle: Yeah, so.

Woody: How do you suppose he was going to get back up here to see you?

Kyle: You're lyin'.

Woody: I'm so sorry, Kyle. I'm so sorry. Come on, give me the gun.

Kyle: Stay back. My dad said not to. He said you were going to try to hurt me.

Woody: Kyle. Your mom and Kimmy are in my car. You want me to bring them up here?

Kyle: Are they okay?

Woody: They're missin' you. Big time. They want you to get the help that you need.

Kyle: So you're sayin' my dad is wrong.

Woody: Not if it's wrong to love your son. Not if it's wrong to want what's best for him. He loved you, Kyle. He always will.

Kyle: Why are you crying?

Woody: I lost someone on the plane too.

Kyle: And they died? (Woody nods. Kyle starts crying.) I want my mom.

Mrs. Moran: Thank you.

***ME's Office***

(Miku hands the other Japanese woman a handkerchief. They are both crying. They hug. Lily is also crying. Mrs. McGuire is looking a the pictures that Jordan found.)

***Crash Site***

Garret: Listen up, guys.

Nigel: We haven't found—

Garret: That's enough, that's enough. You did your best. Fellows. (He reads from a book) "As I stand on a mountaintop as the great bird approaches, she is small in my sight but grows larger on approach, until I am blessed with a full sight of her graceful wings, proud countenance and good company. All too quickly, she grows small again on the horizon and disappears from view. And I call out: 'There, she's gone!' But there are other mountaintops beyond me. And at the precise moment when I note the great bird's departure from my view, I know there are new eyes taking up the sight of her and fresh voices calling out: 'Here, she comes!' "

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