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#413 : 5 jours pour convaincre


Titre original : "You Really Got Me"

A Boston, un homme met fin à ses jours. Cet événement dramatique a toutefois des conséquences inattendues, puisqu'il permet à Jordan de poursuivre une enquête restée en suspens. En effet, elle parvient ainsi à identifier l'arme qui aurait été utilisée huit ans plus tôt pour un meurtre commis à Los Angeles. A l'époque, Jordan avait contribué à envoyer une femme dans le couloir de la mort. Cinq jours seulement avant l'exécution de la prisonnière, Jordan et Woody se rendent à Los Angeles, espérant trouver des indices qui l'innocenteront. Par ailleurs, le cadavre d'un vagabond arrive à la morgue...


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Jordan & Woody

Jordan & Woody


Trailer VF AB3

Trailer VF AB3


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***ME's Office***

Woody: What is with this city?

Jordan: Um, it's Boston in winter. Deal with it.

Woody: Only for another 21 hours, then it's off to Miami.

Jordan: Aren't you a little old for spring break?

Woody: Funny.

Jordan: Sidney bringing up the body?

Woody: Yes. And just to be clear, this trip is not about hot young ladies in next-to-no clothing with next-to-no inhibitions. Though that is a perk, this trip is about the Kinks.

Jordan: Wow, I always had you pegged for a flock of seagulls man.

Woody: Listen up. One night only, 250-seat venue. Backstage laminate. Front row seats. Just me, my high school buds, and Ray Davies kickin' it. (singing) You really got me, you really got me.

Jordan: Wow, I am shocked you became a cop. What do we got?

Sidney: We got Henry Marrow. Gunshot wound to the head. Entry wound shows blowback and stellate lacerations. So it's pretty clear it's self-inflicted.

Woody: Hence, case closed. So if you people will just sign the appropriate paperwork, I could get the heck out of here and pack my bags.

Jordan: Okay, gun was in the right hand.

Sidney: Well, he didn't have much of a choice. (Sidney picks up his arm and there is a metal clamp-thing where the hand should be)

Woody: Ooh, imagine the itch you could scratch.

Sidney: Oh, yeah.

Jordan: Nothing unusual about the crime scene?

Woody: Uh... no b&e, no signs of struggle. Well, the one cool thing is the gun. It's a 1933 Tokarev tt33. And it is a beaut. Worth over two grand.

Jordan: Tokarev pistol with Chinese ideograms. 7.26 millimeter?

Woody: Yeah.

Sidney: That's freaky.

Garret: So I hear you found the one-armed man?

Jordan: It's no joke, Garret. The guy in our crypt is a killer. LA, seven years ago. My case.

Woody: Jordan thinks she botched it.

Jordan: Okay. Faye Vaughn. Go-go dancer, drug addict. General loser. She was accused of murdering a guy she was having an affair with. And she was caught selling valuables stolen from his office. Open and shut.

Woody: Only she had an explanation: She didn't do it. It was the one-armed man.

Jordan: The fugitive had been on tv the week before.

Garret: Not just a murderer, a plagiarist.

Jordan: Murder weapon was a Tokarev tt33 with Chinese ideograms, stolen from the victim's gun collection. Never recovered.

Woody: Until now. With the one-armed man.

Garret: Well, even if you're right, you can't prosecute a dead guy.

Jordan: He's not the problem. Faye Vaughn is the problem. I laid the forensic trail that nailed her to the wall.

Garret: She's in prison?

Jordan: She's on death row. Scheduled to be executed in five days.

Jordan: (on phone) Bernie, pick up already. This is message number five. There's a woman on death row. Don't be juvenile. Just call me back. (hangs up) Kick your boss in the nuts just once...

Garret: And he doesn't take your calls, go figure.

Jordan: Hey.

Sidney: Hey. Well, trace metal seems consistent with the Tokarev, so now I'm just gonna have to run it through the S.E.F.

Jordan: Okay, see if you can get the bullet out of his head.

Garret: They'll need it to match the bullet that killed the guy in LA 

Sidney: Okay

Woody: This guy Marrow has no record.

Lily: Uh-- I just spoke to his widow. She's in Ogunquit, a "self-fulfillment retreat."

Jordan: Get her in here for formal ID and try to find anything that'll prove her husband was in LA  seven years ago, anything that might link him to the murder.

Lily: I'm a grief counselor. It's supposed to be a therapeutic relationship. What am I supposed to say? "Your dead husband's a murder suspect, tell me about him"?

Jordan: Please put your professional qualms on the shelf and help me try to save this woman's life. Oh...

Woody: Isn't being pushy your expertise, Jordan?

Jordan: I'm not gonna be here. I'm going to LA 

{Crossing Jordan Intro}

***Boston Streets***

Nigel: Blogs, my naive friend. Blogs are the future.

Bug: Blogs?

Nigel: Oh, I'm sorry. Haven't you joined the 21st century? Online journals. I started posting all the evidence on the Beacon Hill murders.

Bug: And some Joe Fropawtucket's gonna find something we trained professionals can't?

Nigel: Come on, it's been three years. You know, maybe we get lucky. Someone sees something in one of those bloody killings we didn’t. And some of them are rather bloody.

Guy: I can't let them have the numbers. It would change everything. "N" would roll over in his grave. Please. Help me.

Bug: Uh, sorry.

Nigel: Then, anyway, and then they go to www.Nigelblog.com, see for themselves. (Bug sees a van stop, two guys come out and drag the man that was just talking to him into the van and drive off) Chicago dog, drag it through the garden. Extra sauerkraut, extra jalapenos. Hey, Bug, you want yours plain?

Bug: Did you see that?

Nigel: See what? See what?

***ME's Office***

Jordan: Hey! Hey. Did you know that there are 158 flights every day from LA  to Miami? 38 non-stop.

Woody: No, no, no, no.

Jordan: I only have five days to get this woman off death row.

Woody: Jordan, you lived in LA  for five years. I'm sure, I'm sure you can find someone to help you out.

Jordan: Remember when I told you how much everybody loved me out there? I-I may have embellished that a little bit. You might find this hard to believe, but I was actually a little volatile back then.

Woody: Listen, Jordan. Just listen to me, okay? 'Cause I've been planning this trip for months. This is a one-time, one-night, intimate concert for real fans. Because they're our band.

Jordan: (Sighs) I screwed up. A woman's gonna die because I testified that she was the only one who could've done it. But if I'm gonna keep them from executing this woman on Friday, I'm gonna need court orders, help from the police, a-a judge. And you've got connections out there, right?

Woody: Yeah, but—

Jordan: 158 flights a day. You'll make your concert.

***Southern California Women's Facility***

Jordan: Ms. Vaughn? I'm—

Faye: I know who you are. Come for absolution before they kill me? Truth be told, if I thought the way you did then, I'd think I was guilty too.

Jordan: Only now I know you didn't do it.

Woody: We may have found your one-armed man. I'm Detective Woody Hoyt, Boston PD—

Faye: This some kind of a joke?

Jordan: No. It's no joke, Faye.

Faye: Look, I have four days left to live. You know, I've made peace with dying. He didn't have one arm. That's the way they all tried to make it sound, like I couldn't even come up with an original story. He had two arms, he just-- he had this-- claw.

Jordan: With a pincer.

Woody: Ms. Vaughn, I know it's been seven years, but do you think you'd be able to recognize his face?

Faye: See his face? My whole world is that night.

Jordan: (referring to a picture hung on the cell wall) Is that your daughter?

Faye: No, that's me. Helps me remember that I'm not who they say I am. Oh, my god. That's him. That's him.

***ME's Office***

(Nigel is trying to steal candy from the vending machine)

Nigel: So if they had the numbers, they could change everything? Could be launch codes for nuclear weapons.

Bug: Oh, stop already.

Nigel: What?

Bug: My brain was just trying to reconcile my guilt that I didn't give him any change. I mean, there were hundreds of other people standing around, no one else saw anything.

Framus: You're right. No one saw anything.

Bug: What are you doing here, Detective Framus?

Nigel: Yeah, what do you mean no one saw anything?

Framus: I speak seven languages. I chose English. No-one-saw-anything? I just wasted an hour of my time checking out your man-in-a-van fiction. Lucky I was wearing comfortable shoes. (She has on high-heeled boots) And to answer question one, your lanky friend called me. Anything to see you again, Buggles. How's your Trekkie memorabilia? Miss your Spock ears.

Bug: It's fine. Why'd you call her?

Nigel: Oh, I didn’t. I called Woody. She picked up his line. Is there anything you want to tell me? Buggles?

Bug: I can't believe you called her.

Framus: You still owe me that gimlet.

Garret: Bug? Detective Framus.

Framus: Hi, Garret. Nice surprise.

Garret: Listen, Bug, Jordan's off playing Joan of Arc, and Lily's chasing down leads for her. I need you to handle an ID.

Bug: With pleasure.

(Det. Framus hits the vending machine with the palm of her hand and a bunch of candy falls out)

Nigel: Thanks.

***Crypt: Lester Abbot***

Bug: You sure you don't want to do this with a photograph?

Son: I, uh--I hadn't seen my father in a long time. I-I really wanna see him.

Guy: (Flashback) Please. Help me.

Bug: It's him.

Nigel: Him who?

Bug: The man I saw abducted? He's dead. In the crypt.

Nigel: You mock me.

Bug: Nigel.

Nigel: Hey!

Bug: Look.

Nigel: So he was kidnapped?

Bug: Well, that's the weird thing. The guy came in as a hospital pick-up from St. Edmund’s. He'd been there for months. Died in his sleep.

Nigel: Three hours after you saw... what you saw.

Bug: What did I see?

***LA: ME's Office***

Woody: You sure you don't want me to come with you?

Jordan: I can handle Bernie Krump.

Woody: I didn't say you couldn't handle him--

Jordan: I'm a different person now, okay? I can play nice. Yeah, you go check out sunset division, see if you can find anything about Marrow. Get the state's evidence in Faye's case. A woman's life is at stake here. I mean, how big of an ass could he be?

Bernie: I have a restraining order against you.

Jordan: It's been almost four years, Bernie. Isn't this being a little—

Bernie: You assaulted me.

Jordan: And you wouldn't believe how sorry I am.

Bernie: Don't come near me. You are not now, nor will you ever be welcome back here.

Jordan: Believe me, I don't want to be here either. But I'm trying to help Faye Vaughn, that case that I called you about. Look, I just need access to the evidence in the vault. Okay, gunshot residue, tissue samples.

Bernie: Samples that are property of the LA  County coroner's office, where you don't work. Where you have no access and no rights. On a case that you have no standing in.

Jordan: A woman is going to be executed in four days for a crime that she did not commit.

Bernie: Because the real killer just happened to show up in your morgue, 3,000 miles from the scene of the crime. Nice try. (He calls his secretary)

Woman: Yes, Dr. Krump.

Bernie: There's a 512 in my office.

Jordan: What are you doing?

Bernie: You're supposed to stay 1,500 feet away from me. I can have you arrested.

Jordan: Look, Bernie, I--I am very sorry for knocking your testicles around. But you can't just let this woman die. (Two security guys "escort" Jordan out) Oh, you gotta be kidding me. Guys, please. Uh, come one. Bernie. Seriously, listen to me. Bernie. No, no, Bernie. Don't be---

Jordan: (on the phone) Actually, I'm gonna keep speaking to you like that until you open up your puny little mind and just give me the-- hello?


Woody: I think LA  brings out your softer side.

Jordan: The judge who sentenced Faye. His answer to everything is, "she's exhausted all of her appeals." Miami sound machine having a reunion?

Woody: It's called "beachwear," Jordan. And it's muy caliente in Miami.

Jordan: Look, after my run-in with Krump, I thought we'd start in early today.

Woody: Already did, crack of dawn. 200 crunches, check out my abs. You could do your laundry on them.

Jordan: Yeah, you can run for governor. We don't have time for this.

Woody: Do you have time for this? Court order, Bernard Krump has to give you everything, full access. And I got another one of those lovely pieces du papier that's gonna get me into the LAPD evidence room and access to the bullet.

Jordan: How did you get this?

Woody: Friend of mine at Sunset Division hooked me up with a very cool, very attractive ADA. And it turns out, I'm not the only true Kinks fan west of the Mississippi.

Jordan: And you made her hear music?

Woody: Ah, breakfast at the beach, sunrise over the ocean.

Jordan: You know, I hate to break it to you, but the sun does not rise over the water on the west coast.

Woody: All right, she hustled me. She gets to go to Miami, front row seats, backstage pass.

Jordan: You traded your Kinks tickets to help me?

Woody: Get over yourself. I did it for Faye.

Bernie: I'll have the evidence for this court order sent up. You do not have free rein. You stay in here. You don't talk to my people. You chase your wild goose, and then you go.

Jordan: Oh, home sweet home. 

Neville: Hello? Someone there? Oh! Sorry, Dr. K. Didn't expect anyone. And hello.

Bernie: Don't you have work to do?

Neville: Catching up, yeah. Fascinating stuff, this. Infections with the parasite Leishmania donovani have proven useful in addressing our immune responses-

Bernie: (Clears throat)

Neville: Yes. Right. Going.

Jordan: Oh, we haven't been introduced. My name is Jordan.

Neville: Jordan. As in Cavanaugh. Neville. Would it be too forward to ask if you would share a toddy with me later? I have heard so much about you.

Bernie: You've got work to do. Go do it where you do it. Not here.

Jordan: Actually, I could use a hand. The faster I work, uh, the faster I go.

Bernie: You've got a protective cup? I'd wear it.

Neville: Oh, I'll take my chances.

***Boston Police Precinct***

Framus: You know this is gonna cost you a meal maybe make it a theme. Let's say crazy fish.

Bug: Ha ha. Funny.

Framus: What's the matter, you don't like sushi?

Bug: You called in the doctor from St. Edmund’s. I thought you agreed to humor me.

Framus: Not a scratch on your dead man. Never reported missing. I am humoring you.

Shaw: Yes, he died in the hospital. He'd been in our residential treatment program for the past six months.

Framus: Dr. Shaw, I know this may sound crazy, but someone saw Mr. Abbot abducted in New Market Square yesterday.

Shaw: Abducted? Thrown into the van by two men?

Framus: Y-y-you mean he actually was?

Shaw: No, he snuck out after breakfast.

Bug: He was mentally ill?

Shaw: Schizoaffective disorder. He'd been having manic symptoms with psychotic delusions for over a week.

Bug: Delusions that somebody wanted his numbers?

Shaw: Exactly. His numbers, or his equation, or his formula. He was a physics professor at MIT. But he'd been fighting mental illness his whole life. His son Noel had him placed with us. Against his father's wishes.

Bug: So what happened when you found him?

Shaw: He calmed down. He fell asleep as soon as he was back. But I guess being outside must've been very stressful for him. Incredibly taxing on his heart.

Framus: I think that clears things up.

***LA County Coroner's Attic***

Jordan: Woody?

Woody: Jordan!

Jordan: Woody, over here.

Woody: And you said that they didn't like you around here.

Jordan: Krump's culture of fear. No one's giving me a chance. You get the bullet?

Woody: And the rest of the physical evidence from the crime scene. I figure that you can check everything for Marrow's trace. Public defender moved to Chicago, but I did manage to get Faye's case files.

Jordan: Oh, haven't we been playing nice?

Woody: You actually might want to try it sometime. Here's your bullet.

Neville: Got your test results, luv.

Jordan: Neville. Woody, Neville. He's my one champion in this hellhole.

Neville: Not stepping on any toes, I hope.

Woody: All yours.

Jordan: So what'd you find with the gun res test on the sample from our victim Zhang?

Neville: For you, everything. Your one-armed man had residue composed of mercury fulminate. Exact match. The gun res on Zhang's body and Faye Vaughn's arm, and in the gun itself.

Jordan: Perfect. I'll photograph the striations. Send them to Sidney to get a match to Marrow's gun.

***Zhang Imports Market***

Woody: So your brother started all of this. Impressive.

Mr. Zhang: Took it over from my father. He got on the wrong side of Mao, left the mainland just in time. Came here and started selling bamboo furniture from a pickup truck. My brother took over. Now me. A family business. In China we call it guanxi. We take care of our own.

Woody: This was your brother's office? Where he was killed.

Mr. Zhang: They found him over there. This is Detective Woody Hoyt of the Boston Police Department. Su-ying, my brother's widow. She works in payroll. Like I said, a family business. You can show her the photograph of your man in Boston.

Woody: His name is Henry Marrow. Do you recognize him?

Su-ying: Should I?

Woody: He fits the description of the man Faye Vaughn said she saw shoot your husband. We found him in Boston with what we believe was the murder weapon.

Mr. Zhang: I didn't recognize him either.

Su-ying: You're trying to free her. That is why you're showing me this?

Woody: I'm sorry if this upsets you.

Su-ying: She tried to take my husband. And when she couldn't, she killed him. Same bullet took my heart. You want to help. Leave well enough alone. She deserves to die! (Speaks Chinese)

Mr. Zhang: I'm sorry we can't help.

***Trace Evidence: Lester Abbot***

Garret: Guys, Lester Abbot is a hospital transfer, so why am I getting calls from his son saying we're not releasing the body?

Bug: I would have. Only medical records show, Mr. Abbot was on high doses of anti-psychotics, olanzapine and lithium, to bring his manic state into balance. Then his tox results came in. There's no trace of either in his system, but there are anti-depressants?

Garret: It's a viable treatment.

Nigel: Yeah, but except that he was in a manic phase. So anti-depressants would've made it worse.

Bug: And check this out. When he approached me, he was terrified that someone would get his numbers.

Nigel: (The UV lights shows letters/numbers that were written on his arm) Now, I found traces of cleaning solvent. Someone washed this off.

Garret: So?

Bug: Maybe someone killed this man to get this code or... algorithm. I-it could've happened.

Garret: So you're saying that someone staged his death to make it look like natural causes to steal his code? Now I got two nut-jobs working for me. You have one day.

***The Brass Monkey Karaoke Bar***

Guy: Saw her dancin' there by the record machine. Knew that she would be about seventeen...

Woody: Jordan!

Jordan: Your ADA gets sunrise on a beach, and I get hotel karaoke bar?

Woody: Health department gave the diner a "D." Pick your poison. There we go. So what's up with you? You jealous?

Jordan: Oh, please. I don't do jealous.

Woody: I think you're cute when you're jealous, really I do.

Jordan: Anything from the family?

Woody: Mm, I met with the widow Zhang. She's none too happy that we're looking into this.

Jordan: Painful memories. Or maybe she's hiding something.

Woody: I think everybody's hiding something, but that's just me.

Jordan: You're becoming a cynic. I love that. So any pangs about those Kinks tickets?

Woody: Uh-huh. My old man would've killed me.

Jordan: Oh, big Kinks fan?

Woody: Huge. Fanatic. He'd get home from work, crack open a beer, and crank 'em. In the '60s, everybody talked about the Stones and the Beatles. Not my old man, uh-uh. He was all about the Kinks. It's what got him through Vietnam.

Guy: (Crowd cheering) Thank you, Bobby. Thank you. All right, number 343, please.

Woody: Oh, that's us! That's us! That's us, 3-2-3. Come on, Jordan, let's go. Come on!

Jordan: No, I don't want--

(Crowd cheers)

Jordan: (Cell phone ringing) Hi. This is Jordan.

***LA County Coroner's Attic***

Neville: Public defender seems to have buried this in his files. No record of it in the DA's evidence list. I took the liberty of defragging and re-pixelating. March 22nd, 1998.

Woody: Oh, it's the night before Zhang was killed.

Neville: Security video from the club where little innocent Faye worked.

Woody: What is she saying?

Neville: I think you'll get it in this blowup.

Woody: Did she just—

Jordan: Threaten his life? Yeah. And then 24 hours later, he was dead.

***Southern California Women's Facility***

Jordan: You threatened Zhang, and then you killed him.

Woody: We saw the security video. It shows motive.

Faye: I was drunk. And stoned. And--and he said it was over. He was bringing shame on his family. So I threatened to tell his wife. That's what I meant, "You're dead." As in, "you're busted." And then I needed a fix. So I decided to rip him off instead.

Woody: And he caught you, and you killed him.

Faye: No, I--I took some stuff from the store. You know, and--and--and, uh-- and then I heard a shot. From the office. And when I went in, he-- he was laying dead on the floor. Then the-- the guy with the claw surprised me. And--and I grabbed for the gun. And--and--and we struggled. And then it went off.

Jordan: There was no evidence of a second shot.

Faye: There was one. Look, I--I know what I was then.

Jordan: And now you've changed, is that it?

Faye: No, I-- yes. Yeah, I've changed. But people don't change like that. I'm not a killer. I was never a killer. You came to me. I've made peace with dying! Why did you do this to me?

***ME's Office***

Framus: It looks like some sort of clot.

Bug: Actually, we are thinking air bubble, injected into his bloodstream.

Framus: Oh, well, do we have proof of this?

Nigel: (Scoffs) Do we have proof? Proof number one, a puncture wound. Arterial stick in the radial artery.

Framus: Fascinating. You're telling me someone in a hospital got stuck by a needle.

Bug: Look. Circulatory system is a closed system. It has only blood. If someone put air in his artery, it will bubble up.

Nigel: Drum roll, please.

Framus: Well, air bubbles stop the blood flow, led to a heart attack.

Bug: Yeah, but definitely not by natural causes.

Nigel: The murder weapon was a syringe.

Bug: Which leads us to believe that someone at the hospital killed him.

Framus: Okay, I'm gonna get back to St. Edmond's, pony up some evidence.

Bug: I, uh, think you owe me an apology.

Framus: Uh, and you still owe me that gimlet.

Nigel: Oh, she's a keeper.

***LA County Coroner's Attic***

Jordan: (on phone) Tell me you've got something.

Garret: Striations are different.

Jordan: That can't be right.

Garret: I just finished triple-checking Sidney's work. The bullet that killed Quan Zhang didn't come out of Marrow's gun.

Jordan: What about Lily and the widow?

Garret: Dead end, nothing there. I'm sorry.

Jordan: Yeah. Thanks, Garret.

Woody: They did not match.

Jordan: Look, she didn't kill him.

Neville: Seems all evidence to the contrary.

Jordan: Are you gonna be argumentative, or are you gonna help? Run the gun.

Neville: I ran the gun. I-it wasn't tampered with. Marrow's DNA isn't here. Anywhere.

Jordan: Look, he's our killer. You're missing something.

Neville: What do you want me to do, manufacture evidence?

Jordan: Throw it in the mass spectrometer. Look at it through the Hubble telescope. Put it in the easy-bake oven. I don't care.

Woody: Come on, Jordan.

Jordan: No, no, this is the gun that killed Quan. If he's content to sit back and let someone die-- I mean, if that's the kind of sloppy, lazy work that they do here, I'm not gonna stand back—

Woody: Jordan!

Jordan: What?

Woody: Girl's gotta switch to decaf.

 ***ME's Office***

Framus: Needle in a haystack time, boys. All the syringes from St. Edmond's for the last week. 847 of them.

Bug: So, if our murderer practiced good medical hygiene... it's here.

Nigel: Now, the syringe with no trace of anything in the chamber is the murder weapon.

Framus: And while I'm bringing gifts, I think this may help decipher the code on his arm.

Nigel: Wow. His diary is full of numbers and symbols. Looks like some kind of quantum equation.

Framus: These are Abbot's clothes, personal effects. Celtics memorabilia.

Bug: This is what he was wearing when I saw him abducted. I'll check it for trace. Build our list of suspects.

Framus: Well, the hospital keeps DNA fingerprints on the entire staff. So we can put names to whatever you find. Ain't it great having me onboard?

Bug: Huh. Yeah, a real treat.

Framus: Mm. How 'bout a mint, Buggles?

Bug: No. Thanks.

Framus: Maybe later?

Bug: What?

***LA County Coroner's Roof***

Woody: Don't jump.

Jordan: I don't know why I let this place get to me. It's like coming home from college, you know, falling into old patterns.

Woody: Faye Vaughn looked guilty, Jordan. All the evidence pointed that way, it was not your fault.

Jordan: I believed her, Woody. Seven years ago, my gut told me. But everyone else said the evidence was clear. That I was the problem. I didn't push. And now she's gonna die because I wanted these people to like me.

Woody: Look how well that worked out for you. (Laughs) You are who you are, Jordan. And yes, you have your share of issues. That's what makes you so good at what you do.

Jordan: What is it with me, Woody? I mean, my life is like a trail of broken limbs. I disappoint. I let down. I get too close, and then I just run away.

Woody: Maybe you just need somebody to hold you a little tighter. (They almost kiss. Cell phone ringing) Please don't answer that, Jordan. (Cell phone rings again. Jordan picks phone up)

Neville: You were right. Scary, but right. When the striations didn't match, I took apart the barrel and checked to see if the grooves had been filed or brushed down. They hadn’t. Which said this wasn't the gun. But after your gentle prodding, I bypassed the easy-bake. And put the stereo-microscope to the gun. I found this. The barrel of the pistol and the pistol itself are oxidizing at different rates.

Jordan: Which tells us...

Neville: The barrel is not the original. It's been replaced. Which means this could be the gun that killed Quan Zhang.

Jordan: Neville, I... think I owe you a... toddy.

***ME's Office***

Bug: A hair I found on Abbot's clothes. Sequencer says nuclear DNA is a match for Mr. Abbot. But only 50%.

Nigel: Only half a match? Didn't you say he had a son?

Bug: Noel. With an "N," as in "N will roll over in his grave." He said he hadn't seen his father in a long time.

Nigel: So why would he lie?

Bug: Why, indeed.

***Boston Police Precinct***

Framus: How much a place like St. Edmund's run you, Noel? Now that your father's dead, how much do you stand to inherit?

Noel: What are you talking about?

Framus: Talking about the lie. That you hadn't seen your father. You hated him. You had him committed.

Noel: I hated what he'd become. The day he died, he did come to see me. He'd gotten out of St. Edmund's somehow. He--he was ranting about the same old stuff. And I didn't want to hear it anymore.

Framus: That's it? That's your story?

Noel: That's the truth. Look, I didn't hate him. No, this is a man-- when I was a kid, he took me to every Celtics game. Every game. I mean, he wasn't always a...

Framus: If you did nothing, why lie?

Noel: 'Cause I turned him away. Who would turn away their own father?

***Zhang Imports Market: Quan's Office***

Jordan: Okay, the "x" marks Quan's body. The shell casings found over there, placing Marrow. And we don't know where the struggle with Faye took place, since the second casing was never found.

Woody: Maybe it went into the wall.

Jordan: No, SID scanned every inch on Quan's place, there was nothing.

Woody: All right, hold on a second. You're Quan, okay? If I'm laying in wait to kill you, am I really gonna shoot you from this far? I don't think so, 'cause I'm not taking any chances. And I picked up the casing from the bullet I used to murder you.

Jordan: So the casing found at the scene wasn't from the murder, it was from the bullet that Faye fired.

Woody: Which would place the struggle right here.

Jordan: Okay, so I will be Faye. You be Marrow. (Woody puts his hand in his sleeve) Very funny.

Woody: Okay, boom.  I pull the trigger.

Jordan: I hear the gunshot, I surprise you.

Woody: I spin around, the gun is up.

Jordan: I grab the gun, "with both hands," she said.

Woody: I get shot. I yank the gun free. And I skedaddle outta here.

Jordan: Only that doesn't work, because we have Marrow's body, and there are no gunshot scars. Nothing on Faye either. Let's do this again.

Woody: Boom!

Jordan: Okay, we struggle. How come he doesn't just overpower her?

Woody: He did, with his free hand, the claw.

Jordan: No, there are no scratches on her, no signs of a struggle.

Woody: Doesn't make any sense. He's got this built-in weapon. He's gonna use it to—

Jordan and Woody (together): Grab the gun.

Jordan: The gun went off. No trace, no blood. Second bullet was never found because it went into his prosthetic hand.

Woody: You're a good girl.

***ME's Office***

Sidney: (on the phone with Woody) Look, Wood, I know this is not the news that you wanted, but it's in perfect condition.

Woody: The missing bullet had to have gone in his prosthetic. It's the only way to explain no trace of it at the scene.

Garret: No scratches, no punctures. No signs of repair, either.

Sidney: And all the component parts are original.

Woody: Check it again.It has to be.

Garret: Unless-- if the prosthetic takes a bullet, it's gonna cause some damage, maybe irreparable.

Sidney: And this is a replacement.

Woody: Can we track it?

Garret: How 'bout a serial number? AFT-0043751.

Sidney: Here we go. Artificial Function Technologies. Los Angeles, California.

Woody: Thanks, fellas.

Framus: Okay, I know this is not the politically-correct term. This guy was nuts.

Bug: No, he was a genius. I know what these numbers are.

Framus: Did you crack the code? The one on his arm?

Bug: No, but I have an idea what it does. I googled the numbers that were circled in his journal. Turns out they are not random. They are basketball scores.

Nigel: Basketball scores?

Bug: Every NBA game played this season. Alphabetically, in order by home team. But that is not the bizarre part. The scores, they go right through today. The Celtics 98, Grizzlies 92.

Framus: But he's been dead for four days. That's not possible.

Nigel: No, wait, wait. Researchers have been working on algorithms to predict sports scores for at least a decade now. It's mathematics forecasting.

Framus: What about the letters and the other numbers in the journal?

Bug: Players names abbreviated with statistics, scores, and other variables. I'm guessing they plug in to his algorithm to predict the scores. And from what I found in his journal, Abbot was accurate 86% of the time.

Nigel: He's like a basketball rain man. Maybe that's why he wasn't getting his meds. They wanted to keep him manic. For some people, it can be kind of a hyper-creative state.

Framus: And if this is about basketball, "N" makes perfect sense. "N" is for Naismith. James Naismith, the man who invented the game. "N" would roll over in his grave.

Bug: And I thought you knew everything.

(Nigel chuckles)

Framus: And if Abbot's such a genius at projecting winners, why kill him?

Bug: If they got his algorithm, they didn't need him anymore. Only question is, who?

Nigel: (Computer beeping) I'll venture a guess. Whoever used this syringe. This syringe injected nothing but deadly air. And Mr. Abbot's DNA is on the tip.

***Zhang Imports Market***

Su-ying: I told you, I will not help you.

Woody: See, I'm betting you will. Because you're no longer a grieving widow. You're now a suspect.

Su-ying: How can you say this?

Woody: You may not recognize our one-armed man in Boston, but the replacement order for his prosthetic-- since the old one had a bullet hole through it-- was placed two days after your husband's murder, and paid for by the corporate insurance of Zhang Imports. Sounds to me like a murderer was owed for a job well done.

Su-ying: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jordan: Ms. Zhang. I know you don't want to do anything to help this woman. Me, I don't blame you. Whatever happened, I'm sure your husband was a good man. If you loved him, I know you're gonna want to see his true killer punished. But this man that Faye Vaughn saw, he really existed. And he worked for your company.

Su-ying: That's not possible.

Jordan: You work in payroll. Look him up. See for yourself.

Woody: I don't know about this, Jordan. She could be going back there to destroy files.

Jordan: She didn't blink. She's not lying.

Mr. Zhang: You're leaving right now. This has gone far enough.

Woody: Mr. Zhang—

Mr. Zhang: You're leaving right now. You want to harass us, you come back with a search warrant. You're disgracing our family name.

Su-ying: It's your signature. You hired Henry Marrow two days after Quan was murdered.

Mr. Zhang: I don't know what you're--

Jordan: Let me help you out. Henry Marrow. A guy with one hand. A guy you hired to kill your brother.

Woody: Looks like your signature to me.

Mr. Zhang: He--he was bringing shame to the family.

Su-ying: No. (Speaking Chinese)

Mr. Zhang: His duty was to this family. To this business. He was ruining both. Prostitutes, affairs, siphoning money. I had to save the company. For our family.

Jordan: He was your brother.

***St. Edmund’s***

Shaw: Is this gonna take long? I want to help, but I was in the middle of rounds.

Framus: No, it shouldn't take too long. Does this look familiar?

Shaw: No. Should it?

Framus: Yeah, we found it on your computer. We had a court order to look. It was also written on Lester Abbot's arm. And your bank statements. Interesting sequence of deposits that seem to start right around basketball season.

Bug: As if you had a way to predict the winners?

Shaw: I made some bets. I got lucky.

Framus: Oh, you're a lucky man. But then, so are we. We found your prints on the syringe used to murder Lester Abbot. You wanna tell me about it?

Shaw:  Why would I do that?

Bug: Because you had his algorithm. He'd become a liability. His rantings were getting closer to the truth. And he'd escaped, and you thought he'd told his son.

Shaw: I think I'd like to call my lawyer.

Bug: Oh, well, call me crazy, but I have a feeling you are gonna need one.

***Southern California Women's Facility***

Faye: (Sighs) Mm. Did ya come to watch me choke on my last meal?

Jordan: You're going home, Faye. Marrow was hired by Quan's brother. It was a hit.  He thought he was saving the family business, the family name.

Woody: We turned over our evidence to the DA. Judge should be issuing a stay within the hour. You'll be out of here before you know it.

Faye: I-I don't understand—

Jordan: You're getting out, Faye. Look, I'm sorry. I should've listened to you back then. I should've...turned over every rock. (Faye gives Jordan a hug.)

***The Brass Monkey Karaoke Bar***

Guy: I love rock 'n' roll put another dime in the jukebox, baby. I love rock 'n' roll...

Jordan: Well, he sure loves rock 'n' roll. And I still can't believe it was the brother.

Woody: It's Chinatown, Jordan. Well, here we are. You and me, City of Angels. Faye's on her way to freedom. And it's too late to catch a flight out.

Jordan: Well, actually-- my small way of saying thanks. All the morning flights were booked. Uh, it's spring break, you know. But I got you a connecting flight through Wichita and Atlanta. You just have to be at the airport by 10:00.

Woody: Tonight?

Jordan: Yeah.

Woody: Uh, this is, uh, great, Jordan. But I gave my Kinks tickets away.

Jordan: Yeah, I remember. Only it turns out that Neville is, like, really connected. You shouldn't miss this concert. You know, your dad and all. What?

Woody: Well, it's just, uh-- the gesture is fantastic, thank you, Jordan. But... I was kind of looking forward to... staying here. With you. There, I-I-I said it. And I'm glad I said . It's been a long time, Jordan.

Jordan: I-I didn't get these tickets to avoid you, Woody. Okay, maybe I got these tickets to avoid you, but at least I'm copping to the truth. See, I've changed.

Woody: So what does that mean?

Jordan: I'll see you back in Boston. I'm not going anywhere.

Guy: I love rock 'n' roll come and take a-time and dance with me. What? Get into it! All right, coming up to the stage now-- please number 171, please.

Woody: Oh! That's us, that's us.

Jordan: Oh, shame you got a plane to catch.

Woody: Well, Jordan, you're going up by yourself.

Jordan: No!

Woody: No, no, no. You're not backing out of this one. Ladies and gentlemen, Jordan!

(The Kinks' Tired of Waiting For You)

Jordan: Oh, Kinks. Nice. Oh, boy. I'm so tired tired of waiting, tired of waiting for you come on, Woody. Come on, baby.
I'm so tired, tired of waiting
tired of waiting for you
I was a lonely soul
I had nobody 'til I met you
but you keep-a me waiting
all of the time, what can I do? 
It's your life
and you can do what you want
do what you like
but please don't keep-a me waiting
please don't keep-a me waiting
'cause I'm so tired, I'm tired of waiting
tired of waiting for you
I'm so tired
tired of waiting
tired of waiting for you
I'm so tired
tired of waiting
tired of waiting for you
so tired, tired of waiting
tired of waiting for you...

(During the song the scene changes from Jordan and Woody in LA, to Bug and Framus sharing drinks at the morgue, to Garret and Lily both working at their desks, to Nigel working on his blog, to Faye taking down the picture in her cell and walking out, then back to Jordan and Woody in LA)

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