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#414 : L'Ange de la mort


Titre original : "Gray Murders"

Le passager d'un vol international et un bagagiste de l'aéroport de Logan sont morts simultanément : un virus dangereux serait-il entré sur le territoire américain ? A l'autopsie, Garret découvre que les deux hommes ont succombé à une overdose. Woody, convaincu que ces morts ne sont pas une coïncidence, mène l'enquête...


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[Scene: Medical Examiner's Office. Bug's Desk. Bug is there staring at a snow globe. Jordan walks in.]

JORDAN: Haven't seen enough snow this winter?

BUG: My aunt sent it to me. I admired it when I visited her in India a few years back. I can't believe she remembered.

JORDAN: Well, it's not your birthday. What's the occasion?

BUG: She died.

JORDAN: Oh, god, Bug, I'm so sorry.

BUG: It's okay, it was a few weeks back. She'd been sick a while. Great lady though. Always thinking of everyone but herself.

(Lily walks in.)

LILY: Hey, I need you guys. (They follow Lily down the corridor.) There's a man here who's come in with the body of his employer.

JORDAN: Wow, that's loyalty.

LILY: Well, he was the man's caregiver. He wants to speak to an ME. He's pretty insistent.

(They walk into the crypt where the caregiver is standing beside the body of his employer.)

JORDAN: Hi, I'm Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh, this is Dr. Vijay.

OWEN: Owen Stanwood. Mr. Harvey here died peacefully in his sleep this morning at home. He was ninety-two. I want to make sure he doesn't have to spend too much time in a place like this. It's not right, not dignified.

(Jordan looks into Mr. Harvey's eyes.)

JORDAN: Well, his left pupil seems normal. His right pupil is dilated. Did Mr. Harvey have a history of stroke?

OWEN: He had three ischemic attacks the past six months.

(Bug notices red sores on Mr. Harvey's right hand.)

BUG: Did he suffer from scleroderma?

OWEN: Yes, amongst other things.

LILY: Are there any relatives?

OWEN: Hid daughter, Julie.

LILY: Uh, do you know how to get in touch with her?

OWEN: No, and I wouldn't bother. She didn't come to see him once in the past eighteen months. Broke the poor man's heart.

BUG: He's lucky he had you.

OWEN: I was the lucky one. Um, I brought all his medical records, his prescription drug history, it's all there.

(He hands Jordan a folder.)

JORDAN: Wow, it looks like you've kept very thorough records.

BUG: Mr. Harvey was an organ donor?

OWEN: Yes. Um, it was a well intentioned gesture. But considering his condition.

JORDAN: Oh, we'll make an assessment. Due to his age, I'm sure an autopsy won't be necessary.

OWEN: Oh, thank you, thank you so much.

[Scene: Logan International Airport. Woody walks up to Garret.]

WOODY: Dr. Macy.

GARRET: Hey, Woody.

WOODY: What've we got?

GARRET: Since they called for a medical examiner and a homicide detective, my guess would be a body.

WOODY: Is sarcasm prerequisite for being an ME?

GARRET: It helps.

(They turn a corner and meet up with Andrew Helm.)

ANDREW: Garret. Glad you're here.

GARRET: Andrew, say hello to Detective Hoyt. This is Massport Chief Andrew Helm.

ANDREW: Hey. A passenger, Robert Costelli, flight 440 in-bound from San Francisco, he gets an altercation with an airport cop.

WOODY: What kind of altercation?

ANDREW: Uh, he looked sick. Officer asked if he needs help, but Costelli shoves him. One shove wins you a first class ticket to security. (They follow Andrew into a room. Robert Costell's body is laying under a sheet.) Went blue during questioning. Paramedics couldn't revive him.

(Woody picks up a plane ticket off of a table.)

WOODY: This ticket says Bangkok.

ANDREW: That's where the flight originated.

WOODY: Picked up a virus over in Thailand?

ANDREW: That's the fear.

(Garret uncovers the body. He is foaming at the mouth and has a rash on his neck.)

WOODY: Should we get some masks in here?

GARRET: A little late for that now.

ANDREW: We managed to stop the crew and most of the passengers before they left the airport. We're holding them until you tell me this isn't a patient zero situation.

GARRET: The rash is most likely an allergy, but pin point pupils, frothy oedema, and a core temperature that must have dipped like a rollercoaster. This is a narcotics OD.

WOODY: He was twenty-two years old. (A man walks in and whispers something in Andrew's ear.) His whole life ahead of him. I'll never understand why they do it.

(The man leaves the room.)

ANDREW: Garret, are you sure this is an OD?

GARRET: Yeah. Why?

[Time lapse. Baggage Room. Garret, Woody and Andrew walk over to another body on the floor.]

ANDREW: Helen Sivley, 58. Baggage handler, worked the conveyer belt. Co-worker said that she started to act funny and then her legs just cut out from under her.

GARRET: Another overdose.

ANDREW: In one hour, two people died fifty yards apart of the same thing.

WOODY: In an international airport.

ANDREW: Are you sure that there isn't some virus that mimics an overdose? Something that she could've caught from him?

GARRET: This is pathology 101. You've got two ODs.

WOODY: How do you catch a drug overdose?

ANDREW: Tell me why I shouldn't close down this entire airport.


[Scene: ME's Office. Jordan walks down the corridor while reading Mr. Harvey's records. Lily rushes up to her from behind.]

LILY: Jordan. Jordan.

JORDAN: Sorry, oh, hey.

LILY: Everything okay?

JORDAN: I'm not so sure. Uh, according to Mr. Harvey's medical records, he took 200mg of nutritional supplements a day. Just did a routine blood work up that says he's Vitamin K deficient.

LILY: Well, I've got Julie Harvey in the conference room. Maybe she can explain it.

JORDAN: Wow, that was quick.

LILY: Well, she wasn't hard to find. She lives in Boston. Right down the street from her father.

JORDAN: Man, that's cold. Living so close to a dying parent and never visiting.

LILY: That's the thing, Jordan. She claims they weren't estranged at all.

(They walk into the conference room.)

JORDAN: Miss Harvey. I'm Jordan Cavanaugh.

JULIE: Owen Stanwood is a liar.

JORDAN: That's a serious accusation.

JULIE: Well, so is saying that I don't care about my father. Maybe we didn't have a perfect relationship. I'm not exactly the easiest person to get along with. But we were civil to one another before Owen Stanwood came along.

JORDAN: What happened?

JULIE: That man drove a wedge between us. He took advantage of my father's senility. Kept him isolated, turned him against me.

LILY: Why would he do that?

JULIE: I don't know. He was a strange man. He was overly protective of my father. Always badgering me to fill out the do not resuscitate order. Suggesting options to ease dad into heaven or...

JORDAN: Miss Harvey, I found an anomaly in your father's blood work. Initially we didn't feel an autopsy was necessary, but after what you've just told us, I would like to do one.

JULIE: Are you telling me that Owen Stanwood might have harmed my father?

JORDAN: I'm not sure. Let's see what your father's body tells us.

[Scene: Logan International Airport. Paramedics zip up Robert Costelli's body in a body bag. Garret and Woody look on.]

WOODY: This doesn't make any sense, Dr. Macy.

GARRET: If everything made sense, we'd both be out of a job. Trust me, it's an OD.

WOODY: What are we talking here? Drug ring or coincidence?

ANDREW: Helen Sivley was last drug tested on Tuesday. Negative. Is model employee, she's been here fourteen years. She took pride in the fact that she hadn't taken a sick day in the last five. If I release the passengers and the crew from 440 and we trigger and epidemic...

GARRET: Hold on.

ANDREW: How fast can you give me an answer?

GARRET: As soon as I get the bodies back to the morgue.

(Garret walks away.)

WOODY: Could Costelli have had any contact with Helen Sivley, someway he passed drugs?

ANDREW: There's one way to find out.

[Time lapse. Security Surveillance Room. Woody and Andrew are watching the surveillance monitors.]

ANDREW: If anybody slacks off you know.

WOODY: Why didn't Costelli's bags go through customs?

ANDREW: They did, when he transferred in San Francisco, and then they got rechecked on the flight to Boston.

(On the monitor, a suitcase drops off the conveyer belt and opens when it hits the floor.)

WOODY: All right, if that's Costelli's bag, and there are drugs in there, Sivley could've lifted them.

(Helen Sivley folds up the fallen out clothes.)

ANDREW: Play that again. (The tape rewinds. The suitcase falls off the conveyer belt and opens up when it hits the floor. Sivley neatens the clothes and closes the suitcase.) Nope, not unless she's Houdini. Hey, right there, the-the time code. That's when Costelli was detained.

WOODY: When did she die?

ANDREW: Thirty-five minutes later. Fast forward.

(They fast forward the tape to 09:50 and Sivley collapses onto the floor.)

WOODY: There's no way she and Costelli could have had any physical contact. He's coming back from Thailand which kind of screams drugs. Where are his suitcases?

ANDREW: I sent somebody to collect them. The bags are gone.

[Scene: ME's Office. Forensic Laboratory. Nigel is on the computer. Woody walks in.]

NIGEL: Sweet Nancy, look at this.

WOODY: What?

NIGEL: Check out how many hits I'm getting on my web site, nigelblog.com. I've been posting evidence on the Beacon Hill murders. Three years ago three bodies were found...

WOODY: Fascinating, really. It's extremely fascinating. Did you get that footage I T3'd you over from Logan?

NIGEL: Yeah, I did. (Nigel moves over to the next computer.) And fascinating it is too.

(He gets up the surveillance footage of people standing around waiting for their luggage.)

WOODY: It's gonna get better, I promise. You know what, could you fast forward it a little bit? Little more, keep going, keep going. More, more, more. (A guy on a cell phone walks into view.) Stop, right there. That guy. Is there any way you can ID him?

NIGEL: Well, he's not exactly wearing a name tag. But fret not. I still have a couple of unwrapped goodies in my bag of tricks.

WOODY: Where's Dr. Macy?

NIGEL: Uh, try Trace.

[Cut to the Trace Evidence room. Garret is there. The two bodies are laying on gurneys. Woody walks in.]

WOODY: I got nothing so far.

GARRET: I'm not exactly setting the world on fire myself. I'm waiting on the tox screen results.

WOODY: Talked to his next of kin yet?

GARRET: He had a fiance. We still haven't been able to reach her.

(Garret hands Woody a file.)

WOODY: Kate Daley. There's an address here, I'll go track her down.

GARRET: I did talk to Mrs. Sivley's husband and son. They both say it's ridiculous to think she would take heroin voluntarily.

WOODY: It's a little difficult to take heroin accidentally. That leaves murder.

GARRET: How do you figure?

WOODY: What if this was some kind of clean up operation? We have a courier and we got a baggage handler. Let's say they work for some sort of heroin smuggling ring. Once the drugs come, their job is over, they're killed.

GARRET: By a drug overdose?

WOODY: I'm riffing here. Work with me. My guess is it has something to do with the bags.

GARRET: What bags?

WOODY: Some guy came and took Costelli's bags off the baggage carousel.

(Nigel walks in.)

NIGEL: No ID yet, Woody, but it's confirmed. Both victims definitely OD'd on heroin.

WOODY: And we're sure that there's no way that that could be a coincidence?

NIGEL: Not a chance. I checked. Both doses came from the same batch.

WOODY: Costelli was rushed straight to security. Helen Sivley died near baggage handling. The two had no contact with each other.

GARRET: And I can't determine how the drug got in their systems. No needle marks, no evidence that they smoked it or snorted it.

NIGEL: Wait a minute. What we're saying here is that someone's figured out how to give people lethal doses of heroin without them knowing it?

GARRET: Yep. At Logan Airport.

WOODY: Where seventy-five thousand people a day come in and out the greater Boston area.

GARRET: And we still have no idea how they're doing it.


[Scene: ME's Office. Morgue. Jordan and Lily walk over to the drawers.]

LILY: Mr. Harvey is in drawer eighteen.

JORDAN: Well, at least science is on our side. If Stanwood pulled a Kevorkian on this guy, we nail him.

(Jordan pulls out the drawer. The body is wrapped in plastic.)

LILY: What is it?

JORDAN: He should only be wrapped up like this if... (She removes the plastic and sees his stomach has been stitched up.) Someone has already opened him up.

LILY: You don't think one of the donor procurer agents came in without us knowing?

JORDAN: Not without me or Bug signing off.

(They look at the list of names on the white board.)

LILY: He's not on the autopsy schedule. Someone must have made a mistake.

JORDAN: Yeah, one we're all gonna pay for.

[Cut to the Forensic Laboratory. Bug is cutting up a liver. Jordan and Lily walk in.]

JORDAN: Tell me that's not Mr. Harvey's liver.

BUG: What's the matter?

LILY: Bug, you autopsied Mr. Harvey without permission.

BUG: Yeah, I know, I'm sorry.

JORDAN: What were you thinking?

BUG: I can explain it.

JORDAN: Please, help me out here.

BUG: Mr. Harvey suffered from scleroderma. It's a deadly skin disorder. The pain is excruciating but there's no cure.

JORDAN: Bug, the liver?

BUG: My aunt had the same disease but died from liver failure. So I got to thinking. There's no serious research being done  on scleroderma and liver disfunction. And since Mr. Harvey was an organ donor...

JORDAN: That's no excuse.

BUG: Come on, Jordan. I mean, it's not like you haven't broken the rules before. I mean, you've done a dozen things that should've landed you in prison.

JORDAN: Not only did you do this without authorization, but you broke the chain of evidence.

BUG: What evidence? He was an old man who died of natural causes.

LILY: We're not so sure of that.

JORDAN: So even if we find evidence of foul play, it'll be challenging court as immiscible. You know, Bug, I hope for the sake of your job you can come up with a better excuse than that.

(Jordan leaves.)

LILY: Bug? Hey, what's really going on here?

BUG: My aunt. She died slowly and painfully from a terrible disease and just, just felt like I had to do something.

[Scene: Kate's Apartment. Woody and Late are there. Woody shows her a photo of the man at the airport talking on his cell phone.]

KATE: Never seen him before.

WOODY: He's the man that took your fiance's luggage out of baggage claim.

KATE: This doesn't make any sense. Robert told me that he was going to the library while I worked in the dark room.

WOODY: When was that?

KATE: Thursday, around six.

WOODY: And you weren't suspicious when he didn't show up for three days?

KATE: Uh, he's done this before. Sleeps at a friends house. (She starts to cry.) We were having some problems. He said he was fine. We were so convinced that he was clean.

WOODY: Addicts can be good liars.

KATE: How can I be so stupid?

WOODY: Do you have any idea how he could've left here that night and ended up in Thailand nineteen hours later?

KATE: No idea.

WOODY: If we can retrace the steps, who he talked to, where he went, was he alone.

KATE: I told you, I have no idea.

WOODY: We have his credit card records and he spent $57 Thursday night at a bar called The Hanger. Do you know it?

KATE: Yeah, it's a college hangout. Four blocks away.

WOODY: I'm very sorry for your loss. I know how it feels to hear that someone you love is not who you think they are.

[Scene: The Hanger Sports Bar. The place is busy. Woody is showing pictures to the owner, Mr. Davis.]

WOODY: Have you seen this guy?

DAVIS: Dude, I see so many faces in here. I have no idea who that is.

WOODY: How about this guy?

DAVIS: Sorry.

WOODY: He was in here on Tuesday night. You work Tuesday's, right?

DAVIS: Yeah.

WOODY: You're telling me you don't remember a guy who ran up a $60 bar tab?

DAVIS: I don't look at 'em, dude. You make eye contact with them, you end up listening to their problems. I don't wanna.

(A waitress sees the photo.)

WAITRESS: I know that guy. Remember, he comes in here with his girlfriend sometimes. He was in here on Thursday. He was nervous.

WOODY: About what?

WAITRESS: He said he was leaving that night at 10:00 and he hated flying.

WOODY: Drinking up a little courage.

WAITRESS: Yeah. I told him he was gonna miss his flight, he said he can cut it close because he wasn't checking any baggage. This picture... is he like, dead?

WOODY: Yeah.

WAITRESS: Oh my god. What happened?

WOODY: Was he alone?


WOODY: Did he say where he was going or why?

WAITRESS: Not where. All he said was if he took this trip, he'd finally have enough money to buy an engagement ring.

CUSTOMER: Can we get some service over here?

WAITRESS: Um, I gotta go.

(She walks away.)

[Scene: ME's Office. Autopsy Room. Jordan is there autopsying Mr. Harvey. She weighs his organs on the scales. Lily walks in.]

LILY: Hey, I just got a call from Julie Harvey wondering how the autopsy is going.

JORDAN: Well, nothing suspicious so far, lucky for Bug.

LILY: Hey, I know what he did was really stupid but his heart was in the right place.

JORDAN: Explain that to Julie Harvey.

(Bug walks in.)

LILY: Uh-oh, this is not a good news face.

BUG: I ran Mr. Harvey's liver through the mass spectrometer. And found a small dose of warfarin.

JORDAN: Wow, there's our smoking gun.

LILY: What's warfarin?

BUG: It's a blood thinner. The last thing a person prone to TIA should be taking.

JORDAN: Also explains the vitamin K deficiency.

LILY: So either Mr. Stanwood accidentally gave Mr. Harvey the wrong medication...

JORDAN: Or he's an Angel of Death. This evidence would've nailed Stanwood's ass to the bedpan.

LILY: So what do we do now?

JORDAN: I have to tell Julie Harvey the truth.

BUG: No, Jordan, I do. I screwed this up, I have to make it right.

LILY: But telling Julie Harvey what happened doesn't get Stanwood off the streets.

JORDAN: Lily's right. We have to find some other way proving Stanwood did this.

BUG: But without Mr. Harvey's body?

JORDAN: Wait, if he's done this once, maybe he's done it before.

LILY: That's true, there could be another body out there. Maybe more.

JORDAN: We get a list of his past employers, we could look for any similar deaths.

BUG: But how will that prove he killed Mr. Harvey?

JORDAN: It doesn't. But if there's a pattern, and we can pin another murder on him, at least it'll get him locked up.

BUG: And how do we get this list? I mean, it's not like we can just ask him for it.

LILY: Actually, I think we can. And I know the perfect guy to help us do it.


[Scene: Ruby's Coffee Shop. Lily, Matt and Owen Stanwood are sitting at a table.]

Owen: Where is mother Lebowski currently living?

MATT: In a group home, down on Rhode Island. And I'm fine with keeping her there. Really fine. But the wife here wants her near by. And what the wife wants, the wife gets.

LILY: What I really want is for her to move home with us but she thinks my husband is an obnoxious jerk. (She laughs.) Isn't that right, honeybun?

MATT: Thank goodness you don't feel that way, sweetie pie.

(He kisses her on the cheek.)

OWEN: Taking care of a dying family member can put quite a strain on a marriage. You're smart to consider hiring a caregiver. Though as I've told you, I've already committed to a new client.

LILY: Yes, we know, but when I saw you in the morgue, how compassionate you were, I'm sure that we can approve upon whatever salary you're making.

OWEN: This isn't about the money for me.

MATT: Oh, good to know. Now both of us feel very strongly that mother Lebowski doesn't suffer in any way, so how do you feel about DNR's?

OWEN: I consider them an act of love.

LILY: Wow, I really admire your line of work, Mr. Stanwood. Taking care of people in their final days. I don't know how you do it.

OWEN: Well, I admit it can be quite painful, um, I become very attached to my clients. But there's also a kind of a quieting hope.

LILY: How do you mean?

OWEN: Almost as though for a brief second I can see a portal open to god.

LILY: Huh.

MATT: Well, we'd really like to get the ball rolling. Uh, you know, in case your new client isn't longed for this world. So if we could see a list of prior employment.

OWEN: Of course.

(Owen hands them sheets of paper.)

MATT: And this is everyone you've ever cared for?

OWEN: My life's work.

MATT: Great, well, let us do some detective work and...

(Lily laughs.)


MATT: Uh, check out your references. And, uh, we'll get back to you. Right, honeybun?

LILY: Whatever you say, pumpkin.

(They giggle.)

[Scene: ME's Office. Nigel is at the computer trying out a lip reading program on the guy at the airport. Woody walks in.]

WOODY: Tell me you're having better luck than I am.

NIGEL: Well, we're about to find out. I'm running a lip reading program. It's got a ninety percent accuracy rate.

WOODY: Lip reading. Does that really work?

NIGEL: We'll see, won't we? It's very exciting.

WOODY: Exciting would be an ID on my bag snatcher.

COMPUTER: "Hey, mybe not a wasted drip after all. I'll neet you at turd and north in amount an hour."

WOODY: Turd and north?

NIGEL: Like I said, ninety percent.

[Scene: Outside Third and North. Woody and Nigel have parked on the street. The place is deserted. They get out of the car.]

WOODY: The fiance thought that Costelli had cleaned up his act. The same old story with these people.

NIGEL: These people. Frankly, we don't know the whole story now, do we?

WOODY: I know enough to know that he was lying to everyone in his life. That's what addicts do. End of story.

NIGEL: That's a tad dogmatic, don't you think?

WOODY: See, the problem is you never know before you start if you're gonna be an addict or a non-addict.

NIGEL: Woody...

WOODY: Is to never stop...

NIGEL: Woody.

(He points to the store. They walk up to the door.)

WOODY: It's unlocked. (Woody opens it and they walk in.) Hello? (Woody walks over to a closed door on the other side of the room.) Lock the door.

(Nigel closes the front door.)

[Cut to the ME's Office. Autopsy Room. Garret is ready to autopsy Costelli.]

[Cut to Third and North. Woody and Nigel are walking through the back room. There are shelves of stuff all over the room.]

NIGEL: Half the stolen property in Boston, here in one convenient location.

(Woody finds a suitcase sitting on a table.)

WOODY: It's Costelli's.

(Woody puts on a pair of medical gloves.)

NIGEL: Weren't there two suitcases?

WOODY: Yeah.

[Cut to the Autopsy Room. Garret scrapes off an unusual skin marking from Costell's neck with a scalpel.]

[Cut to Third and North. Woody opens the suitcase. Nigel has wandered off. Woody pulls out an off-white sweater and gives it a shake. He blinks and sniffs.]

[Cut to the Autopsy Room. Garret places the skin in a machine and selects autofocus. A close up image of the skin appears on the screen.]

[Cut to Third and North. Woody is searching through the suitcase.]

[Cut to the Autopsy Room. Garret gets a sweater from a rack.]

[Cut to Third and North. Nigel is looking around. He finds a dead man.]

NIGEL: Hey, Woody, we got another OD.

[Cut to the Autopsy Room. Garret examines the sweater closely.]

[Cut to Third and North. Woody's feet goes out from under him.]

NIGEL: Woody? Woody. Woody. (Nigel rushes over to him. Woody groans and grumbles some words. Nigel's cell phone rings. Nigel answers it.) Dr. Macy?

GARRET: Nigel, where are you?

NIGEL: Dr. Macy, I need...

GARRET: If you find the suitcases, don't touch anything in them. The heroin's in the clothes.

NIGEL: I know, it's too late. Send some paramedics. Third and North.

GARRET: They're on their way.

NIGEL: Right, Third and North.

(He hangs up.)


[Scene: Outside Third and North. Paramedics have arrived. Garret and Nigel are standing beside Woody who is on a stretcher. Woody opens his eyes.]

GARRET: You're lucky. A few more minutes it could've been over. (Woody sits up.) Take it easy, take it easy.

WOODY: Why is my arm killing me?

NIGEL: It's a shot of naloxone in your deltoid. It's a heroin antagonist. Kept you alive.

WOODY: What?

GARRET: The heroin's in the clothes.

(Nigel holds up the bagged sweater.)

NIGEL: Seriously in need of a warning label. The heroin on the sweater rubbed off on your gloves. You must have been scratching at your eye.

GARRET: Your tear duct's a mucus membrane. You got a direct dose of heroin. You OD'd, Woody.

WOODY: I was drugged?

NIGEL: Yeah, and that poor sap in there. At least the passengers on flight 440 can be released.

(Woody gets up. He cringes in pain.)

WOODY: Oh, damn it. The other suitcase is still out there. If someone else dies...

NIGEL: No, we've been busy while you've been napping and the bloke in there, the dead guy, he's not the one that stole the suitcase, it is his partner. He's got a record a mile long. Breaking and entering, petty theft, stolen goods.

WOODY: So who we looking for?

NIGEL: One Dexter Pontillo. He's known for selling stolen goods out of the trunk of his car.

WOODY: He's got the second bag?

NIGEL: That is the current thinking, yeah.

WOODY: He went from B&E to selling drugs?

GARRET: It's possible. If he or anyone else touches what's in it.

WOODY: (to police officer) Hey, we're gonna need an APB to every ER in the city. Anybody come in with a heroin overdose, they gotta alert us immediately.


WOODY: Thank you.

GARRET: Let's get you checked out at the hospital.

WOODY: Yeah, maybe later.

GARRET: No, I'm serious.

WOODY: So am I.

GARRET: Hey. I think you need to go to the hospital.


GARRET: Yeah, you do. (Woody walks off.) Woody! (Woody stops.) What the hell's going on?

WOODY: I can't believe this happened to me, Dr. Macy. Me of all people.

GARRET: It could've happened to any of us.

WOODY: No, I hate drugs. I hate drugs. I've never so much as taken a... My brother had a problem. He's clean now, or so he says. But I watched what they did to him, I watched what they turned him into. I appreciate your concern but I better go find this bag.

(Woody walks away.)

[Scene: ME's Office. Conference Room. Jordan, Bug, Lily and Matt are there. Matt throws files of different people onto the table.]

MATT: Stroke. Stroke. Stroke. Stroke. Stroke. Stroke. And stroke.

JORDAN: Seven strokes out of twelve employers. What are the odds?

MATT: Well, I'm no mathematician but I guess...

BUG: 10,217 to one. Well, strokes account for seven percent of all deaths, so then you...

MATT: Yeah, the point is it sounds like we've got an Angel of Death.

LILY: Yeah, we just have to prove it.

MATT: Yeah, good luck with that, sweetie pie.

LILY: Thanks for the support, honeybun.

(Jordan and Bug give them a look.)

BUG: Honeybun?

MATT: All right, reality check here. Most of these bodies weren't even autopsied. You're gonna ask to exhume people's loved ones based on evidence tainted by Dr. Frankenstein here.

BUG: Listen, you inglorious bastard.

JORDAN: Let's focus, gentlemen. Okay, out of these twelve, how many were autopsied?

MATT: A whopping two. And one wasn't even a stroke victim.

LILY: Why so few?

BUG: Less than one in twenty-five elderly folks are ever autopsied. If it looks like they had a stroke...

JORDAN: Then they probably had a stroke. Do either of them have stroke tissue samples?

BUG: Just our known stroke victim. A Mrs. Wilson from Brownall, Virginia.

JORDAN: Let's get the samples.

BUG: Yeah, except I know the chief ME there and he's a total ass. He'd make us jump through a weeks worth of paperwork.

MATT: Give me the number. I'm not just any inglorious bastard. I'm an inglorious bastard with a badge.

(Bug hands Matt the file.)

[Cut to the Forensic Laboratory. Garret and Nigel walk in.]

NIGEL: So what I'm saying is if the heroin was put into the sweaters in Thailand and Robert Costelli brought it back here for someone to sell, someone here has to be able to unbond the heroin from the fabric.

GARRET: Yeah, hard to smoke a sweater.

NIGEL: Yeah, the dosage is shall we say, severe. Not good for repeat business.

GARRET: Let's hope Woody finds that second suitcase.

NIGEL: Yeah. In the meantime, if we can deconstruct the progress, figure out the chemicals used to extract the heroin, maybe we can trace those chemicals to the people who bought them, hey?

GARRET: Autopsy on a cardigan. A first for me.

[Scene: Car. Woody and a police officer are in the car. The police officer is driving. Woody is staring out the window looking very tired.]

VOICE ON RADIO: Unit 10, we're connecting you to the ER at BU Medical. They've got a male, forty-seven years old. Came in a couple of hours ago. Reportedly suffering from a heroin overdose.

MAN'S VOICE: Emergency.

(Woody grabs the radio.)

WOODY: This is Detective Woody Hoyt, Boston PD. Is the victim wearing an off-white sweater?

MAN'S VOICE: Uh, yeah, that's right.

WOODY: All right, nobody touches that sweater. Is the victim conscious?

MAN'S VOICE: Barely.

WOODY: All right, ask him where he got it.


WOODY: Ask him where he got the damn sweater!

[Time lapse. Alley. Dexter Pontillo is there selling the sweaters from the trunk of his car. The police car pulls up and Woody jumps out pointing his gun.]

WOODY: Pontillo, on the ground now! Do not touch those sweaters! Do not touch those sweaters! Hands behind your head, on the ground now! Do it! (Pontillo makes a run for it. Woody runs after him.) Freeze! Stop! Stop! Freeze! I said stop! Freeze! (Pontillo runs into a tall wire fence and tries to climb it. Woody shoots his gun to the side. He grabs Pontillo.) Get down here, get down here. You wanna be dead too? How many sweaters did you sell? How many sweaters did you sell?


WOODY: Anybody else touch them?

PONTILLO: No, nobody. They're butt ugly and nobody wanted one, okay.

(Woody handcuffs him.)

WOODY: You're lucky it's freezing out here. Your gloves saved your worthless life. Can't say the same for the three people your heroin killed.

PONTILLO: Heroin? What are you talking about? I'm not a dealer. Look at me. I sell crappy sweaters on the street for five bucks a pop.

[Scene: ME's Office. Bug, Lily and Matt are there. Bug has just tested the tissue samples.]

BUG: It found nada. I ran the tissue samples for warfarin, coumadin, any type of blood thinner. All negative.

LILY: Well, maybe Mrs. Wilson died naturally.

MATT: All right, we're in the fifteenth round here. We need a knock out. Time to start throwing some haymakers.

BUG: Great. We're reduced to incomprehensible sports metaphors.

MATT: I'm saying I'm bringing Stanwood in. Look, sometimes all it takes is getting the guy in the hot seat, let them know you're on to him. Who knows, maybe I'll trip him up. What's the worse that could happen?

BUG: Gee, I don't know. You screw things up, tip him off, he skips town?

MATT: All right, there's that. Yeah, but then again, it just might work.

(Matt leaves.)

BUG: I don't like him.

[Scene: Kate's Apartment. Hallway. Woody knocks on the door. Kate opens it.]

WOODY: Hey, Miss Daley. I hope I'm not disturbing you.


WOODY: I just came by to tell you we found the bags that Robert brought back from Thailand. He didn't take heroin, Miss Daley. Not intentionally. They were in the clothes, in the bags, inside the clothes. He, uh, put on a sweater that was filled with heroin.

(Kate starts crying.)

KATE: So, he didn't, um...

WOODY: No, no, it was an accident. He must have stolen one of those sweaters and put it on when he hit the cold air in Boston. Probably in the jet way ramp. Anyway, I just thought you should know that.

KATE: Thank you.

[Scene: ME's Office. Nigel is laying back in the chair at his desk with a cloth covering his eyes. Woody walks in.]

WOODY: Anything?

NIGEL: (mumbles) I'm working on it.

WOODY: Yeah, I can see that.

(Nigel looks up.)

NIGEL: Dr. Macy and I have been working all night on getting that heroin out of that sweater. It's like an elven knot. I just can't untangle it.

(Garret walks in.)

GARRET: We haven't reached a dead end yet.

WOODY: I have. This guy Pontilli wasn't the bag man, he's just some petty thief. He had no idea what he had.

GARRET: So if Pontilli wasn't supposed to pick up the bags, then who was?

NIGEL: Well, you can bet they weren't gonna trust Costelli to carry around something like a million dollars worth of heroin for too long.

WOODY: My guess is if the second bag's at baggage claim, they would've been all over it.

GARRET: Okay, then somebody else was supposed to pick them up.

NIGEL: Yeah, but like who?

WOODY: You still got that surveillance video from the baggage claim at Logan?

NIGEL: Yeah.

[Time lapse. Garret, Nigel and Woody are watching the surveillance tape.]

WOODY: Scroll forward.

NIGEL: I'm not seeing anything.

GARRET: Keep going.

(A man walks into view.)

WOODY: Stop. Play it. Stop.

(Nigel pauses it.)

GARRET: You recognise him?

WOODY: Yeah. I recognise him.

[Scene: The Hanger Sports Bar. Woody and a group of police officers walk in. Woody shows his badge.]

WOODY: Boston PD! Everybody relax. Everybody calm down. We're all gonna chill out. So you can finish your drinks because nobody's moving and nobody's leaving. Remember to tip your waitresses.

(Woody walks up to the bar and grabs Davis by the shirt.)

DAVIS: What are you doing?

WOODY: Where are the drugs?

DAVIS: I don't know. Ow!

WOODY: You lose some bags at the airport?

DAVIS: What are you doing? What are you talking about?

WOODY: Place looks busy. I guess the word gets out when a fine establishment such as this serves people what they're looking for.

DAVIS: Look, I'm not following you, chief.

WOODY: I'm not the chief. And I've got a tape of you looking for your lost shipment. So why don't you tell me where the drugs are and maybe I'll cut you a deal.

DAVIS: You can't just come in here without a warrant. And bust up my bar.

(Woody pulls the warrant out of his pocket.)

WOODY: Shut up and listen! I can come in here and do whatever I want. This organisation is going down. You are going down. So if you are gonna play ball with me, I suggest the time is now.

(Garret walks up to him.)

GARRET: Woody. We got it. Canine found it under the floorboards, eight bricks. There's over 16kg of heroin.

WOODY: (to Davis) How much does it suck to be you.


[Scene: The Hanger Sports Bar. The customers have cleared out. Woody is at the bar rubbing his forehead. Garret walks up to him.]

WOODY: You found what we need to nail him?

GARRET: Chemical process they're using. Davis may be the dealer, but there's no way he's the guy behind it. Technique's cutting edge. This dealer could go down and there'll be a hundred more lined up to take the product. We have to stop the process. Problem is it's gonna take a genius to figure out what it is.

[Scene: ME's Office. Forensic Laboratory. Garret, Nigel and Woody are there. Nigel is about to demonstrate the process.]

NIGEL: Okay, before we were stuck. We had the sweater but no viable way of extracting the heroin, until we got this. Now each garment holds approximately half a pound of pure heroin. The simple chemical equation gives us the process. The actual weave of the sweater facilitates in the heroin bonding. Now to put it together by liquefying crystal heroin acetic anhydrite and, bam!, some sodium phenol barbital. And then lightly dipping the fabric into it. Like that. But, our friends in Thailand got greedy and they over saturated it.

GARRET: That's why it's so deadly.

NIGEL: 90% tetrachloroethylene, 5% deionised water, 4% silver halide, 1% butylperoxide. Check this out. (He pours the chemicals onto the sweater which is sitting on a tray on top of a tank filled with water. The heroin is washed out of the sweater and falls into the tank of water.) Shizam, baby.

WOODY: It's that easy?

NIGEL: Easy? You think that's easy? You know how hard I worked on that? I worked my butt off on that, Woody. I've been working all night.

GARRET: Nigel.

NIGEL: What?

GARRET: Can you trace the ingredients?

NIGEL: Well, the deionised water and butylperoxide you can get at any hardware store. Tetrachloroethylene is the main ingredient in dry cleaning. There's over seven hundred dry cleaners in the city of Boston alone. Silver halide is used in developing film. So you add up all the local hobbyists, weekend labs... Doesn't exactly narrow the field.

WOODY: You're telling me we're looking for a photographer?

NIGEL: That's the key. (Woody walks off.) You're welcome!

[Scene: Police Station. Owen Stanwood is sitting in the interview room. Lily and Matt are watching him from behind the mirror.]

LILY: He looks so innocent.

MATT: An act. All I have to do is rip through his facade.

LILY: Using what for ammunition? We have nothing on him.

MATT: Watch me.

LILY: Matt. Don't put on a show, just figure out if we're right about him.

(Matt walks out and goes into the interview room.)

MATT: We decided to leave mother Lebowski in Rhode Island. So we won't be needing your services after all.

OWEN: I don't understand. What's going on?

MATT: Your resume was very interesting. Twelve employers, seven deaths from stroke.

OWEN: They were old.

MATT: Did you do the math, Owen? Do you know what the odds are? 10,217 to one.

OWEN: Why are you doing this? Why am I here?

MATT: The morgue found warfarin in Samuel Harvey's body. Now how do you reckon it got there, Owen?

OWEN:  Warfarin?

MATT: I'm guessing you know what it is.

OWEN: Of course I do but I would have never given it to Mr. Harvey. It's contraindicated for someone with his blood pressure.

MATT: Yeah, but you like opening that portal to god. Don't you, Owen?

OWEN: Have you ever stood at the threshold between life and death, detective?

MATT: You kill people to play god.

OWEN: I don't kill people. I take care of them. I ease their burdens. And when their time comes, I watch them slip away to a better place. Where they can no longer be devastated by the neglect of their families. No longer ravaged by disease, no longer feel any pain.

[Scene: ME's Office. Forensic Laboratory. Bug is there. Jordan walks in.]

JORDAN: So Bug, I'm thinking the woman who died in Virginia.

BUG: I tried, Jordan. No blood thinner.

(Jordan puts a sample in the machine.)

JORDAN: Well, stay with me here. She wasn't a good candidate for a stroke, but according to these records she was on a ventilator for cardiopulmonary disease.

BUG: So vinesthene, fluoromar, any type of gassy anaesthetic.

JORDAN: Would've put her down like a sick animal. You know, I called an ex-boyfriend of mine at Boston General. He was really interested in your theories on scleroderma and liver function. (She hands him a card.) You should call him.

(Results show up on the machine.)

BUG: Fluoromar.

JORDAN: Yeah. Fluoromar.

[Scene: Police Station. Interview Room. Bug, Matt and Owen Stanwood are there.]

MATT: You remember Dr. Vijay, don't you?

BUG: Darlene Wilson. Do you remember her? The woman you killed in Virginia by pumping her with fluoromar.

OWEN: Even if that were true, you've got the same problem as the detective here. How to tie it to me. You got no proof.

BUG: Proof exists. And since you were Mrs. Wilson's caregiver, you should remember her son is a Logan county judge. Did you really think he's gonna let you get away once we tell him what you did to his mother? (He turns to Matt.) You know, I think  we ought to turn him over to Virginia. They've got the death penalty there.

MATT: The electric chair in Virginia. You know how it works? They strap you in and induce you with fifty thousand volts. Not pretty. Oh, I forgot. You like to stand at the portal between life and death.

BUG: Well, we can arrange that for you. Unless, of course, you want to confess to Samuel Harvey's murder here in Massachusetts. Where there's no death penalty.

MATT: It shouldn't go that hard for you. I mean, he's an old guy, he's near death anyway. You can try to sell that angel of mercy story to the DA and the judge.

OWEN: You're bluffing.

BUG: Oh, try me. Please. Try me.

[Scene: Kate's Apartment. There's a knock at the door. Kate opens it. Woody and two police officers are standing there.]

KATE: Detective.

WOODY: Hey, do you mind if we come in? We have a warrant. (They walk in.) Sometimes it's right in front of your eyes and you don't even notice it.


p;WOODY: Was it your idea to send Robert or did he volunteer?

KATE: I-I don't know what you're...

WOODY: All he had to do was pick up two little cases and leave them alone. Sounds easy enough. Except he made a mistake. Couldn't resist the temptation. Who's gonna find out? He opened them.

KATE: Wh-why are you telling me all this?

POLICE OFFICER: Detective Hoyt.

(He hands Woody a large bottle.)

WOODY: Chromomat.

KATE: I take photographs, detective.

WOODY: Yeah, but what's gonna happen here is we're gonna take this canister back to the lab and link it to the heroin. See your process leaves small traces behind. What do you think it felt like, Kate? Having 90%  pure heroin seep into every one of your pores. Your brain frying, your heart racing so fast. What hurts more? Losing him or losing a shipment?

(Kate starts to cry.)

KATE: Okay, I told him not to open the bags. It's the one thing that I didn't even think about.

WOODY: I almost feel bad for you, Kate. Really, I do. Except you poured on the tears so well before, I'm beginning to think they're chemical too. (He holds up the handcuffs.) You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney.

[Scene: ME's Office. Corridor. Garret and Woody are there.]

WOODY: DA says it goes a lot higher than Kate. She's already starting to give names.

GARRET: It's amazing what people do to make a buck.

WOODY: Listen, doc, I know this case kind of got to me, but I want you to know that I'm okay. I put it behind me.

GARRET: Woody, last time I checked we were all human.

(Jordan and Bug walk up to them.)


GARRET: So, uh, I hear there's been a little strain around here lately. Come on, this place is a sieve.

JORDAN: Well, sometimes professional disagreements breathe solutions.

BUG: Yeah, all taken care of.

JORDAN: And we'll leave it at that.

GARRET: And if there was more to it you'd tell me, right?

JORDAN: Of course not.

BUG: No way.

(Bug walks away.)

JORDAN: So, you two gentlemen, wanna buy a girl dinner?

(They walk towards the elevator.)

WOODY: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Why are we always buying you dinner?

JORDAN: Oh, please, there's two of you, there's one of me.

WOODY: Oh, come on now.


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