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#416 : On ne choisit pas sa famille


Titre original : "Skin and Bone"

Jordan et son équipe découvrent un charnier. Les ossements retrouvés appartiennent tous à d'anciens membres de la mafia de Boston. Mais quelqu'un s'escrime à faire retarder l'identification des corps. Le succès de ceux qui y travaillent réveille en effet les instincts sauvages d'un tueur qui agresse Bug, dans l'espoir d'enfouir à nouveau la vérité. Le frère de Woody, Calvin, aide aux fouilles. Mais son apparition soudaine éveille les soupçons...


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Jordan & Woody

Jordan & Woody


Plus de détails

[Scene: ME's Office. Crypt. Jordan and a man wheel in a body. The elevator doors open and Bug, Woody and a man walk out.

Bug and the man wheel in a body while Woody is busy yelling on his cell phone.]

WOODY: Why, Calvin, why? Tell me why? Little question, little word, three little letters. Why?

JORDAN: (to Bug) Why is he shouting?

BUG: And when will he stop? Eighty-three year old male, cardiac arrest in the park. And do we have any aspirin?

(Bug walks away.)

WOODY: (on phone) Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. You've gotta be kidding me. How much this time? How much? No, Calvin, Calvin,

listen, listen, I don't wanna judge you but you have... Hello? Hello? Calvin?

(He hangs up.)

JORDAN: Don't you have a brother Calvin?

WOODY: Unfortunately I do, and just when I think he's getting his life back together he pulls this crap again.

JORDAN: Bad with money?

WOODY: Bad with everything lately. (They walk out of the crypt.) Don't get me wrong, the guy's about the best guy you'll

ever meet but the kid is just an idiot. (He dials a number on his cell.) Call me back now, knucklehead. Thank you.

(He hangs up.)

JORDAN: Boy, nothing to do with how you talk to him?

WOODY: He's due for some tough love. I've sent him to AA, NA, GA. Never seems to be able to get past three out of twelve

steps in any of them.

JORDAN: Which would make him MIA.

(Woody's phone rings.)

WOODY: Listen up, knucklehead. If you hang up on me one more time, I'm gonna come out there and... Sir, I am, I am so sorry,

sir. I thought you were my, ah... Yeah, okay, got it. Got it. What's the location? Great. Once again, I am so sorry. Hello?

(He hangs up.)

JORDAN: Smooth.

WOODY: The kid's gonna be the death of me.

[Scene: Woods. Jordan gets out of her car. Woody is waiting there for her.]

JORDAN: Hey. Has Calvin called you back yet?

WOODY: No. That would be way too responsible.

(Nigel walks up to them.)

NIGEL: So, Woodrow and Calvin, hey? Jordan was telling me your parents had a fetish for old presidents?

WOODY: Yeah, I was this close to be named Millard.

JORDAN: Millie, Millie Hoyt. I love that.

WOODY: Come on, up this way. (They walk up a muddy hill.) Alrighty. Hiker and her dog were passing through here this

morning. She throws a stick into the woods for her dog to fetch and the pooch comes back with this. (He picks up a bagged

bone.) We're not sure if it's human.

JORDAN: It is. Uh, left femur. Male, about six foot.

WOODY: He was found in that vicinity right over there.

(They walk further along the hill and Jordan finds another bone. She picks it up.)

JORDAN: I'd say we're looking at a text book shallow grave.

(She gives the bone to Nigel.)

WOODY: Rain just uncovered the entire body, huh?

NIGEL: Bodies you mean. It's another left femur bone.

JORDAN: So unless our victim had two left feet.

WOODY: We're talking two bodies?

(Nigel spots something and goes to it. It's a rib cage.)

NIGEL: Okay, I'm calling Dr. Macy.

WOODY: Jordan, what are we looking at here?

JORDAN: Well, Millie, I'd say we have not only a shallow grave, but a very large one.

WOODY: When you say large, you mean mass?

JORDAN: As in mass murder.


[Scene: ME's Office. Trace Evidence. Jordan and Sidney are there. Jordan is looking at x-rays of the bones. Sidney has laid

out the bones on the table.]

SIDNEY: (singing) The thigh bone's connected to the hip bone.

JORDAN: Do you mind? I'm sorry, that singing is just driving me...

SIDNEY: I-I know, it's completely disrespectful and it's completely beyond my control.

(Lily walks in with a newspaper.)

LILY: Well, so much for playing this below the radar.

(She holds up the newspaper. It reads: "Beantown Boneyard Unburied")

JORDAN: See, I told Garret he was dreaming. Not two days and already it's national news.

SIDNEY: Is unburied actually a word?

JORDAN: What is it they think we found?

LILY: Uh, apparently we've uncovered anything from a sacred Indian burial ground to the lost remains of Jimmy Hoffer and


SIDNEY: The bones haven't been there for that long.

JORDAN: Well, like they care. Whatever sells papers, right?

SIDNEY: Seriously, is unburied a word?

(Lily and Sidney leave the room. Jordan dials a number on the phone.)

JORDAN: Hey, Garret. So how's our secret holding up?

[Cut to the Mass Grave Site. Two helicopters are hovering above.]

GARRET: You don't have to rub it in, Jordan. The news choppers are on us like vultures.

WOODY: (on the radio receiver) Tell those guys to stay above five hundred feet or the FA can come bail them out of jail.

GARRET: (on phone) You got an ID on that first body yet?

JORDAN: Uh, not yet. But Sidney's making a lot of headway on body number two and number three is still waiting on a skull.

GARRET: Okay, it may be in this next load. Either that or it's the start of body number four.

JORDAN: Wow, the hits just keep coming. Later.

(Garret walks up to Nigel and Bug who are searching for bones in the soil.)

GARRET: How we doing, fellas?

BUG: Well, grid six yielded numerous bones, several vertebrae, various phalanges.

NIGEL: And here is yet another goat too. Unless we stumbled across a herd of centaur.

BUG: Centre of what?

NIGEL: No, not centre, Centaur. You know, mythological creature, half-man, half-goat, plays the pan flute.

BUG: That's a Minotaur and it's half-horse.

NIGEL: No, it's not. A Minotaur has the body of a man and a head of a bull. A centaur has...

BUG: Are you questioning me on Greek mythology?

NIGEL: Yeah, I'm questioning you on Greek mythology.

GARRET: Guys. Can we at least try to set an example for our student volunteers.

(Woody walks over to them holding a gun holster.)

WOODY: Our student volunteers, who are awesome by the way. Look what they just found up there.

GARRET: A holster.

WOODY: It's not a smoking gun.

GARRET: But it may have held one at some point.

(They walk away.)

BUG: Minotaur.

NIGEL: Centaur.

BUG: Minotaur.

NIGEL: Centaur.

[Scene: ME's Office. Corridor. Jordan is walking down it holding a bottle of water. Sidney catches up to her from behind

holding a file.]

SIDNEY: Hey, Jordan. So much for my serial killer theory. Dental records of our first body. We also got an immediate hit on

him on a PD's database.

JORDAN: Louis Villa, missing June 2002.

SIDNEY: Which matches our carbon dating results.

JORDAN: Check out the lengthy rap sheet. Grand larceny, conspiracy, racketeering. With alleged types of organized crime.

SIDNEY: Oh, so mob job it is. You know, that was my second theory.

(Lily walks up to them.)

LILY: Jordan. There's a big cute guy asking for you in the lobby.

JORDAN: Oh, does he happen to play for the Red Sox?

LILY: His name is Calvin. He was actually looking for Woody, then he asked for you.

(Jordan walks into the lobby where Calvin is waiting.)

JORDAN: Calvin?

CALVIN: You're Jordan?

JORDAN: Yeah, hi. Um, does Woody know...

CALVIN: I was trying to surprise  him. Wow, you're even better looking than he says.

JORDAN: Oh, well, I...

CALVIN: Seriously. That's why I knew to come here. He talks about you all the time.

JORDAN: Does he now?

CALVIN: Yeah. You know, like a sister.

JORDAN: Oh, right.

(Woody walks out of the elevator.)

WOODY: What the hell?

CALVIN: Hey, you found me!

(He grabs Woody and picks him up.)

WOODY: Okay! Okay. (He puts Woody down.) I found you. What are you doing here?

CALVIN: You're always inviting me, I finally figured why not.


CALVIN: If this is a bad time, I know some other people in town I can call.

WOODY: No, no, no, it's just that it's a surprise. That's all. I see you've met Jordan.

CALVIN: Yeah, I've met Jordan, all right.

(He stares at her. Woody's phone rings.)

WOODY: Okay, heal, boy, just heal. Excuse me. (on phone) This is Hoyt.

(Jordan takes a sip from her water bottle.)

CALVIN: So, why won't you have sex with my brother?

(Jordan almost chokes.)

GARRET: (on phone) We found bullets, Woody. 9mm. About a dozen so far. Discharged among the remains of a fifth body.

WOODY: Um, okay, I'm on my way. Thanks. (He hangs up.) That was body number five, complete with bullets.

JORDAN: Oh, bullets would help us.

(Woody hands her a bag of stuff.)

WOODY: Yeah, there's a holster in there, some more clothes and some more bones.

JORDAN: It's definitely a mob hit. The first ID pretty much confirmed it.

CALVIN: So what are we talking about here?

WOODY: Um, just some mass grave across town.

CALVIN: Like the one I read about in the paper on the plane? That's you guys?

JORDAN: Yeah, well, it's our case.

WOODY: Okay, I'm gonna take you back to my place because I have to go back to work. And that's what people do.

CALVIN: Ooh, to hell with that. No, take me with you.

WOODY: Can't do that, it's a crime scene.

CALVIN: So? I watch TV, I won't touch anything.

JORDAN: Yeah, we could use help. I mean, we do have volunteers.

CALVIN: You do? Oh, come on, Woods, it'll be fun.

JORDAN: Unless, of course, Woods, you wanna leave him here and I can just take him around?

WOODY: No, no, no. You know what? You're gonna come with me. Let's go.

(Woody heads for the elevator.)

CALVIN: But let's definitely grab a bite to eat while I'm in town, Jordan. (He writes down his number.) Here's my cell.

JORDAN: Definitely.

WOODY: If we have time. Come on.

(He drags Calvin to the elevator.)

JORDAN: Who invited you?

WOODY: Excuse me?

JORDAN: Oh, and by the way, Woods. What's it like kissing your sister?

WOODY: What? (She kisses the air. The elevator doors close.) Jordan.

[Cut to inside the elevator.]

CALVIN: Man, she's hot.

WOODY: Stop. Okay, stop that right there. She's off limits. What are you doing here, Cal?

CALVIN: Why? You want me to leave?

WOODY: No, I'm not saying that. You hiding out?

CALVIN: From who?

WOODY: Don't you owe somebody five grand?

CALVIN: Look, you're always telling me to grow up and that's what I did. I took care of it. Now what's with you and this


WOODY: Stop. Okay, stop that right there. There's a million hot women in the city you can chase. She is not one of them.

CALVIN: What are you saying? She's a little...

(He whistles and shakes his hand.)

WOODY: She's off limits. (He pushes Calvin's hand away. Calvin pushes Woody and Woody pushes back. They grab each other.)

Come on, come on, what you got?

[Scene: Mass Grave Site. Garret and Woody are there.]

WOODY: Even if we do match these bullets to a gun, I highly doubt that the killers were using registered weapons.

GARRET: No, they'd never leave a gun behind. They knew enough to throw dead animals into the mix to confuse the search.

(Bug walks up to them.)

BUG: Hey, your brother's a funny guy, Woody.

WOODY: Yeah, just not ha ha funny. (Near by, Calvin is chatting up two women.) Hey, Cal, Cal, come here.

(Nigel walks up to them.)

NIGEL: Hey, you ready to end the day on a high note?

BUG: Did you find a pan flute?

(He holds up a blade inside a clear tube.)

NIGEL: No, I found this knife blade wedged in the soft tissue of a section of a rib cage we were bagging. Looks like a more

recent kill.

GARRET: Still caked with dry blood.

BUG: Maybe fingerprints beneath.

CALVIN: Wow, you guys can really do that stuff.

WOODY: You'd be amazed at what these guys can do.

GARRET: Good work, Nige. Let's start packing it up, call it a day.

NIGEL: Okay.

[Scene: ME's Office. Lily's Office. Lily is at her desk talking on the phone.]

LILY: We'll, ma'am, I'm not sure that we can do that. But why don't you have him give us a call and then we can... Again,

our sympathies.

(She slams down the phone. Sidney walks in.)

SIDNEY: ID on body number two. Francis Longo. Got a single gun shot to the head. Went missing seven years ago which explains

the disparage and rate of decay.

LILY: Another career criminal?

SIDNEY: Yeah, like the first one.

LILY: Hmm.

SIDNEY: Why, what's up?

LILY: That was Mrs. first one. And even after six years, she insists on having her lawyer pick up the remains.

SIDNEY: That's what a life spending avoiding indictments will do.

LILY: I'm just not used to feeling no sympathy at all. What kind of comfort can I offer? Sorry for the life of crime that

your husband chose, ending up costing his own.

SIDNEY: Or you just might wanna stop at sorry.

(Sidney leaves. Lily picks up the phone.)

LILY: Okay.

[Scene: Mass Grave Site. Night. Everyone is packing up.]

CALVIN: So this forensic anthropology stuff isn't nearly as dull as it sounds.

NIGEL: Yeah, well, it usually doesn't include grad-school coeds majoring on a subject.

BUG: Bet they know what a centaur is.

NIGEL: Oh, for god's sake, would you give it up, Bug, please. You know, I'm gonna post the question on my blog, all right?

And then we'll know.

BUG: Then we'll know all right.

(Bug walks off.)

NIGEL: Hey, Cal, you don't know anything about Greek mythology?

CALVIN: You serious?

[Cut to Bug. He carries boxes of stuff to the van. He opens the back door and a man comes out of the dark holding a shovel.]

MAN: I'll take that.

(The man hits Bug hard with the shovel knocking him to the ground. He hits Bug again.)

[Cut to the others.]

GARRET: Let's go, Nigel.

NIGEL: Right. Coming back tomorrow, Cal?

CALVIN: It's up to the warden.

WOODY: If he stays on good behaviour.

NIGEL: See ya.

(Nigel walks away.)

CALVIN: Woods, can we eat now? I'm starving.

WOODY: I've gotta drive by the precinct, see if the captain will give me a couple more guys to watch over night.

GARRET: It's only for just a few more days. We'll have this site picked clean by then. (to Calvin) Don't you keep him out

too late.

(Garret walks away.)

CALVIN: Good guys.

WOODY: The best.

(He looks at Calvin.)


WOODY: You really just visiting? I mean, if there was something else you'd tell me, right?

CALVIN: Of course. Would you stop? What's with this Nigel? Isn't he a little...

(He whistles and waves his hand. Woody slaps it away.)

WOODY: What's with you and that hand?

[Cut to Nigel. He carries a box of stuff to the van. He sees Bug on the ground.]

NIGEL: My god. (He drops the box.) Bug. Bug? Bug? Bug. Dr. Macy! Woody! Anybody! Help! Help!

[Scene: Boston General Hospital. Emergency. Bug is laying on a bed, unconscious. Garret and Nigel are looking for evidence

on him. Woody, a female doctor, and a nurse are also there.]

DOCTOR: I know what a live autopsy is, doctor. But I still need room to work here.

GARRET: Another minute.

DOCTOR: Excuse me.

WOODY: Do you think he got a look at the guy's face?

NIGEL: Well, if he was awake we'd know, wouldn't we?

DOCTOR: He could wake up any time. Brain injuries are hard to call. (Garret finds something on Bug's face.) And until I can

complete my examination...

GARRET: Okay, and we're done.

NIGEL: We are?

GARRET: Yeah. Unless Bug's growing grey facial hair on his scalp.

NIGEL: Listen, I think I prefer to stay here if you don't mind. He shouldn't be alone.

[Cut to the corridor. Jordan and Lily run up to Garret, Woody and Calvin.]

LILY: Where is he?

GARRET: Calm down, he's gonna be fine.

(Lily goes into the room.)

GARRET: Paramedics thought he might have a skull fracture. We'll know more after a CAT scan.

JORDAN: How could this happen?

WOODY: We just let our guard down. Uniforms are scouring the woods as we speak.

JORDAN: The woods? We know what this is. We have a family here who obviously doesn't want us digging skeletons out of the

closet. That's where you should be searching first.

WOODY:We will, Jordan. We will.

JORDAN: What'd this guy take?

WOODY: Half a day's worth of evidence, clothes, bones, bullet fragments.

CALVIN: The knife blade?

GARRET: No. That I held onto.

(He pulls it out of his pocket.)

JORDAN: There's gotta be a print under all that.

GARRET: If it's got one, I'm gonna find it.

JORDAN: (to Calvin) See all the fun you're missing?

(Jordan walks away.)

CALVIN: Yeah, a barrel of monkeys.

[Scene: Woody's Apartment. Woody is there picking up clothes off the floor. Shower water running is heard from the bathroom.]

WOODY: Cal, you gotta start to pick your crap up, okay? I'm not picking up after you all week. I'm a cop, not a cleaning

service. (Calvin's phone rings.) You want this? Calvin, your phone is ringing. (Woody answers it.) Calvin's phone. Um, no,

he's not, he's in the shower. Can I take a message? Yeah. Okay, and who is this? All right, you got it. (He hangs up.

Calvin comes out of the bathroom.) Calvin, some guy named Albie just called for you.

CALVIN: Oh, yeah? Why are you answering my phone?

WOODY: It was ringing and, uh... Who is he?

CALVIN: Just a buddy from home.

WOODY: The caller ID said that is was local.

CALVIN: See, why you doing this?

WOODY: Doing what? I'm just saying...

CALVIN: He's from back home, okay. He lives here now. You want me to stay with him?

WOODY: No, I-I don't want that. I would love for you to stay here.

CALVIN: Well, you got a funny way of showing it. Questioning my every move like nothing's changed.

WOODY: What has changed, Calvin? Huh? What has changed? You call me up looking for $5000 and when I tell you I don't have

it, you hang up on me. Then you show up out of the blue and you don't need it all of a sudden?

CALVIN: I told you I took care of it.

WOODY: Well, I'm sorry I haven't turned over the same new leaf as you. Old habits I guess. But let me tell you something.

If it wasn't for me keeping tabs, you would've been dead years ago.

CALVIN: Like you'd ever let me forget it. Look, I appreciate you raising me, Woody, really, I do. But I can take it from


(Woody's phone rings. He answers it.)

WOODY: Hello? Hey, Jordan. What? What?


WOODY: I'm on my way. (He hangs up.) They got a lead on our guy.

CALVIN: Already?

WOODY: I told you, they're good. We'll continue this later. Please don't play with any matches.

[Scene: ME's Office. Trace Evidence. Jordan is there. Woody walks in.]

WOODY: Look who is burning the midnight oil.

JORDAN: I will sleep when we catch this creep. Hey, I'm a poet and I didn't even know it.

WOODY: Yeah, and you're not punchy at all. It's amazing how fast you got this DNA.

JORDAN: Facial hair. Lots of blood cells. We drew a blank with our database. Cross-referenced with Interpol, got hit right

away. Just waiting on a name.

WOODY: Interpol. The world's getting smaller and smaller every day.

JORDAN: Speaking of. How's your visitor?

WOODY: Oh. Please, don't even get me started.

JORDAN: Oh, stop. The guy's a teddy bear.

WOODY: Yeah, that's half his problem right there. He's too lovable. People jump at the chance to cuddle him. Gotta take

care of the baby, make sure the baby's okay.

JORDAN: The baby just lost his parents.

WOODY: So did his big brother. I'm the biggest offender. Constantly bailing his ass out of trouble. Until one day the baby

never learned to take care of himself. He swears he's changed but I don't know.

JORDAN: It's hard to let go. (Nigel walks in.) How's Bug?

NIGEL: No change. Lily's with him right now and I'm feeling useless so I figured I'd be more use here.

(The computer beeps.)

JOrDAN: Okay, here we go. Vilson Ahmeti. Albanian National, spent three years in a Yugoslav prison, disappeared after the


WOODY: Albanian mob. Makes sense, they've been growing out here for years. Squeezing out the more established crime families.

First they work for them, then they decide if they can compete.

NIGEL: So the bones we've been digging up have been the losers of that competition.

WOODY: Yeah, I know a few Albanian hangouts in what used to be Italian neighbourhoods.

JORDAN: I thought it was an in-house feud. Turns out it's between two houses.

WOODY: Bad guys being rubbed out by worse guys.

NIGEL: I'm coming with you.

[Scene: A Bar. Woody and Nigel walk in. The place is full of people.]

WOODY: Last spot, Nige. It's 2am.

NIGEL: Why? I'm not tired.

(A man walks up to them.)

MAN: Bar's closed, guys.

NIGEL: I still see a lot of people.

MAN: Private party.

WOODY: Not for us it isn't.

(He shows his badge.)

MAN: Can I help you, gentlemen?

WOODY: I don't know. Can you?

MAN: Well, if you promise not to tell the cops, you're welcome to come in for a drink.

WOODY: Guess this is your place?

MAN: One of them, yes.

NIGEL: Ever see this bloke?

(He holds up the Interpol photo.)

MAN: I don't believe so, no.

WOODY: You mind if we ask around a little bit?

MAN: No, go ahead. It's a free country.

WOODY: Same drill, Nige. I'll be watching the door.

(Nigel walks away.)

MAN: Sam Harby.

WOODY: Detective Hoyt. What?

SAM: You just look familiar.

WOODY: I've probably collared a few of your patrons over the years.

SAM: Oh, yes. We do our best to keep out the riff raff. It's not easy in this business. You know, I've been here nine years.

WOODY: From...

SAM: The Balkans.

WOODY: Oh, you don't have an accent.

SAM: I'm American now. And proud of it. I tell you, hard work, creativity, and a little bit of luck. A man in this country

can lift himself from his past and begin again. Like nowhere else on earth.

WOODY: Yeah, I guess a man can do that here, can't he?

[Cut to Nigel. He shows around the photo.]

NIGEL: Excuse me, have you seen this person? (Vilson, sitting near by, gets up and punches Nigel in the face. Nigel fights

back.) Woody!

WOODY: Police! (He runs towards them.) Boston PD! (Vilson runs out the back door.) Are you all right?

NIGEL: Get him! It's him, it's him! Get him!

(Woody runs after Vilson.)

[Cut to outside. Vilson runs down the street. Woody runs after him.]

WOODY: Come here! Stop! Police! Freeze! (Vilson climbs up the ladder to the roof top.) Come on, I hate heights. Please.

(Woody climbs up the ladder. Nigel arrives.)

NIGEL: Shoot him, Woody.

WOODY: I'm not gonna shoot anybody. Just call 911 and get me some back up.

(Nigel dials 911 on his cell.)

NIGEL: I need some back up.

(Vilson runs along the roof and jumps onto another. Woody looks down.)

WOODY: Oh, man. (He jumps onto the next roof and follows Vilson.) Stop. Stop, right there. Just stop. There's no place else

to go. (They stop.) Now turn around real slow like, and I want your face on the ground. Now. Now. (Vilson stands up on the

ledge.) Whoa, easy, easy. Come on, now, easy.

VILSON: I'll sooner bow before god.

(He steps back and starts to fall. Woody grabs his hand and Vilson is now dangling over the edge.)

WOODY: What is wrong with you?

NIGEL: Back up's on their way, Woody.

WOODY: Thank you, Nigel.

VILSON: We can't be beaten.

WOODY: Fine, great, whatever, buddy. Why don't you help me help you, okay. Why do you wanna do this?

VILSON: For honour. (Sirens are heard.) For family.

(Vilson frees himself from Woody's grip and falls.)


[Scene: Boston General Hospital. Bug is still unconscious. Nigel is talking to him.]

NIGEL: It was some sort of Albanian gangster. Came at me real hard, you know, like he knew I was coming. Hit the pavement

real hard too. Three floors. I'd say justice was done. Anyway, FBI's pitching in with the dig now, so Dr. Macy said I could

stick around in here with you until you wake up.

DOCTOR: Couldn't help hearing. I don't know about justice. Your friend's alive after all.

NIGEL: Yeah, but when's he gonna wake up?

(Nigel sighs.)

[Scene: ME's Office. Lily's sitting at Bug's desk, talking on the phone. Sidney walks up to her.]

LILY: Okay, Nigel. Well, would you call me first thing? I'll be there after work. Okay, bye. (She hangs up.) It's not a

coma. The CAT scan came back negative. Nothing anyone can do except wait.

SIDNEY: Well, not to ruin your good mood.

(He hands her some files.)

LILY: More notifications?

SIDNEY: Yeah, we're up to five positive IDs. All with criminal histories. All buried in the same area over an eight year


LILY: And I'll get the same response from their families. Nobody knows nothing.

[Cut to Forensic Laboratory. Garret and Woody are there. Garret is dusting the blade for fingerprints. Sidney walks in.]

SIDNEY: Your turn, Woods. Whatcha got for me?

WOODY: What up, Sidney? This used to be the cell phone of our late Mr. nose dive.

(He hands Sidney a plastic bag which contains a smashed up cell phone.)

SIDNEY: So much for shock resistant.

WOODY: Do you find a call log in that mess? Maybe all the calls he made and received in the last twenty-four hours?

SIDNEY: Man, I can get you forty-eight while blind folded and juggling with my free hand.

(Sidney walks away.)

WOODY: So this takes a while, huh?

GARRET: One wrong stroke with the brush, I could lose whatever clue it might have. Where's your brother?

WOODY: Jordan's giving him the coaxed tour.

GARRET: Does he have the stomach for it?

WOODY: She's about to find out. I gotta tell you, Dr. Macy. This guy last night, just before he fell. The look in his eyes. There wasn't a trace of fear.

GARRET: These guys have the reputation of being tough. Once Yugoslavia broke up, a lot of them came here and just got


WOODY: Yeah, but what he said about family and honour. I mean, this guy chose death over letting me squeeze him into

ratting out a couple of his people. That's way more than tough.

GARRET: Yeah. It's dangerous.

[Cut to Trace Evidence. Jordan is showing Calvin the computer. The computer is flicking through different people as it

searches the database.]

JORDAN: We ID them by cross referencing the dental records with the police database.

CALVIN: And they all turned out to be gangsters?

JORDAN: Well, there's still a few we don't know about yet. We try not to judge by association. God knows a lot of my friends

are along way from sane hood.

CALVIN: You should tell my brother that sometimes.

JORDAN: Well, he's closer to sane hood than most.

CALVIN: Don't I know it.

JORDAN: But I imagine it took you years of training to get him that way.

CALVIN: You have no idea.

(Woody walks in.)

WOODY: All right, tour's over. Let's go.

JORDAN: No way, we were just getting cosy.

WOODY: Well, damn my perfect timing.

CALVIN: Ever since I snaked his prom date, the guy's been watching me like a hawk.

WOODY: And that is funny. I believe I dumped her first.

CALVIN: I believe you believe that.

WOODY: I know that. Mary Alice Mackenzie was a lot of things but a cheater she was not.

CALVIN: I'm not saying she was.

WOODY: I know exactly what you're implying.

CALVIN: I'm not implying anything.

(They argue and talk over the top of each other.)

JORDAN: Girls! Girls! (They stop.) Please. You're both pretty. We were just getting to the really gory stuff, Woody. It's

the best part.

WOODY: Fine. I'll just go check on our jumper's phone records. Five minutes. Don't let him touch anything.

(Woody leaves.)

JORDAN: So, Mary Alice Mackenzie? (They walk out of the room.) Okay, last stop, the crypt. As it is for most.

(They walk past Forensic Laboratory.)

CALVIN: Tell me, what are they doing in there? Woody said something about phone records?

JORDAN: Yeah, of the guy who assaulted Bug and stole evidence. That's his cell phone on the cradle there. No next of kin

showed up so I guess your brother and Sidney are trying to find all the contacts he made before he died.

CALVIN: You can do that, huh?

JORDAN: Yeah. You okay?

CALVIN: Little queasy, I guess.

JORDAN: Ah, it's always the big guys.

CALVIN: I just remembered, I gotta be somewhere. Thanks, Jordan. That was fun.

[Cut to Forensic Laboratory.]

WOODY: You got any brothers or sisters, Sidney?

SIDNEY: One of each. Big brother, little sister.

WOODY: Middle child.

SIDNEY: Hey, we try harder.

WOODY: You guys get along?

SIDNEY: Yeah, like family.

WOODY: Seriously.

SIDNEY: I am serious. We talk almost everyday. I'd be lost without them. (The phone records show up on the screen.) Here

you go. Complete phone records from the last six days. I got a little greedy. Mostly local calls, a few overseas, and what's

this area code? 920. 920, Wisconsin.

WOODY: My god.

SIDNEY: What? (Woody heads for the door.) Woody?

[Cut to Woody's Apartment. Calvin is packing his bag. Woody walks in.]

CALVIN: Hey, I was gonna call.

WOODY: Jordan said you left in a hurry.

CALVIN: Yeah, something came up. I gotta fly home. This buddy of mine...

WOODY: Your buddy Albie? Sorry, what'd you say?

CALVIN: Nobody was supposed to get hurt.

(Woody grabs him and pushes him against the wall.)

WOODY: Nobody? Nobody? These people are my friends, Calvin! They're not nobody!

CALVIN: I'm sorry! Let me explain.

WOODY: You're gonna explain.

CALVIN: It was the five grand I owed, all right?

WOODY: I knew it, I knew it. What are we talking? Drugs, gambling, maybe a little bit of both? Maybe you rolled what you

owed for dope into some no brainer, right?

CALVIN: The Bucks given free points to Colts at home. It was money in hand. If not for this three point shot at the buzzer.

These guys are bad news, Woody. Out of Chicago, I never met them. They would've hurt me if I didn't have this money, killed

me maybe.

WOODY: Maybe? You are so stupid. So, what, these guys in Chicago have some connection to my bad guys here? Same family?

CALVIN: Cousins they said. They wanted their money real bad and when you said no...

WOODY: Do not put this on me.

CALVIN: I knew I had to handle it. And when news broke about you guys finding the bones, they cut me a deal.

WOODY: So you were sent here to spy on us.

CALVIN: I made a couple of phone calls, that's it.

WOODY: To this Albie guy.

CALVIN: Who I've never laid eyes on. It wasn't supposed to happen this way. If you think for a second I had done it, if I

thought someone was going to get hurt. I'm sorry, Woody. Please, I'm sorry.

WOODY: Give me Albie's phone number.

(Calvin pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket.)

CALVIN: Just don't pull the trigger until I leave town. I don't want him thinking...

WOODY: Him? You're worried about him? I'm breaking the law here. You should be looking at five to fifteen mandatory.

CALVIN: I just made a couple of phone calls, that's it.

WOODY: You just don't get it, do you? You just don't get it.

CALVIN: I'll make it up to you, Woody.

WOODY: Get out of here.


WOODY: Just go home.

CALVIN: Woody.

WOODY: Now! Just go home!

(Calvin leaves.)

[Scene: Woody's Apartment. Woody is laying on the couch. The phone rings and the machine picks up.]

MACHINE: Hey, this is Woody. You know how these things work.

JORDAN'S VOICE: Hey, guys, it's me, Jordan. I'm just checking in on you. Seeing if anybody's in jail yet. Need any bail


(Woody picks up the phone.)


JORDAN: Hey, you're there. So, how was Cal?

WOODY: He went home.

JORDAN: What? Why?

WOODY: He had to go do something. One of his buddies... I don't know.

JORDAN: You had a fight.

WOODY: Yes, Kreskin, we had a fight.

JORDAN: Is there anything I can do to help?

WOODY: I just can't do it, Jordan. I can't help him anymore.

JORDAN: Of course you can. Put yourself in his shoes. You're a lot to live up to.

WOODY: All right, can we stop with this phone therapy now?

JORDAN: I'm just saying you should clear the air first before he leaves town.

WOODY: Okay, thank you for the free advice. I'm coming down to the morgue right now. I'll see you in a few.

[Cut to the ME's Office. Jordan's Office.]

JORDAN: Okay, I'll see ya.

(Lily walks in.)

LILY: Everything okay?

JORDAN: Yeah, nothing but a little intervention won't fix.

LILY: Some might call that meddling.

JORDAN: Some might and some might be right. Hey, I'm becoming a regular Dr. Seuss.

LILY: Why, Jordan? It's a long term family conflict. Why would you get in the middle?

JORDAN: Because as you once told me, if you can help, then it's your moral obligation to help.

LILY: I do say that, don't I? Well, then if anybody needs me, I'll be at the hospital with Bug and Nigel.

(Lily leaves. Jordan dials the phone.)

JORDAN: Hey, Cal. Hi, it's Jordan, how you doing? Look, are you still up for grabbing that bite?

[Cut to the Lobby. Lily heads for the elevator.]

MISS LONGO: Excuse me, can you help me?

LILY: Uh, actually, I'm...

MISS LONGO: I'm here about my father. The name's Longo. Francis Longo.

LILY: Yes, we left a message for you yesterday.

MISS LONGO: At my mother's house, yeah. She couldn't bring herself to call you back.

LILY: That's not that uncommon.

MISS LONGO: We saw on the news about the bones in the field. People you found. Do you really think he might be one of them?

LILY: The FBI is still gathering remains but we've matched your father's criminal... I mean, the-the record that he had

with the state.

MISS LONGO: It's okay. I know what he was.

[Time lapse. Lily, Sidney and Miss Longo are there. The bones of her father are laying on a gurney covered by a sheet.]

MISS LONGO: And every night he'd lecture my brother and me about finishing school. He said it was the only thing that made

what he did worth while. He really grew to hate the life towards the end. That was eight years ago and then one night he

just never came home.

SIDNEY: Did you think he was dead?

MISS LONGO: We knew that he was. He'd never just leave. He and my mum were high school sweethearts.

(Lily hands her a plastic bag with items inside.)

LILY: These were found with your dad.

MISS LONGO: Can I just have a minute?

(Lily and Sidney walk across the room.)

[Cut to Forensic Laboratory. Garret is there. Woody walks in.]


GARRET: Hey, where you been?

WOODY: Ah, you know, just... (He sees a fingerprint image on the computer.) Is that what I think it is?

GARRET: Three quarter pinky print near where the knife handle broke off.

WOODY: Doc, you did it. This is huge.

GARRET: Don't get too excited. Our database had nothing and Interpol's been searching for an hour. Still no hits.

WOODY: Come on, come on!

(Woody bangs his hand on the table. The computer finds a match.)

GARRET: What are you, Fonzie? Halabi, Samad, born 1967, Peja, Kosova.

WOODY: Wait a minute, I know this guy.

GARRET: Look at this record. How'd he even get in this country?

WOODY: Hard work, creativity and luck. A man can begin again here like no place else on earth. He owns a bar in the


GARRET: What name does he use there? He's got a bunch of them listed here. Sam Alberts, Albert Samuel...

GARRET, WOODY: Albie Samson.

[Scene: Bar. Calvin is sitting at the bar. Jordan walks in and sits beside him.]

JORDAN: Cal. So how'd you find this place?

CALVIN: I'm not able to stay. I'm meeting an old buddy real quick. He owes me some money and, well, frankly it's my airfare


JORDAN: So you're serious. You're just gonna leave?

CALVIN: What else can I do? It's just as well, I mean, you're off limits.

JORDAN: Excuse me?

CALVIN: Woody said I can help myself to any girl in Boston except for Jordan. With that girl's consent, of course.

JORDAN: Of course, yeah. He said that?

CALVIN: I don't know what his problem is. Besides me.

JORDAN: So you two really got into it, huh?

CALVIN: He didn't tell you why?

JORDAN: No. Uh, well, nothing specific.


JORDAN: Cal, the guy loves you so much. I know he acts tough on the outside but on the inside he's aching for you. When you

love somebody that much you can't just toss it away.

CALVIN: He was right to throw me out. Woody's got this soft spot I've been taking advantage of my whole life. I can't do it

to him anymore. He's better of without me.

(Albie walks up to Calvin.)

ALBIE: Calvin.

CALVIN: Albie.

ALBIE: (to Jordan) Albie Samson.

CALVIN: This is Jordan. Nice to finally meet you, Albie.

JORDAN: Oh, I thought you said that you two were old buddies.

ALBIE: Well, we have some old buddies in common. Cal and I, huh? Cousins of mine.

CALVIN: Look, Albie, we really can't stay that long. Um, did you bring, uh...

ALBIE: Oh, what am I. An ATM? Sure, come on back. (to Jordan) You mind waiting here?

JORDAN: No, of course not.

ALBIE: We'll only be a minute.

(Calvin and Albie walk away. Jordan's cell rings.)

JORDAN: Yes, Woody, what is it?

WOODY: Jordan, where are you? Is he with you?

JORDAN: And by he you would mean...

WOODY: Stop, okay? Lily told me that you called him. Calvin could be in deep trouble. If you're with him so are you.

JORDAN: What kind of trouble?

[Cut to the Store Room. Calvin and Albie walk in.]

ALBIE: Well, I can't believe, Calvin, you called. To think that I would owe you anything.

CALVIN: But Albie, you called me.

ALBIE: And your greed made you come. In spite of the fact that you failed miserably.

CALVIN: I did what you asked.

ALBIE: Yet the bones have been dug, the evidence collected, and my brother is dead.

CALVIN: Your brother?

(Jordan walks in.)

ALBIE: We are all brothers, my people. It's a code of honour and loyalty, you Americans fail to grasp time and again.

CALVIN: Well, I warned him, Albie. I told him to lay low.

JORDAN: Excuse me, guys. Um, Calvin. Sorry to rush you, baby, but you know what, it is your last night here after all and I

was hoping to at least get a little quality time.

CALVIN: Jordan, don't. Would you just wait out there?

ALBIE: No, stay. (He points a gun at her.) Is this what would hurt you more?

CALVIN: No, she means nothing to me. I barely know her. She's my brother's girl.

ALBIE: Your brother? The detective? That's even better.

CALVIN: Take me, Albie. Do you really wanna hurt us both? My brother and me.

JORDAN: Cops are on their way, Albie.

ALBIE: I'm sure they are.

(Woody sneaks in.)

CALVIN: Take me, Albie. I'm everything to my brother. I'm all he's got in the world.

JORDAN: You pull that trigger and you will get caught.

ALBIE: You think so? Let's find out.

(Calvin grabs Albie's arm and Woody shoots Albie. They fall through a glass door. Jordan and Woody rush over to them.)

CALVIN: Nice shot.

[Time lapse. Albie is on a stretcher. The cops have arrived. Woody handcuffs Albie to the stretcher.]

ALBIE: I will die. I'm prepared.

WOODY: Well, it doesn't look like it's gonna happen today. How do you feel about life in prison though? Get him outta here.

JORDAN: I told him you were coming. You almost made a liar out of me.

WOODY: You okay?


CALVIN: Guess you're wrong, Woody. You said you'd never bail me out again.

WOODY: I didn't come for you. I came for Jordan.

JORDAN: Woody.

WOODY: Nothing's changed, Cal. Go home.

[Scene: Hospital. Nigel walks in with a bag of food. Bug slowly wakes up.]

NIGEL: There you are. Hey. You've been threatening to wake up close to an hour now.

BUG: I go from seeing Iris to you.

NIGEL: What?

BUG: Iris. The girl in payroll. She came to me in a dream. Quite naked. Sporting the head of a bull. She said "I am a

Minotaur." And I'm pretty sure she had her way with me.

NIGEL: Excellent. Bull's head or not, how many chances do you get with Iris? And my bloggers were emphatically behind you

that centaurs are half horse and not half goat, so... I guess we were both right.

BUG: How long was I out?

NIGEL: Twenty-six hours. But we caught the guy.

BUG: I know.

NIGEL: You know?

BUG: I heard you. Vaguely. Am I dying and you're not telling me?

(Nigel laughs.)

NIGEL: No, of course not. Why?

BUG: You're being too nice. What is it?

NIGEL: I don't know, it's just...

BUG: You've really been here the whole time?

NIGEL: Well, you know, there's not much else to do. You know, with FBI stepping in and all, so... It just never occurred to

me before, you know, what we have at the morgue, all of us. We're like a family. Just no more scares, all right?

(Lily walks in.)

LILY: Hey. Oh my god. You're awake.

BUG: Unless I'm still dreaming.

LILY: Oh, Bug. You had us so worried.

(She kisses him on the cheek.)

BUG: Oww.

LILY: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Oh, this is so great. I'm gonna go call the morgue.

(She leaves the room.)

NIGEL: Anyone care to celebrate with some crispy eel from Sushi Garden?

BUG: Is that what smells?

NIGEL: What are you talking about? It's your favourite.

BUG: Actually, it's your fav


NIGEL: No, you order it every time.

BUG: You order it every time.

NIGEL: No, you order it. We always go to the restaurant, we pick up the menu and I say "Do you want the crispy eel?", and

you say "Yeah, I'll have the crispy eel."

 BUG: I never want the eel, I want the spicy tuna roll.

NIGEL: No, you eat the crispy eel, I have the spicy tuna roll. Who are you? Wake up.

[Scene: ME's Office. Jordan's Office. Jordan, Garret and Woody are there. Garret is on the phone. Jordan and Woody are

sitting on the couch.]

GARRET: Thanks a lot. (He hangs up.) Well, he's awake. Lily's already refereeing apparently. Anyone care to join me?

JORDAN: I'll meet you there in a little while.

GARRET: Listen, nice work, guys.

WOODY: Back atcha, doc.

(Garret leaves.)

JORDAN: You know you'll see him again.

WOODY: Not anytime soon. Not if I can help it.

JORDAN: Yeah, you can say that but...

WOODY: I heard what he said, Jordan. As I was lining up my shot, I heard what he said to the guy about being everything to

me and all I got in this world.

JORDAN: He was trying to save me.

WOODY: I know that. And that's the kind of guy he is inside. Which is what makes it so hard. Because he's right. He's

always been everything to me and in this crazy world where crazy things happen, he's all I had. But when he said it this

time, I know I was distracted, but it didn't mean a thing to me. Like it wasn't true anymore.

JORDAN: Well, I don't know about that. (She puts her arm around him.) But I do know what's true, that he's not the only

thing you've got in this world.

(He takes her hand and they smile.)


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