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#417 : Preuves à tout prix

Titre original : "Locard's Exchange

Jordan, Woody et Garret entament une course contre la montre pour empêcher un meurtrier de sortir de prison. Ils doivent prouver que c'est bien lui qui a tué quatorze femmes vingt ans plus tôt. Pour y arriver, Jordan et Woody utilisent une méthode particulière, qui les amène sur les lieux des crimes. Mais ils ont peu de chance de retrouver des indices tant d'années après les faits. Ils cherchent dans le dossier des éléments qui auraient été négligés au cours de l'instruction. Bientôt, Jordan et Woody découvrent que toutes les victimes avaient des cheveux bruns. Cet élément, a priori anodin, pourrait s'avérer déterminant...


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[Scene: ME's Office. Lobby. Jordan and Lily walk out of the elevator.]

JORDAN: And there's Nigel making these balloon animals out of somebody's small intestine.

(Garret walks past them.)


JORDAN: Dream.

LILY: Nightmare.

GARRET: I'm gonna be out most of the morning. Jordan, I need you to finish the procedure I started, and autopsy too. My

notes are on the table.

JORDAN: Okay, what's up?

(Rene Walcott steps out of the elevator.)

RENE: (to Garret) Since I had to spring it on you at the last minute, I thought I should at least offer you a lift.

(Garret walks into the elevator.)

LILY: Are they getting back together?

JORDAN: At 9am on a Tuesday?

LILY: He's wearing a tie she game him.

JORDAN: Well, maybe he just likes it. Lily, you're not still smitten with Garret, are you?

LILY: No, but Rene Walcott is.

JORDAN: Ah, I wish her good luck. I mean, having another man's child while she's seeing Garret. Who is a little old


LILY: Still, he's wearing that tie.

[Scene: Courtroom. Garret is on the stand.]

GARRET: That was then. Things are different now.

RENE: Could you explain that?

GARRET: Twenty-six years ago there was no reliable way to analyze and match DNA. Now there is.

(Emmett Parker stands up.)

EMMETT: Your Honor, my client has served twenty-six years for robbery. And that conviction has now been over turned.

And he can not be charged for these old murders no matter what Dr. Macy finds because he has a deal.

JUDGE: Sit down, Mr. Parker.

RENE: How long will it take your office to collect and test DNA samples from the evidence that's in storage?

GARRET: Depends...

EMMETT: They don't even know if the killer left any DNA on the victims.

RENE: Fourteen victims, fourteen women viciously stabbed to death, their bodies dumped in various locations. What are the

chances, Dr. Macy, that the killer left no trace?

GARRET: Zero. Question is whether or not we can find it after all this time.

RENE: Thank you.

JUDGE: Mr. Parker.

EMMETT: My client made a deal with the DA's office twenty-six years ago...

RENE: His client is lucky that I wasn't District Attorney at the time.

EMMETT: That he was given total immunity for the murders which he did not commit.

RENE: After he was given immunity he confessed.

EMMETT: He made it up.

RENE: How did he know where the bodies were?

JUDGE: That's enough. Both of you. Let's sum up here. Ms. Walcott.

RENE: I am asking that the immunity agreement be vacated and that the prisoner be held in custody while the Medical

Examiner's Office conducts tests pursuant to my bringing murder charges against this man.

JUDGE: Mr. Parker.

EMMETT: Without plea bargaining, the justice system would collapse under its own weight. Who's gonna make a deal that can

be over turned on a whim decades later. That aside, my client has been a model prisoner and has served two and a half

decades of a wrongful conviction. Basic fairness should be enough to decide in his favor.

JUDGE: Ms. Walcott, I will not at this time vacate the plea agreement. I will, however, hold the prisoner in custody while

Dr. Macy conducts certain tests. You have until tomorrow, Dr. Macy.

RENE: Your Honor...

JUDGE: Till tomorrow to assess this state of the evidence.

GARRET: Your Honor, DNA analysis takes time.

JUDGE: The prisoner will be remanded for now, and will reconvene at 2:30 tomorrow.

(He bangs the mallet. Guards walk over to Emmett and handcuff him.)


[Scene: ME's Office. Forensic Laboratory. Jordan, Garret, Nigel, Bug and Lily are there. Photos of women are up on the


GARRET: All right, we've got twenty-three hours. The District Attorney and I prioritized the fourteen cases and we are

gonna start with this one. Marcy Strauss. She was twenty-seven when she died.

JORDAN: Why is she first?

GARRET: This is the only body left at the crime scene. Is more to work with. There was also an eye witness to this one.

LILY: Did the witness ID Emmett Parker as the killer?

(Woody walks in.)

WOODY: No. Because the witness never came forward.

GARRET: He called it in but the cops never found him.

WOODY: (to Nigel) So it is you and me, bro, trying to track down a ghost from some scratchy old 911 tape.

NIGEL: Great. I do love a challenge, bro.

GARRET: We're looking for anything that can help, specifically the killer's DNA. Lily, track down Marcy Strauss' relatives,

will you? They deserve to know what's going on. (to Jordan) There should be a sample of the victim's blood in there. Let's

analyze her DNA so we have it for comparison. Just check every sample we give you for a Y chromosome. If it's not male,

we're not interested.

JORDAN: It'll take more than one day just to eliminate her blood.

[Cut to Trace Evidence. Nigel and Woody are there. They are listening to the 911 tape.]

FEMALE VOICE: 911. What is your emergency?

MALE VOICE: Yeah, there is a guy stabbing a woman at 1347 Oakcry.

FEMALE VOICE: What is your name, sir?

MALE VOICE: He's around 6', blonde, uh, jeans, dark blue breaker.

FEMALE VOICE: Yes, thank you, sir. Can I please have your name?

MALE VOICE: What the hell? Are you gonna send somebody or not?

FEMALE VOICE: Yes, sir, the police are on their way. Now I need you to calm down and stay on the line. Tell me where you

were and exactly what you saw.

(Sirens are heard.)

MALE VOICE: I yelled at him and he...

(He hangs up.)

FEMALE VOICE: Sir? Hello, are you there? Sir? Hello?

WOODY: He took out of there like a scolded duck when he heard the siren.

NIGEL: Perhaps he was up to no good.

WOODY: This gives me hope. If the incident reports from back then have not been shredded, I may, I may just get lucky.

NIGEL: Yep, well, you'll need to be lucky. Look, Woody, I can digitize and analyze the living hell out of this, but you've

got to bring me something to compare it with. Okay?

[Cut to Lily's Office. Lily is there typing on the computer. Matt walks in.]

MATT: Hey.

LILY: Matt.

MATT: Had a double homicide down in Southeast, so I'm here to observe this slicing and dicing.

LILY: You got any detective tricks for finding people who aren't where they used to be?

MATT: You probably know as much about it as I do. (He moves closer to her.) But I'd be happy to do what I can to fulfill

your needs.

(They stare at each other. Lily's mum walks in.)

ARLENE: Not dating the boss anymore, Lily?

MATT: Excuse me?

ARLENE: Oh, this one's cute.

(Lily laughs and goes over to her.)

LILY: Wow.

(They hug.)

ARLENE: Hi. Aren't you gonna introduce us?

LILY: Matt Seely, my mother.

MATT: Oh, hi.

ARLENE: Come here. (She hugs him. She sees his badge on his belt.) Oh, a detective. Wow.

LILY: Matt, could you excuse us, please? Please.

MATT: Sure. Uh, it was nice to meet you.

(Matt leaves the room.)

LILY: Mum?

ARLENE: I know, you are working, which I'll never understand but, just give me your keys and I'll get out of your way.

LILY: Last time I gave you my car keys you and my car disappeared for three days. And the last time I gave you my house

keys, I came home to find a tattooed felon in his underwear eating my food and scratching himself.

ARLENE: How was I supposed to know he was a felon?

LILY: Why are you here, mum?

ARLENE: Your brother is in Italy on a pizza tour. I thought it was the perfect time to come and see you.

LILY: You couldn't call first?

ARLENE: I'm your mother.

[Cut to Forensic Laboratory. Jordan, Garret and Bug are there.]

JORDAN: "I saw her on the street. She was with a friend. We made eye contact and I knew. I always know." Look at the size

of this confession. The detail. If the knew Emmett Parker was the killer, why'd they give him immunity for fourteen murders?

GARRET: It's the only way they could get him off the street. He plead to robbery in exchange for a pass on the murders.

BUG: Why would they let him do that? It makes no sense.

GARRET: Well, they wanted closure for the families. They couldn't find the bodies without Parker's help, which he wouldn't

give without the immunity.

JORDAN: Why'd they overturn the robbery conviction?

GARRET: Appellate court rolled, the guilty plea was coerced. Keep looking for something that's gonna help us.

JORDAN: "She'd been to the gym with a friend. I followed her to her house. I got lucky. You know what they say. You make

your own luck." I want this guy. I want his head on a tray.

BUG: The saliva sample we pulled from the victim's sweatshirt. Y chromosome. It's male.

GARRET: Run a full analysis. I'll call the DA. She'll get a court order. They're holding Parker at County Jail. You go

there and get a swab from him.

JORDAN: Garret, DA? District Attorney? She doesn't have a name anymore?

GARRET: Just get the sample.

[Cut to the Corridor. Lily and Arlene  are walking down it carrying suitcases. Garret walks past.]

ARLENE: Oh, hello. Hello, Dr. Macy.

LILY: You've met my mother.

GARRET: Mrs. Lebowski. Where you going?

LILY: Uh, to put her in a cab.

ARLENE: Sending me back to Pennsylvania. This heartless child can't even welcome her own mother for a tiny visit.(Garret

walks off.) Rough. Mysterious. Just like your father.

LILY: Which one?

(They walk into the lobby. Matt is waiting for an elevator.)

ARLENE: Matt. Matt. Matt. It is Matt, isn't it?

MATT: Yes. Let me take that for you.

(He takes her bag.)

ARLENE: Oh, thank you. Let me tell you some things about Lily.

(Matt and Arlene step into the elevator. Lily follows and the doors close on her.)

LILY: I'm okay.

[Cut to outside. Lily, Matt and Arlene walk out of the building and onto the sidewalk.]

ARLENE: So it's not that she's unwomanly exactly, it's just that she doesn't know how to present herself to the best


LILY: Mum, shut up. Shut up.

MATT: Let me get a cab.

(Matt walks away.)

LILY: I don't need your help.

ARLENE: Dear, you have never been able to hold onto a man.

LILY: I am not trying to hold onto him.

ARLENE: You are not getting any younger, Lily.

LILY: Oh, so I should be you? Jump anything with a pulse and a penis? (Matt hails a cab across the street. Arlene steps

onto the road and is hit by a car. The car drives off.) Mum! (Matt and Lily run over to her.) Oh, god.

(Matt dials his cell.)

MATT: Detective Seely, BPD. I need paramedics to the Medical Examiners building right now.

LILY: Mum.

[Scene: County Lockup. Jordan and Rene are there. Jordan is preparing to take a swab sample. A guard brings in Emmett.]

EMMETT: So, your elves found something.

JORDAN: I'm Dr. Cavanaugh. I'm here to take a DNA sample. Could you sit down?

(He does so.)

EMMETT: I want details about what's going on.

RENE: The judge has issued an order for you to submit DNA for testing.

EMMETT: Testing against what? What did you find?

JORDAN: We found DNA on one of the victim's clothing that wasn't hers. Open your mouth, please.

(Jordan swabs inside his mouth.)

EMMETT: Your bother dark haired. All the victims were dark haired.

RENE: Is that a threat?

EMMETT: If I did kill those women...

JORDAN: Is there more?

EMMETT: It would've been because they had evil in their eyes. Like you.

[Scene: ME's Office. Lobby. Jordan, Nigel and Rene are there.]


NIGEL: Yeah, about an hour ago now.

JORDAN: Lily wasn't...

NIGEL: No, no. It was only her mother. Detective Seely's at the hospital with her right now. He's gonna give us a call as

soon as he knows anything.

JORDAN: How's Lily? Should we go? We should go.

NIGEL: Well, Dr. Macy already went. He finished prepping the DNA samples and then he rushed out, about ten minutes ago.

RENE: I'm very sorry about Lily's mother. I will also be sorry if Emmett Parker gets out and starts killing more dark

haired women with evil in their eyes.

[Scene: Hospital. Lily is sitting on a chair in the corridor. Matt gets off his cell phone and joins her.]

MATT: The embassy in Rome is trying to track down your brother.

LILY: I was so mean to her.

MATT: Well, don't think about it.

(Garret walks in and Lily rushes over to him and hugs him. She starts crying.)

LILY: I was mean to her again.

GARRET: You've never been mean to anybody in your life.

LILY: But I was. Right before the car...

GARRET: We're gonna get through this, Lily. We'll get through this, okay?

(A doctor walks in.)

DOCTOR: Lebowski?

LILY: Me. How's my mother?

DOCTOR: Fractures and bruised organs. We did stop the internal bleeding.

LILY: So she'll be okay?

DOCTOR: Are you aware that her immune system is somewhat compromised?

LILY: She's an alcoholic.

DOCTOR: You thinking of getting her some help?

LILY: Could I see her now?

DOCTOR: She's gonna be unconscious for quite a while.

LILY: That's not what I asked.

(Lily follows the doctor into a room.)

GARRET: I heard hit and run.

MATT: I got a partial plate. We'll get the driver.

GARRET: Bug's putting together the equipment to reconstruct the accident if you're interested.

MATT: You trying to get me out of the way?

GARRET: My thought was that since you were there when it happened you might be able to help.

[Scene: Outside ME's Office. The road is blocked off. Bug and Matt are there.]

BUG: This was the point of impact?

MATT: Yeah. This is all in the police report. You think you know more about accident investigation than the cops do?

BUG: Under normal weather conditions, street pavement has a dry factor of point eight. You multiply that times the length

of the skid times thirty, giving you X. The formula is based on Etonian physics, the reference as Einstein's

thermion relativity by rounding up the metric speed of light to derive, thirty is the constant. So in this case, 2712 is, uh,

square that, making sure that you put the decimal point in the right place. So the car was going at fifty-two miles an hour

when it hit Mrs. Lebowski.

MATT: You looked at the report.

BUG: Prove it. (Bug walks over to the tire mark and takes a photo.) I'll make sure, but I would bet my job that these are

the same tires, and this is not in the accident report.

MATT: Yeah, so, some drunk who kept having to hit the brakes.

BUG: Look again. Look at the direction of the fade. This is somebody peeling out from a dead stop. Whoever was driving was

in a big hurry to go that way.

[Scene: ME's Office. Forensic Laboratory. Jordan and Rene are there.]

RENE: My god, how long does this take?

JORDAN: When the saliva sample from the victim's clothes is finished, I still have to run Parker's. And after that I have

to compare the two. If you don't wanna wait that long...

(Garret walks in.)

RENE: Garret.


JORDAN: Uh, Nigel told us Lily's mum is gonna be fine. How's she doing? Lily, I mean.

GARRET: Well, how do you think?

(The computer beeps.)

RENE: What?

JORDAN: You're not gonna like this. I'm guessing the victim had a tom cat because this is cat DNA.

RENE: Damn it. Marcy Strauss was our best bet and the other bodies were decomposed when they were found. And somewhere out

there is an eye witness to this murder.

JORDAN: If he's still alive.

GARRET: We'll keep going.

RENE: Thank you. I'll be on my cell if you find anything. And, um, I'm glad Lily's mother will pull through.

(She leaves the room.)

JORDAN: That was nice of her.

[Scene: County Jail. Interview Room. Woody and Frank Lioso are there.]

WOODY: April 6th 2005, interview with in-mate, Frank Lioso. This is the incident report from the night of August 14, 1979.

FRANK: No taping.

WOODY: I wanna tape. I tape. Okay, you were in Somerville late, on foot, 11:22 a patrol unit pulled over to talk to you.

They asked for your ID. Rang in for warrants, there weren't any, then they let you go. Did you call 911 from a pay phone at

Sixth and Wrensler about a woman being stabbed?

(Frank looks at the tape recorder. Woody turns it off.)

FRANK: I've been tripped up by these things before. It's not gonna happen again.

WOODY: The voice sounds like you. Did you make that call?

FRANK: What's in it for me?

WOODY: Nothing. If we don't know that it's you. So why don't you talk into the machine because no tape, no deal.

[Scene: Hospital. Room. Lily is standing beside the bed. Matt walks in.]

MATT: Hey.

LILY: Hey.

MATT: How you doing?

LILY: I don't know. Car slams into your mother right after you call her a slut. How would you feel?

MATT: Has she been conscious at all?

LILY: Morphine drip.

(He takes out some photos and puts them on the bed.)

MATT: Could you take a look at these, so we...

LILY: Don't put them on my mother.

(She grabs the photos and they walk into the corridor. She looks at them.)

MATT: You know her?

LILY: Wait a minute, this... This makes it look like...

MATT: Deliberate. This woman waited for your mother to come out and then smack.

LILY: You have the sensitivity of a lizard.

MATT: I have spent every minute today investigating what initially looked like just a hit and run.

LILY: Isn't that your job?

MATT: Hit and runs? No, I'm a homicide detective. I did this for you.

LILY: Thank you. Now that it's attempted murder, it's no longer beneath you.

MATT: When she wakes up, see if she knows who the woman is.

(He walks off.)

[Scene: ME's Office. Conference Room. Jordan, Garret, Nigel, Bug, Woody and Rene are there. Photos of the fourteen victims

are laid out on the table.]

RENE: So we've got pretty much nothing.

NIGEL: Nothing?

GARRET: Settle down.

RENE: No, I'm not criticizing, you've all performed miracles in a very short time. Thank you. (Woody raises his hand.) Yeah.

WOODY: Excuse me, but my witness is not nothing.

RENE: Frank Lioso, sixteen arrests, eight convictions.

WOODY: I know he's not squeaky clean but he is our guy.

RENE: I'd make a deal with Mussolini to keep Emmett Parker inside. What's Lioso want?


RENE: You and I will go talk to him. Where is he?

WOODY: I had him transferred to County Lockup.

RENE: Good. Thank you. Uh, we need to discuss your testimony.

GARRET: I've been with Lily. Jordan should testify.

RENE: If you could give me a minute.

GARRET: All right, let's get back to it.

RENE: Detective Hoyt, I'll meet you at County.

(Everyone leaves the room except for Jordan and Rene.)

JORDAN: All I could testify to is nothing. Just what links Emmett Parker to these crimes. No murder weapon, no prints. We

found male DNA on nine of the victims' personal effects but we don't have time to test it all.

RENE: I understand that. I have some hope the witness will help. What I need from you is spin.

JORDAN: I'm not sure I can spin nothing.

RENE: What about the crime scene photos?

JORDAN: We scoured them.

RENE: Is there anything unaccounted for in the evidence boxes?

JORDAN: Nothing we can tie to Parker. We did pull a blonde hair off one of the victims but it was a woman's hair. I don't

guess that Parker got a sex change.

RENE: The judge won't know the hair is female unless you tell him.

JORDAN: Rene, look, I wanna cook this bastard as much as you do, but if you're asking me to lie...

RENE: I'm asking you to help me save some lives.

[Scene: Suffolk General Hospital. Room. Lily is sitting beside Arlene's bed. Arlene wakes up.]

LILY: Mum?

ARLENE: Why am I in a hospital?

LILY: Are you in pain?

ARLENE: What happened?

(Lily pushes the call button.)

LILY: A car hit you.

ARLENE: How do I look? Do you have a mirror?

LILY: You look fine. You look beautiful. I'm sorry about what I said before, I didn't mean it. Are you up to looking at

some pictures?

ARLENE: Of what?

LILY: The driver who hit you.


LILY: It wasn't an accident. She ran into you deliberately. (She holds up the photos.) Who is she? Why would she want to

hurt you? Please, tell me who she is.

ARLENE: Could you get me my handbag? I know I look a mess.

LILY: Could you for once in your life face reality?

ARLENE: I'm not up to one of your lectures right now, Lily.

LILY: Did you hear me? This woman tried to kill you. The police need to know who she is. Mum.

ARLENE: I heard you. I've hurt you all your life. Your embarrassment, your disapproval. I see it in your eyes, every time I

look in your face. You never appreciate anything about me. I did the best I could.

LILY: The best you could was one loser after another disrupting our lives? One crappy apartment after another, one bottle

of scotch after another.

(The doctor walks in.)

ARLENE: I'm done with you. Get her out of here. I don't wanna see her anymore.

[Scene: ME's Office. Lily's Office. Lily is on the phone.]

LILY: I'm so sorry, you were saying? No, I'm looking for them in connection with their daughter's murder twenty-six years

ago. Okay, okay, thank you.

(She hangs up.)

GARRET: What are you doing here? (The phone rings. Garret answers it.) Yes? Just a second. (to Lily) Are you okay?

LILY: Yeah, sure.

GARRET: It's your brother.

(Lily takes the phone.)

LILY: Andy, where are you?

(Garret goes out the door just as Matt walks in.)

GARRET: Don't you have a job somewhere else?

(The walk into the corridor.)

MATT: I found the woman who smacked into Lily's mother.

GARRET: Smacked?

MATT: Hit.

GARRET: Who was it?

MATT: Well, it was some piece of work. She was having it off with this married guy in Pennsylvania. His wife didn't like it.

GARRET: So she followed her here and tried to kill her? Kind of an extreme reaction.

MATT: Well, there's more. The guy's dead. He's killed two weeks ago in a car crash, 2am. Mrs. Lebowski was with him. Not a

scratch. They were both snockered.

GARRET: Who was driving?

MATT: He was. But that's not stopping his wife from blaming Lily's mother.

GARRET: Okay, thanks. When Lily gets off the phone I'll tell her.

MATT: No, I'll tell her myself.

GARRET: Do her a favor, Seely. Which one of us do you think she would rather hear it from? Thanks for stopping by.

[Scene: Courtroom. Frank Lioso is on the stand. There are mug shots of men pinned onto a board.]

FRANK: Hm, top right.

(Rene takes down the photo.)

RENE: This is a mug shot taken of Emmett Parker twenty-six years ago, Your Honor. One last question, Mr. Lioso. You knew

that the police were looking for the witness. Why didn't you come forward at the time?

FRANK: The cops stopped me earlier that night. Said I didn't belong in that neighborhood. Nice country, right? Anyway, I

took off to California. You know, I figured they're gonna place this murder on me. Ever been to California? Nothing but

whack-a-do's and weirdo's.

RENE: Thank you, Mr. Lioso.

(Emmett stands up.)

EMMETT: It was midnight when you saw the woman being stabbed?

FRANK: Thereabouts.

EMMETT: All the lights were on?


EMMETT: The room where this crime was occurring was at the rear of the house?


EMMETT: And your reason for being there was...?

FRANK: None of your business.

EMMETT: How long did you have the attacker in your sight line?

FRANK: Long enough to ID the photo.

JUDGE: How long, Mr. Lioso?

FRANK: I don't know. Maybe five seconds. I got the hell outta there. You would've done the same.

EMMETT: What did she offer you to say it was me you saw?

FRANK: Hey, listen to me, you little sneaky...

JUDGE: Mr. Lioso. Ms. Walcott, did you extend any inducement to Mr. Lioso in exchange for his testimony?

RENE: I told him that I would look into the possibility of not opposing parole at his next hearing.

JUDGE: Is that the extent of the offer, Mr. Lioso?

FRANK: Yeah, and something better damn come of it because I'm not...

(The judge slams down the mallet.)

JUDGE: Did she or the detective prompt you to choose that particular photograph?

FRANK: I picked the photograph. That was the guy I saw stabbing the broad.

JUDGE: All right, sir. Thank you.

[Scene: ME's Office. Lily's Office. Lily and Garret are there.]

GARRET: It happened two weeks ago, your mother wasn't injured.

LILY: Why didn't she tell me that? She should've called me when it happened. Someone she's with dies...

GARRET: She probably didn't wanna worry you.

LILY: She knew I would lecture her. If I'd known... I could kick myself.

GARRET: If you load yourself up with enough guilt...

LILY: I've done therapy. Why do I get so angry at her? At least I have another chance to make it right. To let her be who

she is. I've gotta get her to stop drinking.

GARRET: Is your brother coming back from Italy?

LILY: I don't know. He dithered. It's what he does. Did Matt arrest the driver?

GARRET: Yeah, hit and run, attempted murder.

LILY: Why are you looking at me like that?

GARRET: Nothing.

LILY: Don't do that, Garret. If you've got something to say, say it.

GARRET: Seely's a jerk. You can do better. (The phone rings. Garret answers it.) Macy. (Lily starts to leave.) Lily, wait.

Yeah, thanks, I'll tell her. (He hangs up.) Your mother's taken a turn for the worse.

[Scene: Courtroom. Jordan's on the stand.]

RENE: Can you describe what steps you took in examining the evidence.

JUDGE: Let's cut to the chase, Ms. Walcott. Dr. Cavanaugh, have you found any evidence which links Mr. Parker to these


JORDAN: We've barely gotten started, Judge Marshall. One day really isn't enough to process fourteen murders.

JUDGE: Is that a no?

RENE: Have you found anything that you think will lead to conclusive evidence against Mr. Parker if you're given more time?

JORDAN: It's impossible to answer that with a yes or a no.

JUDGE: Dr. Cavanaugh, can you give me any reason to hold the prisoner in custody?

JORDAN: We found a blonde hair on one of the victims' clothes.

JUDGE: Is it Mr. Parker's?

JORDAN: I don't know whose it is, Your Honor. If we had more time...

JUDGE: You plan to continue your investigation?

JORDAN: Yes, sir. Absolutely.

JUDGE: Since yesterday I've consulted several authorities. Justify lifting Mr. Parker's immunity for murder charges. And

I'm doing so.

EMMETT: You can't do that.

RENE: Thank you, Judge Marshall.

JUDGE: Your confession still can't be used against you, sir, but if the ME's Office finds fresh evidence...

EMMETT: Are you gonna let me out or not?

JUDGE: I can't hold you on the word of a compromised witness or on what might happen in some vague future. Given the

Appellate court's decision, I have no choice but to release him. The officers will escort you back to the prison where you

will collect your belongings and be processed out.

EMMETT: There's nothing there I want. They can burn it all.

(The Judge bangs the mallet. Jordan gets down from the stand and walks past Emmett. He stares at her.)

[Scene: Outside the Courtroom. Jordan, Woody and Rene are walking down the corridor.]

WOODY: I saw the way that bleep was looking at you. Until that guy goes down, I'm gonna be on you like feathers on tar

wherever you go.

JORDAN: You should be on Parker, not on me.

RENE: I'll  arrange around the clock surveillance. He'll probably file a harassment complaint.

JORDAN: Let him.

RENE: He pushes, I push back.

WOODY: You two are so much alike it's scary. Anybody gets between you and what you want... I'm just saying.

(Rene walks into the elevator.)

RENE: Thank you for trying.

[Scene: Hospital. Lily is sitting beside Arlene's bed. Garret walks in.]

GARRET: We need to talk. The doctor said we could use his office.

LILY: Just tell me.

GARRET: She has a staff infection. It's ravaging her body. They're gonna amputate her arms and legs to try to save her but

there's no guarantee that'll work. Or they can keep her in an induced coma until she's gone, or they can take her off life

support. I'm sorry, Lily, but it's gonna have to be your decision.

LILY: Is she suffering?

GARRET: Nobody can answer that.

[Scene: ME's Office. Jordan, Bug and Woody are there. Jordan and Bug are doing tests.]

WOODY: Can I help out?

BUG; Do you know what's likely to yield useful results after forensic testing?

WOODY: Why you snapping at me?

BUG: I'm sorry. I hate this. I should be with Lily.

(Nigel walks in.)

NIGEL: I think Lily's going to understand, Bug. Besides, her mum's going to be fine.

BUG: That doesn't mean that Lily's going to be fine.

WOODY: How long's this all gonna take? Because Parker could be killing another fourteen women and you people will still be

scraping samples.

NIGEL: Somewhere in here there is something of him. There can't not be. It's Locard's Exchange, you know?

JORDAN: Maybe we've been going about this backwards. Locard does work both ways.

NIGEL: So it does, but we can't run tests on what we don't have. And what probably no longer exists.

WOODY: What are you people talking about?

NIGEL: Locard's Exchange states that two people can not have a physical interaction without leaving traces of themselves

behind. It forms the bases of criminolistics.

JORDAN: We haven't found traces of Parker on the victims' stuff, but who's to say we won't find traces of them on his stuff.

WOODY: You think I can track down the clothes this guy was wearing when he murdered fourteen women two decades ago?

JORDAN: There is one place where his things have been sitting untouched all these years.

BUG: The prison storage locker.

JORDAN: And you heard what he said in court. He said he didn't want any of his things. You know what, get Walcott on the

phone. Arrange for her to have his effects sent here, fast.

[Scene: Hospital. Doctor's Office. Lily and Garret are there.]

LILY: I can't do this. I can't make this decision.

GARRET: They're trying to find your brother again.

LILY: You think I'm inadequate. She wouldn't want to live like that. But if I do this, she's never gonna have a chance to

find her way. She just wants to be loved, that's all, just loved. She's never had a clue how to make that happen.

GARRET: Not many people do.

LILY: She wouldn't want to live like that.

GARRET: Is that what you want to do?

LILY: I can't do this. I can't do this. How can I let her die? The way I left things with her. I need to talk to her.

GARRET: This is not about you. You have to decide what's best for her. You have to be the grown up.

[Scene: ME's Office. Forensic Laboratory. Jordan. Nigel, Bug and Woody are there.]

JORDAN: Where's Garret? Where is Garret?

NIGEL: I don't know.

BUG: Probably with Lily.

(Bug leaves the room. A man walks in holding the effects box.)

WOODY: Here we go. (Jordan takes the box.) I'm guessing he did not wear the same clothes in prison as he did when he

murdered those women.

(Jordan and Nigel look through the box.)

JORDAN: Check these. He could've been wearing this watch when he struck. (She puts it under the magnifying glass.) Uh-huh.

Hair. (Rene walks in.) Dark. Nige?

NIGEL: Bring it. (He magnifies the hair and compares it with the fourteen samples on the computer.) No. No. This one could

be a possibility.


RENE: Call Judge Marshall and tell him I'm on my way. I want an arrest warrant.

JORDAN: Hang on. We won't know for sure until we run it for mitochondrial DNA.

RENE: Yeah, well, if you find it's not a match, Judge Marshall can yell at me later. Right now I'm getting Emmett Parker

off the streets.

JORDAN: Rene? Love your attitude.

(Rene leaves.)

WOODY: I tell you about you and her. Peas in a pod. (A police officer walks in.) O'Brien. What's up?

OFFICER: We lost Parker in an alley about a block from here. We thought he might be coming this way.

WOODY: All right, call for back up, go check out the garage. Nigel, you call security. Jordan, you are coming with me.

JORDAN: I'm probably safer here.

WOODY: You are not arguing. Come on.

(He pulls her out of the room.)

[Cut to the street. Jordan follows Woody.]

WOODY: Come on, Jordan. (Jordan stops.) Let's move it.

JORDAN: That's Walcott's car.

(They run across the street to the car. The driver's side door is open. Woody looks inside.)

WOODY: The keys are still in the ignition.

(They hear a gun shot. They run into the alley. Rene is standing over Emmett's body holding a gun.)

JORDAN: Are you okay?

RENE: He seemed surprised to find I was carrying.

JORDAN: Do you need a doctor?

RENE: No, I'm fine.

WOODY: Right in the pump. Nice job. What happened?

RENE: Uh, I got into my car, he grabbed me and dragged me into the alley.

JORDAN: So how did you get the drop on him?

RENE: A high heel in the shin is apparently somewhat disabling. (She sees blood on her coat.) Ugh, now he leaves evidence

behind. Oh, god, I'm gonna be standing under a hot shower for three days.

JORDAN: I'm gonna take her inside. I'll send out an ME.

[Scene: Hospital. Room. Arlene has been taken off life support. Lily is standing beside her.]

LILY: I'm so sorry, mum. I'm sorry that I couldn't be who you wanted me to be. If we could do it over. I just want you to

know that there was never a time that I didn't love you.

(Arlene opens her eyes and looks at Lily. Arlene gasps and the machine beeps. Lily cries.)

[Scene: ME's Office. Trace Evidence. Jordan is there. Emmett Parker's body is laying on the gurney. Garret walks in.]

GARRET: What happened?

JORDAN: You should hear from Rene Walcott. You know, the district attorney. So where have you been?

GARRET: Lily's mother died.

JORDAN: Where's Lily?

GARRET: I don't know. She said she wanted to be alone.

JORDAN: And you believed her?

(Jordan leaves the room. Rene walks in.)

GARRET: Jordan said I should hear about this from you.

RENE: I had to shoot him. Can we talk about this later? The nanny...

GARRET: Rene...

(He tries to hug her but she pushes him away. She leaves.)

[Cut to the Lobby. Jordan walks in. Lily walks out of the elevator.]


LILY: I, um, didn't know where else to go.

(They hug.)

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